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How To Tell If You’re a Nudist This Super Bowl Sunday

By Tom Mulhall, The Terra Cotta Inn

AANR Public Relations Chair

Nudists across the land are sad that the Chicago Bears did not make it into the Super Bowl this year. It would have been even more fun watching a “bareable” event.

Football has it’s own terminology, but to nudists and members of the American Association for Nude Recreation, the words have different meanings. This Super Bowl Sunday you may be a nudist if:

– Kick Off – This means the summer nude sunbathing season has finally arrived and you can’t wait to get to your favorite nudist resort.

– End Zone – The area around the pool where all the nude sunbathers are laying on their stomachs, tanning their backsides.

-Touchdown – You’ve arrived at your favorite nude sunbathing resort and have finished unhooking and leveling your RV.

– Unnecessary Roughness – You forgot your flip flops and now have to walk around barefoot.

– Super Bowl XLI – Bears vs Colts? Nah,  to a nudist it means the Upcoming Superbowl of Nude Volleyball to be held at White Thorn Lodge in PA in Sept 2011.

– Safety – The feeling you have vacationing at your favorite nudist resort.

– First Down – First one out of their clothes relaxing down at the pool.

– Return – What you do year after year visiting your favorite nudist resorts.

– Penalty – Being stuck watching the Super Bowl with non-nudist friends and having to wear clothes.

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3 Responses to How To Tell If You’re a Nudist This Super Bowl Sunday

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  2. hagar alon says:

    I LIKE..

  3. Ron Elliott says:

    I will probably skinny dip at halftime, and the second half, too, if the game is a blowout.

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