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Has AANR Become Outdated?

Commentary by AANR President John Kinman

That’s the title of an article that will run (or has run by the time you read this) by the new owner of Pasco Naturally. 

For the second time in 15 months, the AANR Board of Trustees voted to suspend the charter of a major club in Florida.  The particulars were different, but both centered on the board’s feelings that the marketing practices of the clubs were contrary to our principles and standards related to sexual exploitation of the human body.  In 2008, the issue was Caliente which invited swinger groups to sponsor “theme nights” at the resort and planned to sponsor a booth at “Swingfest.” This year it was Paradise Lakes which scheduled a “Miss G String” contest with non-nudist models and planned to air the event on the Playboy Channel under the theme “69 sexy things to do before you die.”   

The AANR ruling documents provide that “A charter may be temporarily suspended by the President if charges are filed by the pertinent regional division or the suspension is approved by the board of trustees; such suspension to be effective until the next in-person meeting of the board of trustees.”  Suspension is not a finding of guilt.  It gives the association time to complete further investigation and gives club management time to develop an appeal before the charter is revoked.  In both cases, club management decided to withdraw from AANR before the process could be completed. 

Management of both clubs told me that economics were the reason for their decisions.  They claim that traditional nudists do not spend the dollars on room rentals, meals and drinks that are necessary for the resort to be profitable.  They need to reach another audience with the propensity to spend more money.  I understand the problem.  AANR, itself, has experienced a drop in membership as have nearly all membership organizations.  As we manage our organizations, we need to adapt and do things differently in order to survive.  However, we also need to step back and remember what we stand for. 

In the past several years, AANR has been very successful in changing public perception about nude recreation.  Major media outlets have featured nude recreation as a legitimate recreational choice.  AANR has also been very successful in changing the viewpoint of elected officials and government agencies.  We have differentiated ourselves from the adult business industry.  We are being recognized as the credible voice of reason for nude recreation.  The affiliation with AANR has enabled many clubs to get building permits, liquor licenses, and sometimes to be allowed to exist.  That public trust cannot be jeopardized.  

This past summer, AANR sponsored The AANR World Record Skinny-Dip. Club owners and beach organizers reported that many people participated who had never before been nude in mixed company.  The press reports were the greatest we have ever seen for an event.  Clubs signed up new members.  The event portrayed wholesome family nude recreation.  No one confused it with a strip show or a swinger convention.  The event told me that, with focused marketing, our resorts and AANR can grow in membership without a sexual tone. 

One of the resort owners told me that “the only thing acceptable to AANR is sitting on a log watching a campfire.”  I think that most AANR members would disagree with that assessment.  Times have certainly changed from the 1950s when I became involved as a child.  We have more tolerance.  But, most of us see that there is a line which should not be crossed if we are to be true to our brand and to the promises we gave to public officials.  The AANR plaque on the wall of a club or participating business needs to stand for something.  Sometimes we need to take a stand to enforce that. 

I am sorry to lose two clubs with wonderful facilities which have provided a destination resort for many AANR members and potential members.  My wife and I have visited both many times.  I also feel for the members who have invested thousands of dollars to buy a condominium in a resort that has changed its image.  My personal hope is that the management of these resorts re-examine their marketing strategy and agree to uphold the principles and standards of AANR. 

After years of fighting for our right to exist, it’s a bit strange to hear from a club owner that we may be “outdated.” We walk a tough line between ultra-conservatives who would outlaw our clubs and the adult industry which wants to piggy-back on our success in bringing public acceptance. We know our niche and what it takes to protect our brand.  And, we draw the line.

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75 Responses to Has AANR Become Outdated?

  1. Bruce Lindeman says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with AANR’s position in this matter. Wholesome family nudism is what we stand for. My wife and I introduced ourselves to social nudism in the US back in the 1980’s at Paradise Lakes. At that time PL was much more of a family-oriented resort, and we became members. Over time, especially with the construction of the new section, we observed the gradual change toward what PL is today. We let our membership lapse and for the last 10 years or so have chosen to visit Cypress Cove when we vacationed in Florida. Cypress Cove does it right; first class amenities and lodging and a totally family-oriented and “clean” approach to nudism.
    We have never been to Caliente; we have heard about the atmosphere there and don’t want to be a part of it. I don’t think we’re fuddy-duddies; we just don’t think that nudism needs to embrace swinging, exhibitionism and a “sexy” atmosphere.
    It’s too bad that PL and Caliente have put themselves in a situation where they “need” that sort of thing nto be profitable. Cypress Cove shows that it isn’t necessary, as does Lake Como.
    I encourage AANR to maintain the attitude expressed in the column. It reflects our views and makes us happy and proud to be members (since 1985!)

  2. C. Thomas says:

    Thanks for standing up for your (our) principles. I am not an AANR member but I do belong to a naturist resort.

  3. Marie Chandler says:

    I want to commend the AANR for standing for what is right concerning these two clubs. Although neither club was mentioned, I am quite certain that I get an e-mail from each of them as we visited them last year. The raciness in the e-mails makes this almost 40 year old blush and I have a hard time differentiate the e-mails they send with hard core porn. I will agree that both facilities are very nice and accomodating but we have found that people at other AANR clubs are much more our type as far as not having too worry about whether or not you are being hit upon.

  4. QUINN says:



  5. Tracy says:

    The sexual aspect is precisely why my parents dropped out of nudism back in the 1970s. I was raised to think of the human body as something to appreciate, but that everyone has one. From a feminine aspect, how harmful to the psyche to have to endure more sexism with a Miss G String contest! Women have to deal with that in our clothed lives — why should we have to deal with it when we’re supposed to be relaxing?

    I’m sorry for the families who invested their money in memberships and facilities. I don’t think AANR is outdated; we need the guidelines to show the outside world that nudists do not view the body solely for sexual purposes.

  6. Mike McMichen says:

    I completely agree with you. The only complaints I have is
    the c/o resorts. A nudist resort is just that, nudist resort
    and I do understand that new people need an adjustment period
    and have no problem with that, or needing some cover for things like sunburn, but letting people remain clothes gives
    me the willies, I can walk the street clothed for free, so
    I ask myself why would anyone want to go to a nudist resort and remain clothed? My wife swore she would never be nude
    in front of anyone and would never attend a resort. After
    25 years of marriage, I convinced her to go, but she swore that she would never undress while there. 30 minutes after we arrived she was disrobed and now loves it, we go every chance we get. The only other thing is most will not allow you to take pictures, and I understand that some do not want
    their picture taken and I respect that, but we would like to take pictures of our self and with others willing to do so.
    If by chance some one else gets in there I ask their permission and if they do not want to be in it I just crop them out.I do not let any pictures with others get out of
    what I call my private collection, but I do often share my
    pictures of me and my wife with others. Most resorts that we
    attend issues arm bands, could it be possibly to have
    different colors, say red no pictures and say green it is
    OK. I think a lot of the clothed people that attend c/o
    resorts are taking pictures and that is the reason for the clothing, hid the camera. I have no problem with anyone who
    wants a picture of me taking one, but I do frown on the candid shots, so we stay away from c/o resorts. Just my two
    cents worth. Thanks

  7. James Warner says:

    I am not sure how much credence I should put to an
    article on correct thinking when in the same bulletin
    the resort advertisement is run. It seems that the Board
    drew the line just short of monetary concerns.

  8. Joseph Harris says:

    Thanks AANR for keeping to your standards , I can feel confident that when I go to a AANR club that there will not be any sexual overtones.

  9. Gary R Childs says:

    As usual AANR has come through and done the right thing. The damage done by a club that openly advertises sex in their club would damage the movement with reprecussions evident for many years. The momentum that we have gathered in the last several decades would be totally wiped out if this were to become the norm. Thank you AANR, for upholding our principles.

  10. Donald Steele says:

    This article seems to portray an accurate picture of the position that resort owners find themselves in. Of course the reason for this is that operating a resort costs a lot of money which means guests have to pay a lot of money. What I find sad is that the majority of people who wish to exercise their right to be nude do not have a place to go that is cheap or free and where they can do this without being subject to arrest. What is missing is the existence of areas that do not require a great deal of monetary input to operate. There are vast geographic areas of the United States which do not allow this experience. I would be happy having portions of public beaches, state parks, and private lands available for recreational nudism all over the place.

    My Internet research found this in a General Laws of New Hampshire: “No person shall, within the view of any dwelling-house, or of any public road, street, or wharf, in the day-time, without necessity, bathe, or swim, or expose his person indecently in dressing or undressing for the purpose of swimming, or bathing, or otherwise”. Of course this was written over 100 years ago but remains in effect. I assume the updated version would also include “her person”. So I continue to plant trees and shrubs around my property so that I can’t be seen from streets or my neighbors’ houses. I think I’ve already blocked the view from the wharf.

  11. Fred Campbell says:

    Agree fully.
    But, be careful with political labels. The inclusion of the the term “ultra-conservative” is counterproductive as it is used inappropriately here.
    I consider myself a “conservaive”. Many of my friends would add the modifier “ultra” to my self description. I am also a “born-again Christian”.
    But, my wife and I enjoy nude recreation as promoted by AANR.
    We, (Christians, conservatives) as a class, have been repeatedly demonized by your competitive organization, the reason I switched membership at AANR.
    Please, be very careful of labels. Social nudism draws its support from all segments of our society (except, perhaps, fundamental Islam). The use of a political label, for a lifestyle that is apolitical in nature, is counterproductive.

  12. Ernest Champagne says:

    You choose to chastise Paradise Lakes for their marketing schemes and or perceived behavior but continue to accept their advertising money. Some may see this as hypercritical. I have been to Paradise Lakes and found the party atmosphere refreshing.

  13. Andre Herdy says:

    I would like to congratulate the direction of AANR for taking this important decision in the direction to defend our lifestyle!
    Unfortunately, this is not something restricted to the USA. The same problem exists in Europe and here in Brazil.
    Many “Naturists/Nudists Clubs” create some “Sex theme parties” to make more money… but this is not our lifestyle and of course if the managers know how to do business they will find other way to increase the incomes.

    Have respect for others… being tolerant… does not mean giving up our historic values and transform the Social Nudity of our lifestyle into something pornographic and erotic! Otherwise we’ll be ending our lifestyle!

    Congratulations and continue in this way because only by that we will be philosophically right!

    Andre Herdy
    Former President from FBrN

  14. Jack Smith says:

    Well said, and dead on point. Taking a stand for what is right is as American as apple pie and I am proud to be part of an oranization that understands its principles and sticks by them. Thank you and keep up the good work!!

  15. David says:

    Whilst I somewhat agree that times, like people, change, I prefer the definition and attitude of the AANR regarding socal and family nudism. Its a shame that some “nudists” should think that taking ones’s clothes off with others is an invitation. I suppose “swingers” perhaps have their places in out world but promiscuity, at least in my opinion, is certainly not welcome in my world of social nudism. But then I am not, never have been, nor shall I ever be one of those “Progressives” that profess, “If you dig it, do it”. Hang tough AANR.

  16. Tom Murray says:

    Thanks, John for preserving the integrity of AANR.

  17. Russ LaSota says:

    Just as their is big difference between Love and Lust. Their is a major difference between nudity and sex. Thanks to AANR and other organizations we nudists have been able to change years of predujice against the naked human body and the “sdult sex business”. Know these clubs are selling their souls for a few pieces of silver. If they would look at all their options they could find ways to bring new money without sacrificing their core values. Keep up the good work AANR,

  18. Rob says:

    I think this was a good move on AANR’s part.
    These two clubs have such outrageously high prices to visit that only THE RICH people go . No wonder they have to stoop to sleazy lows to attract visitors.

  19. cyndiann says:

    If this were really about AANR taking a stand for what is right why was the adult atmosphere ignored for decades? Paradise was created by a swinger from it’s very conception and it has always been a sexually suggestive resort, with sexy clothes modeled around the pool area on weekends, with lingerie dances on the calendar every Friday night for many years, with bootie and boob contests around the pool area, and most blatently, sex in the pools after midnight.

    None of this is new yet AANR turned and looked the other way for very many years. Paradise was it’s major source of income and I see a clear lack of principles on the part of AANR for pretending that Paradise was a family oriented place at any time.

    My first visit was in 1987 and even then it was not family oriented. However, I don’t think this is wrong for Paradise to be that way. You have to do what it takes to make a place profitable. AANR is being the hypocrite here by pretending that the last few decades at Paradise was within their guidelines.

  20. Jim says:

    I have got to say that I am dissapointed tat AANR hasn’t at least moved into the modern times. To think the body as A-Sexual is living in the dark ages. Going so far as to promote sex is a whole other subject. As for me it bothers me not and we need to have opinions from all sides as well as members. Even Swingers and Nudists can co-exhist and should. We all need to get alone and support our rights of free speach and personal freedoms.
    You are going to start loosing members by the score and loose site of the big picture of protecting our rights to be naked.

  21. Bruce says:

    I am a member of Cypress Cove and will no longer visit either Paridise Lakes or Caliente mainly due to the swingers attitude. The last time I was at Caliente, a man walked up to me and said that his wife across the pool wanted me. My response was “if she wants me, I guess you are not doing your job”. To me marriage is a sacred institution and should not be shared with just anyone.
    I applaud ANNR for not belittling its Mission Statement, it has been an uphill struggle just to get to where we are now, and I know the puritanical thinking of the media is just waiting for ANNR to make a bad call.

  22. Bern Sroka says:

    I do agree with AANR’s stand on this issue. I thought it was strange for places like Caliente’ to be staging sexy lingerie nights and G-string shows. When I attend any nudist camp or resort, I and my wife expect just that…nudity, not sex. There is a huge difference. When I first talked my wife into attending, she was very reluctant at disrobing at first. But then very shortly after, grew confident and comfortable that there were no “oglers” sizing her up. It also helped that it was hotter than Hell. But the point is, I don’t believe she would have been so accepting to disrobe if there were “sexy” shows going on or lingerie competitions. Leave that stuff for the strip clubs and Internet.

  23. David says:

    Good for AANR! We have heard about but never been to either of those clubs. We have brought up our daughter to see nudity as non-sexual and places like that only drive away families who don,t want there children exposed to that.

  24. Bill says:

    I’m going to address this topic by looking at it from a different direction. I’ve been a Premier Member of AANR for over five years, but I’ve lived the “nudist” lifestyle for over thirty years. I married a great lady and she attended one of the local resorts with me. She decided that the lifestyle wasn’t for her, and that’s fine. She suggested that I continue to go to without her. I called the local resort about becoming a member. I was told that my Wife had to join too. I was told in fact that I shouldn’t even attend the resort without my Wife. So, it leads to this question, don’t most of these resort or club members see this is about sex. No matter how much they try to deny it or justify it, I think their policies speak for themselves. If I go to a club or resort, I should be judged on my character not my sex. I understand each club has their own rules, but look at your policies before stating membership is down, or we need to do “this”…..I guess what I’m saying is, even the AANR guiding principal has “changed” and should be reviewed as needed.

  25. brenfan says:

    “SUCH ACTIVITIES WILL “SOON” ATTRACT THE ATTENTION OF “THE PURITANS IN GOVERNMENT” ” We own in Paradise Lakes. Can someone in this forum put some legal background to this? What might happen legally? What is possible under Florida/Pasco law? What might be consequences for owners? Thank you very much for your input.
    About AANR’s standpoint – we totally agree, but James Warner has a valid point, why the ad?

  26. Dawn says:

    Way to go AANR!! Thank you so much for standing your ground and keeping the wholesomeness in this lifestyle.

  27. brenfan says:

    Sorry, We missed the explanation on the ad. It is acceptable and makes sense.

  28. Mike & Gerri Dunne says:

    We applaud your stand on the principles upon which the AANR was founded. As a former member of Caliente, we had not rejoined because of their decision to leave the AANR.

    While it is understandable that many nudist resorts are hurting financially, it is not acceptable to sacrifice principles to alleviate the financial burdens. There are other ways.

    Our comment to the AANR – keep up the good work.

  29. Anthony and Patricia says:

    We are shocked to hear that Paradise Lakes joined Caliente in turning their backs on the AANR policy. My family has enjoyed the amentities at these two resorts since they opened but their greater focus on a Hedonism atmosphere conflicts with a family resort. We introduced our sister to nudism when she turned 70. We stayed at these 2 resorts and Cypress Cove. Although the other 2 offer more amenities, they have lossed our family’s vacation business. We are 18 in total traveling to Florida next summer far a family reunion and a three week vacation. None of us want to stay at Paradise Lakes or Caliente. We guess they can do without some family business in hopes of making it up at the bar.

    We hope Lake Como does not give in to its’ neighbors direction.

  30. Dennis says:

    Thank you.

  31. Bob says:

    I agree with Bill about AANR’s (illegal?) discrimination against married men. Discriminating against sexual oriented behavior is appropriate. But it is not okay to discriminate against a social class of people based on race, gender, occupation, address, social class, religion, marital status, or any other such arbitrary profiling. How about walking your talk about being a “credible voice of reason” and promoting healthy nudism for all people, not just families and singles. Prejudice went out of vogue in the ’60’s, and nudist clubs are not dating services.

  32. Melinda says:

    We really enjoy going to the camps, we feel comfortably being around others that are nude also. If I have to start worring about anything sexually coming up I would stop going. I can understand a female covering up for certain times of the month, but clothing optional bothers me. several years ago we encountered a young couple, she had a ring in her vaginal area, that bothered me, but they continued to drink and before you know it I thought they were going to make out in front of everyone. I enjoy being outside nude and if I am going to pay money to be at a camp, I want to be comfortable and relaxed. After all nudism is very realxing, thats why we are members of AANR. Thanks for keeping it wholesome.

  33. Tex says:

    I also agree with AANR’s position on the two clubs. The article and the replies suggest that other AANR clubs trying to survive without swingers’ money perhaps need to:
    1) modestly upgrade their amenities to be less “basic”, such as providing a simple snack bar, even if operated by the members. Today, many folks don’t enjoy living the “rustic” life much, and
    2) be creative in efforts to increase attendance. One suggestion is to designate some weekends as “All Nude”. These would promote what we’re all about, by requesting that everyone on the grounds be nude for the entire weekend, except for shoes/hats, medical needs, first-time visits, etc. This could result in the return of former members who want no clothing in sight, attracting new members, and most importantly remind all what the real purpose of the nudist movement is.

  34. Robbie Phillips says:

    I can’t believe how many bloggers think John Kinman’s article is about substance when even he makes it abundantly clear its about perception. As “cyndiann” points out, Paradise Lakes (PL) has been about “sexualized nudism” since its inception.

    So what happened that caused AANR to suspend its charter? PL reached a point where the underground “word of mouth” marketing regarding the sexual side of PL, in conjuction with its traditional nudist marketing was no longer enough to sustain profitability. PL felt it had no choice but start publicly promoting what it formerly kept hidden behind the curtain because thats the side of nudism that pays the bills. The fact is that the sezualized nudists subsidize the family nudists. If you are a family nudist you should thank a nudist swinger whenverer you encounter one because he/she is keeping your nudist club open for your family enjoyment. AANR knows this. As long as the sexual side of nudism stays behind the curtain and does not jeopardize AANR’s brand, AANR will turn a blind eye. It does this with many, many clubs.

    But as soon as a club goes public with marketing that touts its sexual side, AANR will react just as did Captain Renault in “Casablanca”: ” I am shocked, shocked to find out there is gambling in Casablanca!”

    AANR did the right thing. They can only tolerate so much sexuality and it must stay covert and not be overt. Currently, this is the only way to maintain the venues for all nudists; the sexualized nudists and well as the nudists with their victorian attitudes and coolers full of off-brand soda and homemade sandwiches.

    For it is the image of the latter of these two groups of nudists that the AANR brand is based on and continues to gain acceptance with the public at large and with public officials. The dilemma is that this is the decending number of nudists day by day while the romatic/sexualized nudists are in the ascension. Clubs seek to attract young people. Young people have a much more liberal attitude about sexuality and clubs must accomodate them.

    Pole dancing is a perfect example of a nudist activity that sits atop the fence of an acceptable or unacceptabe nudist activity. Young nudist love it and will come out to club specically for it. Old nudists hate it and will stay away from a club that permits it. What to do? Paradise has chosen their direction.

    Given its current brand identity and all the government affairs work they have done, I applaud AANR for its action. I also applaud Pardise Lakes for volutarily giving up its charter and seeking to influence AANR’s brand in a more liberal direction, or even to possibly establish a new nudist brand. AANR is outdated. Its brand has us driving an old car down an old road when most new nudists are actually driving a newer model car in a different direction.

  35. Joey Chilson says:

    Integrity. No one likes to see a organized entity such as AANR seem like its flexing its muscles at any club, but when you stand for something, you need to believe in its enirtrely or not believe in it at all. A simple search on google for nudism (or even clothing optional lifestyle) brings up multiple links to sex sites, along with legitimate links to bonafide nudist information. Changing the perception that nudity and sex are interconnected exclusively is not something that’s going to happen quickly. But having the AANR take a stand and prove that its principles really do mean something will go a long way towards proving that nudity is much more than a condition that leads to sexual enlightenment. In fact, it was nudity in the context of nudism that taught me greater respect for women in seeing them for thier true beauty as a person, rather than objectify them through sexualization.

    I hope news of AANR action leaks out to the world so that everyone can truly see that there is a difference between nudism as a lifestyle and nude activity designed to elicit sexual sensationalism for profit. I support the cause through my membership in AANR and only wish that where I live I could truly practice the lifestyle I truly enjoy. I can also feel the pain of the economy affecting the ability to survive in nudism, but my perspective falls from that as a consumer, rather than ownership.

    Someday America won’t be so uptight about nudity and seeing and interacting around nudity will not be such an issue. SO keep up the good work and I’ll stand behind you in all your efforts to promote nudism as the wholsome lifestyle that it really is.

  36. Mark says:

    Way to go AANR! Now it’s time for all who agree to speak up too! When you see an article equating nudism with sex, post a comment on the website. It only takes 2 minutes, but it reaches many people. When we speak up for real nudism, we make it more difficult for the sex industry to confuse the public and legislators. We need to report any questionable resorts to AANR to keep these places in line. If someone wants to be in the sex industry, fine, but then they have NO RIGHT to describe their business/lifestyle as nudist. We DO have the right to decide what nudism is and is not, because we are the nudists, and we have a long tradition in AANR to back us up, it’s as simple as that.

  37. Robert Lee Ramirez says:

    Thank You AANR!

    I have read the article and totally agree with AANR and its principles. I am an AANR member, and am proud of our leadership in taking a stand on our principles regarding the two clubs and their new business direction.

    It is sad that a club owner would make a comment like that, regarding AANR and the supposed obsolescence of its principles (this is what I believe he was meaning in his comment to you); it deserves far more respect for having helped to protect the rights of nudists over the years rather than being told it has outlived its usefulness. I think we need to stay the course, to remain true to ourselves as AANR members. Once we get off of the path, we tend to become like the town of Cap D’Agda, in France, a free for all swingers destination unlike what it once was back in the 1980’s, a naturists paradise. Nudist swingers, couples/singles, have a right to pursue their hedonism in their own privacy, but not at the expense of poisoning the clean nudist family oriented environment. Sex is good, but there is a time and place for everything, especially when children are present. A line must be drawn, and I’m glad and proud that our AANR leadership were the one’s who did it. Resort owners need to decide as to what type of environment they want for their business, a hedonistic moneymaker or clean family environment, then stick to it.

  38. Delta Dawn says:

    Thanks to AANR for GETTING IT! What bothers me most about Paradise Lakes is not swingers or sex or sexualization. It is SEX-ISM!

    To bring more females into nudist venues we have to convince the masses – especially the female companions and family members of nudists – that we don’t all look like Penthouse models! You know and I know that this mis-perception is more common than not in the textile world.

    PLUS – all beauty contests are sexist. G-string contests and female boob and butt contests are worse.

    Do you really think the average woman wants to go to a place where the female body is being judged like a piece of meat? Where women are being displayed like cattle at an auction?

    And gee, do ya think families want their little girls being exposed to a bunch of ogling, drinking men when they go to the pool?

    It’s about BODY ACCEPTANCE folks! Women go to AANR clubs because they feel ridiculous in bathing suits – which are designed to show off “your assets.” Only young perfect bodies look decent in them.

    We escape all that nonsense at venues like Lake Como and Cypress Cove, not to mention our wonderful clothing-optional beaches and hot springs on public lands, which AANR has been actively supporting and protecting since Erich Shuttauf’s tenure.

    AANR’s actions regarding Caliente and Paradise Lakes are a victory for American girls and women of all ages, shapes, imperfections and culture.

    Businesses are free to make money with SEXIST gimmicks like skin contests and strip shows. There will always be an interest in that.

    But thanks for finally keeping the AANR club roster free from those types of businesses.

    There will no doubt be more battles to be fought on this front, but your actions in Florida have set a valuable precedent.


  39. Dale says:

    I was a member of Paradise Lakes back in 91-92. My time there was genuinely great. However that was also when the owner’s cared about the club and the people in it. Security around the pool prevented gawker’s even at night. The event’s were many and all had a great time. Fred Bishoff was the owner at that time. Then one day I see a couple, and as the man sat down I noticed a “Swingers” magazine he was reading. Well I am not a swinger or even in that kind of lifestyle. But I also didn’t appreciate that kind of magazine in view of children. I vowed I wouldn’t go back. I do have friends in the area and they convinced me to come back to Paradise a few years ago. I went at night for a swim with my friend’s only to find two women at the conversation pool, obviously
    interested in each other to the point of actually performing a sexual act in front of myself and many other’s.
    I not only was totally disgusted and outraged at this behavior, but could not believe that such activity was allowed. The club was deffinately on a downward spiral from which it could not recover. I have not returned and NEVER will. I became a member of Cypress Cove this year, which I should have done in 1998. I have been a “Premier Member” of AANR for 5 years. I know in my heart that the money I have given for my membership in AANR has gone to the right source. The credile voice of reason has spoken. The current economy should not be a deciding factor in what kind of business you run. “They say that nudist don’t spend any money” WHAT!!??? I’ll have you and anyone reading this to know that I and my wife and stepdaughter have rented rooms, eaten meals, and bought drink’s. Many time’s. Also that as a member of the AOL Nudist Chatroom our members were about 50 in strength bringing an average of about $30,000 to any club/resort we came to for an average stay of 3-5 day’s. Twice a year!! However Lake Como didn’t appreciate this fact and we later decided that Cypress Cove would be the location to come to for our “Gathering’s”. We no longer have “gathering’s”, mini-gathering’s if you will nowaday’s. And many time’s friends from around the country ask to come visit……you will find them at Cypress Cove because I refuse to take them anywhere that doesn’t adhere to a family oriented nudist lifestyle. And here’s another tidbit for your enjoyment…they: Caliente’ CLAIM to make this decision based on the economic times, however this was planned by the owner’s and developer’s in 1998. Funny thing is I have it on good authority that a “Swinger’s Convention” is being held at….wait for it…….none other than …….Comfort Inn!!! So please explain how this makes Caliente’ or Paradise ANY MONEY???? Guess what?? It doesn’t!! So marketing is all B.S. I also know that this “convention” is being done “on the cheap” so much for the money making opportunity. I guess when everyone moves out and they have no financial base they will come to us looking for some members. I am sorry for those who have made a financial commitment, they should not be seen as the cause. Nor should the financial economic times we live in.

  40. Dave says:

    I agree that sexually oriented advertising has no place in AANR, and that clubs which endorse sexually oriented activities should at least be identified so we know what to expect when visiting or can decide not to visit. However, AANR openly tolerates sex discrimination, which is against AANR policy. AANR is supposed to be about body acceptance.

    I am a member of AANR, but am not allowed to join either of the local clubs. Why? Because I have a male body. My body is so unacceptable that I cannot even visit a local club unless I bring someone with a female body with me as atonement.

    Perhaps if clubs would open their membership to all upstanding citizens who wish to join, they wouldn’t have the financial difficulties they do. By the way, I’ve never heard of an unaccompanied female having the same problems of exclusion that unaccompanied males are routinely forced to endure.

  41. Jim Tervort says:

    I strongly disagree that PL was always that way. When my wife and I first joined in 2002 there WERE security people on the prowl all the time and people who were being sexual in public were called out and occaisionally ejected. There were of course some swingers around but kept their activities behind closed doors. Seems to me that renting out rooms produces more revenue than allowing them to foul the waters of the pools anyway. So if they made the changes for money they missed the obvious. We quit over all the open display going on right about the time Caliente opened. Personally I think that responsible nudists and AANR should take the position, that clubs not wishing to conform to decent codes of conduct, be persued by local authorities to be regulated and licensed for what they are; ADULT BUSINESES.

  42. Steve says:

    I wish the people owning or building a family oriented club would keep fees low so normal to low income people could afford to visit. Most of us dont need concrete or asphalt to walk on. I wont pay 100. aday for a room or trailer, i wont pay 100. plus 35. for ground fees plus AANR fees either. I wish clubs would forbid alcohol, and smoking and drugs. I’am happy with a above ground pool or pond. There’s nothing natural about Club Paradise.

  43. maurice trempe says:

    My spouse ( Suzanne ) and I are former AANR members as well former Cypress Cove members; we agree with AANR’S stand with this issue. A family nudist is not a swinger’s resort and going to one or the other is a personnal choice; don’t mix them please!
    We wish we’ll renew our membership soon with AANR.

  44. maurice trempe says:

    My spouse ( Suzanne ) and I are former AANR members as well former Cypress Cove members; we agree with AANR’S stand with this issue. A family nudist resort is not a swinger’s resort and going to one or the other is a personnal choice; don’t mix them please!
    We wish we’ll renew our membership soon with AANR.

  45. Rob says:

    My name is Robb. I have rented a “vacation condo” at Paradise Lakes for many years during our Michigan winters, usually in February. I didn’t go in 2009 because of health issues. My most recent trip was in December/January, 2007/2008.

    What I like about Paradise Lakes is the fact that you are in what is essentially a normal residential setting. There are apartments, nice, large homes, townhouses and the “facilities” like tennis courts, volleyball, and a pool that isn’t at “The Club”, and others.

    I love being able to take a walk out the condo door in the nude. . . or go put the trash in the Dumpster without pants on, or take a shower outside the pool area just like I was in the shower at home. It’s marvelous.

    As an aside, I still don’t understand why the whole complex is spit into 5 (or six) condominium associations. It has brought about infighting and hassles without end. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t purchased a place in Paradise Lakes. But that’s a whole different subject.

    In January, 2007, I was there as usual. It was the “Gasparilla Pirate Festival” in Tampa. Paradise Lakes participated in the Pirate theme throughout the week.

    On Saturday, there was a “Gasparilla Pirate Festival” dress-up theme party at the “Club’s” main bar. I went to the party.

    I was absolutely appalled at the behavior of the people at the party, especially those on the dance floor. It was sickening. I had in mind that I would notify AANR about what was going on. I hung around just to see how bad it would get and to “gather eyewitness evidence”.

    In the end, knowing that my name would probably be used which would lead to being “black balled” from ever coming back, I chickened out and never wrote the letter. I wish I would have now.

    Paradise Lakes SHOULD NOT BE AN AANR SANCTIONED CLUB under its present management. The things that go on there are not keeping with AANR sanctioned clubs or their rules. You were absolutely correct to “jerk” their sanction. They don’t qualify as an AANR sanctioned club.

    What has taken AANR so long to notice what was going on at Paradise Lakes? I suppose it’s because of people like me who know and see the happenings at Paradise Lake and don’t have the guts to report it. I was one of them. I saw the way things were, what was going on and didn’t say a thing.

    I believe in the AANR standards and policies. I personally honor those policies and standards. For keeping quiet and NOT REPORTING what was going on at Paradise Lakes, I’m truly ashamed of myself.


  46. Fred Williamson says:

    I am truly grateful that AANR is standing up for what is right and not loosing sight on what it stands for. My wife, Cora is a new nudist, one year this month, and if she thought that AANR condoned swingers she would vacate in a second. Again, I am glad to see that AANR still stands for wholesome famaly nudism and values and support AANR fully for that reason.

  47. Michael Kush says:

    First, I believe AANR must maintain the standards I hope most of its members espouse, so its sanctioning of Caliente and Paradise Lakes was the only action possible. Merely from a public relations standpoint, AANR must distance itself from businesses that move in the direction of sexual cabaret.

    I think part of the problem here is that Pasco became overpopulated with nudist facilities, and this large number of resorts in close proximity was ultimately economically unviable, leading the owners of the two resorts to explore a sexual voyeurism market. Time will tell if this will be financially successful for them. One has the most sympathy with property owners at the two resorts who don’t like the change in direction, but seem powerless to do anything.

    Lake Como is a cooperative, and it’s most unlikely the 100+ shareholders would countenance such a move. (Speaking as one of those shareholders.)

    Cypress Cove is the only nudist resort near Orlando, and it has maintained naturist standards with a large membership and profitability, and it affords facilities comparable to Paradise Lakes. I was at its “Body of Art” festival a few years ago, when all 99 hotel rooms were full, proving that successful outside marketing need not require a lowering of AANR standards.

    Sunsport Gardens, though not having such deluxe facilities, is also growing, including bringing in younger members through offerings like its weekly drum circle. One might note that its largest source of new members is from users of Haulover’s naturist beach in S. FL.

    Perhaps the biggest marketing mistake AANR ever made was adopting the name American Association for Nude Recreation. Something like Federation of American Naturists would have been a much better choice, and more in line with the other INF national members. “Nude recreation” is simply too broad a term and may make the public relations efforts to define itself more difficult.

  48. cyndiann says:

    Jim Tervort said “I strongly disagree that PL was always that way. When my wife and I first joined in 2002 there WERE security people on the prowl all the time and people who were being sexual in public were called out and occaisionally ejected.”

    Jim, just to let you know there was one small period in time when Paradise had just gotten a new owner when your statement was true. However, Paradise has been in existence for decades and was swinger friendly both before and after that time (and was AANR all that time). It was built by a swinger, quietly supported swingers till Fred sold it and then after a few months it was once again swinger friendly (to put it mildly).

    I’ve talked with many employees of Paradise and Caliente and they are the ones who can undoubtedly tell you who has the most money. The rich are into swinging and spend more than nudists, that is fact.

    Even Lake Como was very swinger friendly for years till Paradise opened up and Como went co-op. Far as I know Como was an AANR club when it was open to swingers too. Swingers are everywhere and not going to go away.

  49. Tom says:

    I strongly agree with the AANR on this. I have been to two of there resorts this summer because of the family values and the non-sexual atmosphere. I would have never tried this otherwise. I am glad they are keeping up there standards.

  50. Pasco county has a law that restricts sexual entertainment to industrial areas. Why not see if the laws can be effective against activities going on at Paradise and Caliente?

  51. D. Cooper says:

    I agree with our President wholeheartedly. I also applaud AANR and nudist clubs who stand up for our standards. I’ve been a nudist since 1978 (my husband since 1968) and we have been members off and on with AANR, the off times were when we were tight on money and recreation came last after our sons. We have raised both of our sons in the family oriented nudist lifestyle. Now our youngest son is living and raising his children at Star Ranch here in McDade, Texas. My son and his wife would never consider going to a club where their children were not welcome. While I understand that swingers are everywhere and to quote Jim Tervort “not going away”, I also believe that families who travel with their children would rather go where their children are welcome. And, economically speaking, most nudist clubs are less expensive than textile hotels or resorts and offer more amenities and activities! So if you are a family nudist and reading this … spend your money at the AANR or family nudist club nearest you!

    One blog stated that young people are more open to swinging and we need to change our atmosphere’s to accommodate them. I don’t believe that, most of the young people I have spoken with concerning the matter think “open” swinging is just not cool. Our club is not stuffy, we have lots of activities, and we are growing our younger membership base. It is one membership at a time, but it is happening. AANR helped with the AANR World Record Skinny Dip. We participated in the AANR World Record Skinny Dip here at Star Ranch and have had several return visitors and new members because of it. Thanks again for all that you do!

  52. Jim Bishop says:

    I appreciate AANR taking the stand. We do not need the mix of values. This stand is also the very reason AANR needs to maintain a Youth Chair and Committee,,,Yes I know the regions need to suport the youth programs, but if AANR does not maintain a position for the Youths on a national level….we may be putting ourselves in the same position that these two clubs had done !
    Lets keep the organization family friendly !
    Thanks AANR for taking a Stand !

  53. Tom Mulhall says:

    My name is Tom Mulhall. My wife and I own The Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, CA. I agree with John Kinman and AANR concerning sexual activites at nudist resorts. If we want nude recreation to be accepted as a legitimate recreation choice, we have to keep open sexual activity out of nudist resorts.

    In my opinion, you have to operate your resort just like a Marriott or Hilton. However, nudists will have way more fun and get better suntans.

    Now John makes a very good point. He says “Management of both clubs told me that economics were the reason for their decisions. They claim that traditional nudists do not spend the dollars on room rentals, meals and drinks that are necessary for the resort to be profitable.”

    He is right.

    What I find very hard to swallow is we have AANR members who will spend $5000-$8000 going to naked places in Mexico or the Caribbean that are owned by non nudists and then complain because they want to stay on a Saturday night in high season when everyone else is staying for a week or longer. And our rates in the summer are as low as $859/week including breakfast and daily snacks. ANNR members should be vacationing with us or other resorts in teh US, not the non nudist owned naked places in the Caribbean and Mexico.

    I also know former AANR and TNS members, who go to the Caribbean or Mexico to these non nudist owned naked places and say “oh we dropped our AANR or TNS membership. It’s too expensive.”

    If AANR members want nice nudist resorts in the US, then they have to support American nudist resorts and AANR. They have to stop going to Mexico and the Caribbean and staying at non nudist owned naked places.

    If you go to Mexico or the Caribbean and don’t support Cypress Cove, Como, Terra Cotta Inn, your local club, etc by taking your vacations at the nice nudist resorts in America, then you have no right to complain when places like Caliente and Paradise decide for economic reasons to not belong to AANR any more.

    We are a 17 room Inn. Yet, I bet less than 20% of our guests belong to AANR or TNS. If we didn’t cater to first timers (who then become our repeat guests), we would not be able to stay in business as AANR members do not support us enough to stay in business.

    Support AANR resorts and clubs. Also make sure you renew your AANR membership. Keep nudism thriving in America!

  54. Cassie Register says:

    I am just SICK about the direction Paradise and Caliente have taken all in the name of GREED.

    I own property there and it is now a nightmare.

  55. Richard Mason says:

    AANR did the right thing for nude recreation.

  56. Ralph Wynkoop says:

    I agree with President Kinman. Keep it above board.

    However, here’s a somewhat related issue. I am a member of both AANR, and separately, a member of TNS. I have been interested in joining one of our local (Southern California) nudist resorts. There are three reasonably close to me, 2-3 hours away.

    Recently, I drove out with my lady friend to one of them to visit, get information, and see the facility. I had trouble finding them, so called them from nearby. I was told that they did not accept prospective members for visits, except on Fri-Sat-Sun. Unfortunately, it was a weekday. The lady on the phone was civil, but not particularly friendly. Since I work Fridays and weekends, this now becomes somewhat difficult.

    A month later, I decided to try the two other facilities. Having Learned my lesson, I called them first, and found that they accept visitors any day of the week.

    Since my friend was working this time, I went out there alone. The first club I visited had just changed management. They were very friendly, gave me lots of information about their club, but told me I couldn’t visit by myself. They wanted couples. I explained that we were interested as a couple, but to no avail. They said come back sometime together.

    So, I went to the second club. This time I was met by a very unfriendly lady who said she was the manager. She also said no visit, except as a couple.

    So now, a three hour drive home, all for nothing. I guess I didn’t know enough to ask the right questions on the phone.

    Quite interesting. According to everything I read, the nudist world is trying to get more members. I readily admit to not being in their preferred group, as I am older. But my friend is in her late 30’s. We also have 3 other couples, friends in their 30’s, who are interested. They are sort of following my lead.

    But no one seems interested in even finding out about us, or allowing us to find out about them.

    So how do you suggest we might proceed?

    Note to Tom Mulhall: We’d be glad to spend some time and money at the Terra Cotta Inn.

  57. Bob Selinsky says:

    I’ve been a Florida resident member of AANR for 10+ years now and I support the nudist lifestyle. Over the past few years (ever since Caliente was built) it became obvious were the interest and current popular trend in nudism is. I visit both Paradise Lakes and Caliente by spending long weekends at each several times per year. On a recent excursion I tried to get a reservation at Caliente but the motel was booked, yet I easily reserved a pool side “Cabana” 🙂 at Paradise. Saturday afternoon at Paradise, sunny 90+ degrees, and there wasn’t more than two dozen people around the pool. Ten years ago on a similar weekend that place was packed. Paradise is not as clean as it used to be either, they desparatly need to pressure wash the pavers around the conversation pool and in front of the cabanas. I perfer the layout at Paradise because your room is close to the pool and bar, I don’t like having to hike through the clubhouse at Caliente everytime I’d like to take a dip or get a drink. Yet I perfer Caliente because the crowd is younger and more active

  58. Will Schroeder says:

    Thank you AANR for sticking to your guns.

    When I first introduced my wife to nudism 20 years ago the first place I took her was White Tail Park. She had such a positive first time experience she became a nudist for life.

    My wife has stated over and over if I hadn’t taken her to a true AANR nudist resort first like White Tail Park, she likely never would have tried another one ever again, falling prey to stereotype that nudist were just over sexed group of people that like to hang around naked.

    Keep up the good work AANR board we support you 100%

  59. kay baldwin says:

    if I behaved with my husband the way they are allowing people to act sexualy we would have been booted out and we have been approached by many swing couples paradise lakes has been long known as a swinger haven and caliente and the body perfect pierced in sexual places 25 years ago nudist resorts were not like this it is now all about the mighty buck

  60. Michel Sauvage says:

    Nudism/naturist is a way of life I agree with our President and AANR policy. It is difficult enough to obtain and keep up with our freedom to live our way and share with others.

  61. Dave Mayo says:

    I applaud AANR President John Kinman. He is absolutely correct. I can not imagine the Federal Government allowing the sort of activity on Gunnison’s Beach that the two clubs, Paradise and Caliente, believe is essential for their existence.

    Anyone that strays from “family enjoyment” of the beach would have a Park Ranger escorting the violator off the beach while those nearby applaud. We know what we have and it is not prude but it is not lewd. Children are welcome and protected.

    I noticed a lot of new faces on Gunnison Beach this year. Many of those faces were young. It is a good sign that new people and families want the experience of social nudism without the fear of being sexually abused and exploited.

    The owners of condos in those two clubs should sue for damages. If I owned in either of these clubs I would want these clubs to buy back my unit at a price where I could go elsewhere and enjoy the family non-sexual environment I bought and paid for.

    The AANR should not only have suspended the charters of these two clubs but should also seek to make a public statement and show they are concerned about their principals by actively educating the public about the difference between social and lewd activity.

    These two clubs withdrew from AANR showing they would rather destroy social nudism rather than find creative ways to introduce social nudism to those who are curious but have not yet experienced social nudism. These clubs have the potential of destroying what took decades to establish. The misconception would set back public acceptance of social nudism and possibly add enough public protest where everyone would loose their right to enjoy social nudism because the public did not understand the difference between nude and lewd. The business model proposed by these two clubs sound like is lewd and indecent and against public morals. If you can not take children to these resorts the resorts should not be allowed to operate.

    AANR should suggest to member clubs that they clean up and renovate their businesses then offer half price fees or even free first time visits for initial visits to introduce those first timers to social nudism. The clubs have nothing to loose but what if they invite, educate and increase their membership or visitors, they have everything to gain. Now is not the time to cut back and skimp on maintenance and services, as that would only drive away members and visitors.

    Pasco County should inspect and close down the resorts if they stray from the accepted business model of social nudism.

    I step down off my soap box hoping this will help preserve social nudism.

    Dave Mayo

  62. Gina B. says:

    Unfortunately, this is a very timely discussion for me.

    For many years I was a member of Riverside Ranch in San Antonio, Texas. Three summers ago(2006) the owners dropped their AANR membership. Two summers ago (2007), rain every weekend and the river flooding, nearly put them out of business. Last summer (2008), as I was leaving Texas to move to Georgia, the owners opened the resort to swingers as a way to remain economically viable.

    For awhile I thought that the nudists and swingers could coexist and that all would be fine.

    When I was back in May, I was disgusted by the sex that I saw in the pool. I thought, okay, maybe that was a one time thing.

    A few weeks ago I was on the phone with one of my friends, who was very upset with the owners at Riverside Ranch. A well known member and friend to everyone was thrown out over the summer. Many of our friends have left. There is sex out in the open.

    I’m heartbroken. The place that I’ve considered “home” is gone. Paradise has become hell in short order.

    I’m making my new “home” here in Georgia at Serendipity.

  63. Jim C. says:

    I live in TN and have long been a nudist I visit a club in TT and one in N. Georgia on a regular basis and go down to Florida 3 to 4 times each year. All of the resorts that I go to have severed their affiliation with AANR and I think are better for it. They seem to have a much more lively crowd and are able to fill the places up on the weekends and other than afew special weekends that they promote for swingers or some fashion show they are not that much different. I have never observed any sexual activities at any of these durring daylight hours and what you see after dark is petting and playing around it is harmless. None of these places allow open blatant sexual activity. I will have to think long and hard about renewing my membership even though all of the places I go still honor my AANR membership and give me discounts. I think it is time that AANR rethink their position and make room for a different knd of resort lifestyle no one is saying the old has to be made extinct just that their is more out there. I think the two lifestyles can coexist as long as everyone know what they are getting when they go thru the gate. I am not one that necesarrily would promote the sexual content but I like having places that you can go at times that are adult oriented and do not have children.

  64. Robert Lathrop says:

    My wife and myself became AANR members in 2008. It took me seven years of convincing to get my wife to visit a nudist club. In order to convince her to go I made an example of AANR’s values. She was concerned that she would be placed in a sexually harassing environment or the whole experience would be just an indulgence for me. I’m grateful to the AANR for making nudism a respectable activity for both of us to enjoy.

    We are both Gen X’ers, the next generation of family friendly nudists. Our generation is the “young” future nudists that clubs want to attract and clubs must not forget the fact that Gen X’ers have children. We don’t want to visit a club that could cause a marital problem by encouraging sexual activity with strangers, alienating women by indulging men or discriminating against children and their family. Gen X’ers want their experience at a club to be a beneficial one for the whole family.

    I applaud AANR’s decision to take a stand for respectable values and practices at clubs. Clubs that sacrifice fostering an environment of mutual respect in order to become more profitable will eventually fail. Alienating someone in order to cater to someone else is a self destructive business practice.

  65. Brandon says:

    Yes, we are currently living in a tough economic time and we have to spend the money we have very carefully, but that is not any reason to lower moral standards. This is why I am pleased to see that the president, trustees, and members of AANR are standing up and saying “NO” to resorts that want to destroy nonsexual social nudism because those resort owners do not know how to think outside of the box to gain more members or are just greedy. Just because the revenues are not as high as they once were is not any reason to lower your standards and destroy the hard work others have put in to make social nudity more acceptable.

    Like, Gina B., I have visited Riverside Ranch in Elmendorf, Texas, which is near San Antonio, Texas, and would say it WAS a nice quiet place to visit when wanting to get away from the big city. Even though there were not very many activities and the grounds were cared for enough to be considered safe, I enjoyed going there because of the people I met who made me feel welcomed there each time I visited. Yes, I am angry that the owners of Riverside Ranch have turned the resort from family friendly to something no person with good morals should ever visit, but I can happily say Riverside Ranch will not see my money ever again unless it reverts back to being family oriented because I refuse to support a resort or club that supports the idea of nudity equaling sexual promiscuity.

    Being a person who enjoys visiting clothing free locations is difficult enough in a society that condemns social nudity of any kind, but it is even worse when more family oriented clothing free clubs are turning to the sex industry for higher revenues and giving more ammunition for those who are against nonsexual social nudity to support the false belief that nudity leads to sex. If this trend continues, no one will be able to enjoy social nudism, sexual or not, because all forms of nudity will be illegal. This is why it is extremely important for the leaders and members of AANR, as well as resorts and clubs sponsored by AANR, to stand their ground and work even smarter than those who want to destroy the ability to be clothing free without being subjected to sexual promiscuity.

  66. Jim Artis says:

    As AANR Florida members Sandy and I have visited resorts in Florida and we both applaud Mr. John Kinman’s comments and Ted’s (Cyress Cove) comments on drawing the line when it comes to clothing free livestyle and not tolerating open sexual events, etc. As members of Cypress Cove Resort we have always been respectfully received and enjoy the nudist lifestyle provided to all guest. We visit the Cove often and have stayed at the hotel on numerous occasions. The entire staff at the Cove always provides a respectful environment to all who believe in and enjoy the clothing free lifestyle without sexual content on the property or any events.

    Sandy and I sincerely hope AANR and their respective clubs will hold there ground and not sway away from the the values established by AANR many years ago. Sexual promiscuity belongs in the bedroom and not in public.

    Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion concerning this important subject.

  67. Cleveland says:

    We have been enjoying nudism/naturism since our first experience in 1998. We highly value the relaxed family environmemnt we have grown to treasure at family nudist resorts. The opportunity to experience nudism is much too valuable to allow swingers to reverse the positive gains we as nudists have worked so diligently to achieve in the opinions of the general public.
    It should be known that true nudists do not want to be referred to as wingers because we are not. We are not here to condemn swingers. Swingers have a right to be who they are, an to conduct the activities they want. We just say do not use the banner of nudism to promote a sexually exploited lifestyle at the expense of harming the reputation nudists have worked so hard to achieve. We love nudism so much that we stay at nudist resorts when we travel, in addition to making nude resorts our preferred destinations for vacationing. The sense of community in socially nude venues provides a sense of good family fiendly fun we need. We are glad the AANR gas taken a stand for the values we care about.

  68. Sava says:

    I was reading what Ralph had to say, and I am not surprised. Why is it, that the Nudist Recreation community is still allowed to practice sexism, reacism, and homophobia. We have found that there are many couples (straight and gay) who are turned away from clubs. Many things need to be changed. Like these outdated rules:

    1) We only accept couples.
    *Meaning if your a single straight or gay man, then stay the hell off our property.
    2) We allow single women.
    *Meaning to supposedly balance the sexes at a resort. This is hogwash, as single women are usually prayed upon at these clubs.
    3) Gay men not allowed. We only allow couples.
    *Meaning: gay people must be sex crazed maniacs, and we can only allow couples to keep our resort safe.
    4) Couples allowed.
    *Meaning you must be white to be allowed in the doors, and even if your a minority couple; please dont knock on our door.
    You may think I went off on a tangent here, but we have been to many resorts and not been allowed in the door. We happen to be an inter-racial gay couple. We have been together for 17 years, and have two children. So- we end up having to tell our children when being turned away, “We are not their idea of a couple. We are gay so they think we are all single and only interested in sex. Your dad is black, and many white people still arent comfortable around minorities. We will have fun at another resort.” Then- we get to another club and the same thing happens. Now what do you say to the kids, who only want to get into the pool and have some fun?
    Do these clubs realize that gay people, single people, and minorities are protected under federal law, and these guidelines and rules are ILLEGAL? AANR has attorney’s. Maybe they should check into Federal Statutes. Sooner or later, one of these clubs is going to be sued and lose alot of money or their resort. (It wont be us that are suing.)One day, it will happen when another minority has had enough.
    I am greatly impressed with AANR. We have gotten so much great info and help from your organization. So- I applaud your stance on keeping Nude Recreation people friendly. I would say “family friendly”, but that usually denotes the sexism, racism, and homophobia.
    Sooner or later, the resort and organizations that have illegal guidelines and rules and open sexual behavior will continue to lose money and or their businesses. These businesses who support sex and illegal guidelines in Nude Recreation need to be banned and turned over to the authorities. After all, the members and resorts reflect the image of AANR.
    I love AANR, but I dont like your support of these biased rules and guidelines supporting sexism, racism, and homophobia. AANR should have guidelines in place that protect all people, not just straight and white people. Stop being afraid to take a stance, and that you might lose a couple members. Would you rather be known as an open and accepting AANR? Or the racist, homophobic AANR of the past? Could this be the reason, so many minorities and gay people are shying away from AANR?
    If you dont believe me, just check out some of the minority boards and websites? I think you will be in for a surprise. (AANR is losing a HUGE customer/member base here in these areas.) Please dont let homophobia and racism be your guide. Dont let the stereotype of gay people only being interested in sex continue. Dont let racism continue to drive away our minority family. If we are truly about: Body Acceptance equals Body Freedom. Then we should allow all bodies.
    AANR is the leader in our country in Nude Recreation. I hope to see AANR continue to use this influence in positive directions.
    Thank you for allowing my to share my opinion and thoughts on your being outdated.
    Again, overall we love AANR, but would like to see a few things changed.
    Thank you for all your hard work in Nude Recreation! 🙂

  69. Bridget says:

    While I do agree that AANR should be for clothing optional and nudist resorts that are family oriented, I don’t understand why their members, club owners and officials, can’t just let clubs like Paradise Lakes, and Riverside and others that are for adults only be left alone.

    Nudists want to be accepted for who you they are but seem to want to say anyone who does not have the same beliefs as you should be shut down.

    Sexuality is a part of life. How people express their sexuality is different for everyone. If there are those that want to have a clothing optional resort where sex is more openly accepted, why not? No one requires you go there.

    Most people don’t ever want to go to a nudist resort and some want to outlaw it. Would nudists like that? No they continual fight to keep places open.

    Then let the clubs that want to cater to sexual activity alone. They should have ever right to do what they want just like you do. And just because there are laws against something that does not make it a good law.

    More and more laws that do not allow adults to do what they want is just more and more of taking away personal freedoms. Americans need to fight for personal freedoms rather than make a law against them just because they don’t adhere to your own personal beliefs.

    Those that have property at clubs that have changed activity policies then that is different story as you are not getting what you signed up for. The place could have been sold to a non-nudist and you could be stuck living at a textile camp. So you take that chance when you buy property affiliated with a club that can be sold at any moment.

    Thanks for reading my opinion.

  70. Fred Tetterton says:

    Hi Folks,

    You know, to me it should be up to the private facility/owners that put up all the money and made the facility what it is today. If the club owners want to have couples only then it is up to the club. It the club wants to have nights set aside to allow sex games or whatever then it should be left up to the club. If you don’t like it start your own club. If all you can do is complain then go somewhere else.

    By the way, I love Caliente and plan on spending a lot of time there.


    Fred Tetterton

  71. Just like the bevy of women that “entertained” Tiger Woods, the Club owners always decide when the precious dollars get tight……sex is the answer……and abandon all platforms of true nudism. Hooray for AANR! Kick as many out as you have too! It is this kind of betrayal by club owners that is keeping socialized nudism from becoming part of main stream America!

  72. Pablo Ladero says:

    In Europe we don’t have these problems because it is accepted by society and supported by law that citizens have the right to own their bodies.

    My wife is american and when we go visit my hometown in Europe in summer, it is no problem at all to go to any of the several beaches in which it is accepted that “swimsuits” are not compulsory. Double population density and fewer coast milage than in the US and yet no problems whatsoever.

    Here it is supported by law that certain parts of the body are for sex and that human sexuality is not exclusevily owns’ responsibility and based on love and privacy. Naturism is therefore a business. This is how we educate by law.

    The enemies of naturism are those who only associate it with their own sexual view of people turned into objects. We must keep cleared off them, they are just an excuse to proponents of limiting even more our rights.

    I support ANR decission in getting rid of “business disengaged of purpose or values”, something we have seen during this economic crisis and health care issues.

  73. Dewain Lightfoot says:

    I tried a nudist facility in the area, but the crowds were very small and the price very high, $45.00 for one day. Can do a swinger facility for $15.00 for a day pass and have the possibility of seeing more people. I agree with the idea that the AANR facilities must maitain the family atmosphere, but they must also be competitive price wise. I would do the nudist facility more if the price was reasonable. Maybe they think they have to keep the “rif-raf” out??? The attitude of the owners and/or management can have a lot to do with the success of the clubs. Have stayed in a couple of “singles accepted” clubs and have been very nicely received.

  74. Sam Garland says:

    We are not nudist but I read your article and others and I believe you did the right thing.
    Merry Xmas, Sam in Pa.

  75. Jeff Gerbino says:

    Wow is it just me or is it simple fact that nudist’s as a general rule are somewhat prudish or maybe I should say holier than thou. All this talk of “Non-Sexual” “Family Oriented” gets a little thick for me. While I am the first to correct the misinformed (and that includes most of the general public) to say there is nothing sensual about nudity is an over statement. Look up sensual in the dictionary and you will see for the most part it defines for me some of then nudist experience.

    Also the emphasis on “Couples Only” could be read both ways by the sexual and non sexual points of view. And what about Gay Couples? There is a hot potato I’ve never seen engaged here at AANR? No I don’t think “banning” the Florida club that took a more erotic approach to nudism is a good idea. What should be done is categorization the same way you might rank or rate movies if you will. While I can hear they naysayers crying out I must point out if you are always trying to please your opponents you will get nothing done. Talk to President Obama who spent so much time courting the conservatives he lost touch with his own party and had a horrible time getting much done his first year in office.

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