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Is Facebook Too Strict with Anti-Nudity Policies?

The New York Times Technology blog, Bits, reports that the prestigious New York Academy of Art ran into a little trouble on Facebook. The art academy has been teaching figurative art since the early ’80s, yet an ink drawing of a woman’s upper body on the school’s Facebook page prompted the social media giant to issue a message saying, “You uploaded a photo that violates our Terms of Use, and this photo can be removed.”

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18 Responses to Is Facebook Too Strict with Anti-Nudity Policies?

  1. Boris Bode says:

    I hope that the future will be more clothes free tolerant. I have been a naturist since I was a toddler. Luckily I was raised in a clothes free environment.

  2. Peggy Heinselman says:

    It would be wonderful if we lived in a world where everyone who uses fb regarded nudity as a normal, healthy way to be, and has a right to be. It is sad that the line between healthy nudity and pornography gets crossed so quickly when on the inter-net. I certainly cannot see where Artistic figure drawings carried out in a Art class would cross that line. To judge an infant nursing at his/her mother’s breast as an inappropriate display of nudity is an affront to being human, being a mother, and being a part of nature. I am glad they changed their position. But, I do know that certain photo’s people could send over fb have nothing to do with nudity, respect and love for the human body. That is why I do see where limitations have to be placed on fb, a social site for all ages, religions, and race. I am a nudist, love the lifestyle and wish that more people would experience it.:) Thanks for listening.

    • Michael A Acocella says:

      I am a life long Nudist, both my children were raised in a clothes free environment and I also have modeled for life-art classes going all the way back to my college days But I do agree with other posts in that if not monitored Face book could quickly become another sex site, and that is not what a nudist is about!

  3. Jay Vervoort says:

    I agree with Peggy. Too many jerks would turn FB int a porn site.

  4. orlando says:

    Hello I read in my FB about policy mean not allow half nude in their profile and head of AANR I see I wish gonna slap to facebook is close mind damn oh yeah I love nude forever with family too so don’t listen to facebook

  5. David Leon Holt says:

    I think they should realize that we know about cleanless, of showering and sitting with

  6. Eric says:

    I agree with Peggy and Jay.

  7. stephen russell says:

    FB etc has NO Uniform policy on Nudisim etc.
    Either hard core or Non.
    Makes no sense.
    Estd some basic guidelines, U post You Lose or stay posted.
    (same for Myspace, Eons etc)
    This indie subjective pulling photos is BS

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  9. Joe says:

    In my opinion and past experiences with FB and their staff:
    Not only is FB too strict on nude/semi-nude images and talk, they are staffed by many perverts whom openly harass members, for their own fun. They pick and choose nude and semi-nude pics to delete, and harass the posters, while knowingly leaving hundreds, or maybe thousands, of non-artful near porn style shots, often on the same group pages as what they delete, as harassment. They also send harassing messages to members, and go as far as modifying members’ posts and profiles, with no reason, and no knowledge by the members. And they do not maintain any reasonable level of security. If you even state you are nudist, or naturist, you will be harassed by those perverts lurking around and violating your security while acting as FB staff.

  10. Francis Gee says:

    The gall and hypocricy of FB never ceases to amaze.
    Once while living in Aspen, I was a bit tardy in getting to one of my p-t jobs and the administrator asked me why.
    I told her the Figure Art Class for whom I was posing ran a little over.
    She asked what did I mean by Figure Art Modeling.
    It finally got to where I had to explain Nude Modeling.
    She went bonkers and began preaching to me about “PORNOGRAPHY etc etc”
    I let her run down.
    I asked is she believed God created fishes, mountains, seas, light, etc.

    Oh most assuredly, He did.
    Fine I agreed as I believe it also.
    I asked do you think God created Adam and Eve?
    Most assuredly He did, she replied, emphatically.

    But they were NUDE.
    You mean God created NUDES???
    “Well, uh, uh, that’s different”, her reply stumbled like a wino on welfare check day

    “Oh not really..For you see mam, anyonne who can creat LIGHT, MOUNTAINS, OCEANS, SHOULD CERTAINLY BE ABLE TO CREATE A SIZE 3 DRESS AND A 38 REGULAR SUIT”
    The eavesdropping staff damn near fell off their chairs laughing.

    To this day and as recently as this week, I had to repeat the story and add my other favorite line, when asked “SO YOU STAND AROUND “NEKID” IN FRONT OF COLLEGE GIRLS WHO DRAW YOU?”

    “No sir, I POSE NUDE so that accomplished or nouveau artists may draw or sculpt me”

    It always shuts them up.

    Artistically yours,

    Francis G
    Mt Pleasant SC

  11. Dan Murphy says:

    I don’t agree that allowing nudity would quickly turn to porn. Fact is, there is plenty of very sexual content on these sites, especially Youtube, but is allowed because there is enough clothing still present to cover the usual areas. Clearly the sites need to control what is being posted, and they do. I just say that what they disallow should be changed to allow nudity to the same extent it appears in official publications from AANR and TNS.

  12. jon says:

    Facebook can’t police everything, so I’m quite certain that they just respond to complaints with a scorched-earth policy. And since breastfeeding makes some complain, problems arise. But it’s not as if I’m sure of that, since I don’t know how complaining even works: does the flagged picture or link automatically get banned and then reviewed? Does it only get reviewed if the poster complains? I’d like to know, since I can’t say it’s completely capricious unless I know it actually is.

    I do know that the site wouldn’t let me link to a porn video once, which I wasn’t displaying publicly but only in a message to a friend who would have appreciated it (and she did when I sent it in an email using other means.) It seemed silly to me that I couldn’t send something in a private message.

    As for the notion that Facebook would become porn central if it was allowed, I don’t think so. People still don’t post their own bodies largely because they don’t want to. I could send links to to those friends who are interested, but I know that even as a nudist most of my friends don’t particularly want to see me naked so I won’t make them. As for other links, people who don’t want to see porn wouldn’t make friends with those who’d share it. Although many reasons exist to question the taste of the public, most of us really aren’t interested in porn being part of our public lives. And Facebook is pretty damn public.

  13. Rick Romig says:

    Facebook’s hit and miss “zero tolerance” policy regarding nudity is, like all zero-tolerance policies, a substitute for using common sense. Why is there the assumption that all nudity is adult content, for adult audiences only, or sexual? That is an unfounded assumption. Children do not need to be protected from nudity that is not of a sexual nature. Nudity is not harmful to children or adults and in many cases actually be beneficial to their physical and psychological health. I believe Facebook’s policy represents a very immature perspective.

  14. Mark says:

    Take a look at most of the so-called “nudist” chat groups and websites, and you’ll see that almost all of them have sexual content or links to sexual content. If they started out as legitimately nudist, they are not anymore.

    Just as nudists have to be very careful to avoid even a perceived link to sex groups, businesses like Facebook probably have to be equally careful not to risk their site becoming filled with porn, as the rest of the internet is. Otherwise they will lose most of their customers. Keep in mind that most people do not have the same common sense about decency and the body as we do.

    That’s why it’s so important to have the AANR site, so people can see what nudism is really about.

    Obviously it would be great if Facebook could look at nude images on a case-by-case basis, but it would probably take too much manpower to look at all that content. As nudists I think we should work on educating the public first.

  15. Tom Mulhall says:

    Facebook is just crazy as to what they define as “nudity.” Here is a photo we had deleted and we were warned that it conflicted with facebook’s anti-nudity policy.
    Click here to see the photo

    Yet facebook keeps up stripper pages.

    This photo was posted on our resort page inviting people to come to our Valentine’s day party. Tom

  16. Steve says:

    We have found Facebook to be somewhat capricious also. We’ve only had a couple of pictures pulled and they weren’t even of undressed people!

    One problem with FB is that they will automatically delete any photo that anyone reports as ‘obscene’ without review or opportunity to respond. We didn’t find out until we received a notice by email. Even then, it was only by process of elimination that we figured out which ones they were!

    I’ve seen several full frontal nudes on FB, apparently they just haven’t been reported. But that’s not a chance worth taking when trying to maintain a page there.

    It’s funny though that anything else goes, sexually speaking. No limits on topics,
    language, or links at all. There’s nothing stopping a porn site from using FB as a springboard to their website. So much for ‘protecting the children’!

    We just have to accept that Facebook, for all its faults, is a great free promotional tool for directing folks to our website, and bite the bullet sometimes. As long as there is no good way to ascertain ages, they’ll continue to play it safe. Can’t say that I blame them. They DO have to consider their advertisers and avoid hurting their cash cow.

  17. Gw Stone says:

    Not happy either with FB random acts. I appreciate that it is “free”, but I am almost to the point that I would be willing to pay a fee similar to in order to have a networking site that would be nudist/naturist friendly.

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