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Guess the 2015 Skinny-Dip Count, Win a Skinny-Dip T-shirt!

Thousands of nudists skinny-dipped at nearly 100 locations across North America last Saturday, July 11, at 3 p.m. Eastern Nudist Time to celebrate Nude Recreation Week by “Skinny-Dipping Again!”, this year’s theme. Before and after the event, articles appeared online and in print in various media venues throughout the country. You can read some of them here:


USA Today

USA Today

Desert Sun


My News 13


AZ Central

The totals of skinny-dippers are pouring in from AANR clubs and resorts, beaches, and other locations. While we await the final count, we are giving away a 2015 Skinny-Dip t-shirt to whoever guesses, or comes closest to guessing, the final count.

As a hint, below are the totals for the 2009 and 2010 World Record Skinny-Dips.

2009 —  13,648

2010 —  14,110

Here’s hoping this year’s event was our biggest yet!

Please comment on this post to enter. Winner(s) will be notified by email and we will request your size and mailing address in order to ship your t-shirt. We are out of sizes Small and Medium but sizes L, XL, and XXL are still available.

After you enter, watch this space for the final count once it has been decided.



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60 Responses to Guess the 2015 Skinny-Dip Count, Win a Skinny-Dip T-shirt!

  1. NudistNerd says:

    My guess is 15,250

  2. Keith Stenger says:


  3. John Martens says:


  4. Andy (Kona Sun Klub) says:


  5. Alex B says:

    I guess 8200 or about

  6. Dale Boardman says:

    My guess is 15,759

  7. Dennis Justice says:


  8. preston cozart says:

    15,500 but i hope more!

  9. David Baldwin says:

    My guess is 16,321. I spent a beautiful day at Sunshower Family Nudist Resort in Centerville Ind. It was the best.

  10. Jeff Vanderbilt says:


  11. Jason Baker says:

    I was at Paradise Garden, 16,732

  12. Rob Lowen says:


  13. Opine71 says:

    My guess is 19,500

  14. Tom Price says:


  15. mike shellenbach says:

    my guess is 21,500

  16. bobby h says:

    14,876 is my guess

  17. Phil Patnaude says:

    I think 14,100

  18. Ron says:

    My guess is 33,659

  19. Ron says:

    My guess is 330659

  20. Wayne says:


  21. Richard England says:


  22. Don says:

    Hey, we’re in the article lead picture! Greetings from the pool at Shangri-la Ranch!

  23. MomGwen5555 says:

    My guess is 16,895

  24. Duane Nifong says:

    My guess is 18,642.

  25. Jeff Wood says:

    I’m thinking 16969

  26. cindy c says:

    My guess is 15,216.

  27. Hunter says:

    13,567 I was at Lake Como Family Nudist Resort in Land O Lakes

  28. Rich field says:

    We attended Green Valley. My guess is 13,752. 2x please

  29. John B says:


  30. Phil Debuhr says:

    I think 22,120

  31. John O'Malley says:

    I guess 14,625

  32. Keith says:

    I’ll guess 14,141

  33. Jack GR. says:

    I was at Solair…beautiful Day…..12,874

  34. Boobie says:


  35. Britt Dixon says:

    I was at Bell Acres in Maysville GA. My guess is 14,333

  36. DebbieS says:


  37. dan pascali says:

    i was at san carlos park, fl my guess is 16500

  38. Matthew Collins says:


  39. Brandon drabek says:


  40. Diana P says:


  41. Gene Thompson says:


  42. Howard S says:

    My guess is 16.232

  43. Bonnie Quinlan says:


  44. John Dufek says:

    My guess is 13,775. Kim and I participated at Sunshower in Centerville, Indiana. Wonderful place, we had a relaxing day!

  45. Robert H says:

    I would say 18,000

  46. Tom Kline says:

    My guess is 16,221 Thank You

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