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Islands of Sanity In An Insane World

Why Your Membership Matters

By David Jackson, Member Trustee

I keep seeing the articles on Why Your AANR Membership Matters. My reason as to why my AANR membership matters is simple: Nude beaches and AANR clubs are islands of sanity in an insane world!

  • Hysteria over Janet Jackson’s nipple – insane!
  • School students refusing to change for gym class in the locker room due to modesty – insane!
  • Nude statues being draped to cover breasts – insane!
  • Social nudity in the presence of both sexes being illegal in Arkansas – insane!
  • Toddlers being removed from their parents over innocent bathtub photos – insane! (And utterly ridiculous and harmful.)

No organization in the world is fighting for nudist rights as skillfully and as persistently as AANR. My membership dues and your membership dues allow AANR to continue this fight.

Don’t just buy a membership. Buy a Life Membership (or an Elite Life Membership). Make a commitment. You will sleep better.

What do you think? How has visiting a nude beach or AANR club restored your sanity? How does belonging to AANR help secure your rights? Are there other examples of insanity you can add to the list?

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26 Responses to Islands of Sanity In An Insane World

  1. Don Kelly says:

    Complaints about breastfeeding in public–insane!

  2. Bob Meyer says:

    I was introduced to Nudisn via the military. No false sense of shame…that’s just the
    way it was. As an airbrone officer (Glider Pilot) I visited Caen after the liberation of Souhtern France. As I rested on the beach “All of sudden it was noontime and young ladies came to the beach, took their clothes off and put on their swiming suits. When I asked WHY they said it was illegal to swim in the nude ‘in town’! But there was a nude beach just up the coast (and me with no time).” Came home and became a nudist of 65 years. I got my brother and his family to join the “Sun Tans” in the midwest.

  3. Bob Meyer says:

    Forgot to say that I am a ‘gold card’ member of Glen Eden (Corona, CA.)

  4. M says:

    Not using scanners that could avert tragedy at airports because they can see under clothes. INSANE.

    Movies that get approved for all audiences that contain scenes of excessive or fatal violence,while others are restricted for images of nudity,regardless of context. INSANE.

    Nude art that gets removed from galleries,despite the fact that the human body was one of the first things that inspired people to create art to begin with. INSANE.

    There’s LOTS more where that came from,I’m sure I’ll think of a dozen more as sonnas I hit ‘post’ :)(:

  5. Gary Calkins says:

    We have to many laws now. For every law passed we loose more of our freedom, and with each law somebody takes more control. We came from all corners of the planet legaly, or were born here. The for farhers established a New Country guarenting Freedom. We have allowed our elected people take our Freedom away for thier own personal belives and not for our country. Lets retake our Freedom back. By being able to go Nude thier are no class’s of people,we are Americians.

    • Fred Wilson says:

      Rules of the road do restrict our freedom, but they are absolutely essential if we are go live together as users of the roads: rules of the road do control us, but they are there becuase they increase our freedom. Some laws are bad, but certainly not all of them: most of them are good. Note, too, that if we are to have rules of the road that do control people for the good of all, then we must have some way of enforcing them, otherwise knaves will violate them when they want to, endangering others who are obeying the rules and also endangering themselves. We need something like Police patrols, and a system of courtsto convicty knaves, if they really are guilty, so we do not have to rely solely on the word of the police patrols. Police, courts, and so on require money — equipment, salaries, secretarial help, gas for patrol cars, and so on. This money is collected by the government as taxes. We all need rules of the road if we are to have a decent life in a decent society. Taxes are the price we pay to live a decent life in a decent society.
      Rules of the road do control us, but theydo that in order to incresse our freedom. We have taxes to pay for this system for rules of the road anddensuring compliannnce to them. Inother words, taxes are the price we p ay to make ourselves free.

      • Dick Sampson says:

        We are committed to a level of government control and that is good. We pay taxes as a group to provide police protection, schools, roads and highways… etc. Let it stop there. We do not need government control concerning our medical help, Medicare accepted. We need less government and fewer taxes. We do not need laws to govern our wearing clothing if we do not wish to wear clothes. The Liberal attitude is, “if a liberal does not like it, no one should like it… let’s write a law to control it.” The conservative attitude is, ‘if I don’t like it I can do other things… let the people that like it do it.’ Of course there has to be limits. Rape, murder, etc… Execute them within a time limit.

        I have been a nudist most of my life. I walk around my house in the nude, my back yard and close to my front yard, all in the nude. My next door neighbor does not approve of nudity so my fence was made high and tight. They do as they like… and so do I. I am a member of AANR and I visit several nudist camps in AZ and CA.

        I cannot understand why we need separate dressing rooms in clothing stores. What is the problem with seeing a person drop their pants and slip on a new pair of pants, in public? The sight of a bare bottom should not offend anyone. Everyone has one.

  6. Danny T says:

    All I can say, is that our society needs a change in the understanding of the human body. It’s a creation of God created in His image. It’s certainly not to be abused (sexually or otherwise). It is nothing to be ashamed of. And, so many people miss it by sexualizing the nude body instead of recognizing it as a work of art by our Creator, and that to see a nude body can be an act of appreciation for this awesome creation.

    • DP says:

      True. If you’re an art lover like me, you do see the nude body as a work of art. I posed nude for art students, & I am on call at a local college if they need me.

  7. Ashcroft, remember the Atty General under Bush, spent $50,000.00 to cover the statute of Lady Justice so her breast wouldn’t show when he did press conferences. Between that and condoning torture who knows what Republicans are capable of.

    • Dick Sampson says:

      Mr. Leist, why bring politics into a discussion? It is the Liberal Party that forbids most everything. The Conservative Party is “Live and let live”. Fewer rules and regulations, not more. Didn’t you get the message on November 2nd?

      • Rob Robertson says:

        “The Libertarian Party is “Live and let live”. Fewer rules and regulations, not more.”

        Fixed it for ya.

  8. Ralph E Webb says:

    I became a nudist in 1961 at a FKK site in Kassel Germany. I was active in that club for 2 years. I returned to the USA, got married and could never convince my wife that there is nothing obscene about a human body. In 1989 I went to Brazil, for a company that I worked for at that time, for a 2 year assignment. I visited a nudist beach there on two occasions. I have never tried to visit one in the USA, always assuming that a male without without a female companion would not be welcome.

    • Dick Sampson says:

      My friend… you are welcome to come to most nudist areas alone or with your spouse. Please do a search on Nude Resorts within your area and contact them. Some will refuse you but most will welcome you. This country is so backward when it comes to nudity.

  9. Robin Bittner says:

    My personal belief is that nudism is the most free feeling we can ever feel. I wish I hadnt waited so long to feel that freedom. I have been a nudist since this past June I could have enjoyed it for so much longer had I taken that first step. Soon they will want to say we can’t be nude in our own homes.

  10. M says:

    Ralph,I don’t know where you are,but have you ever been to Gunnison Beach,in NJ.? There are places where a single nude man can go. Just look,you’ll find.Best of luck :)(:

  11. DP says:

    The nude body is a beautiful thing. I’ve been a nudist for over forty years & proud of it. It all started when I was a teen & I was done taking a shower. I didn’t think there was any one home, so I didn’t bother getting dressed. I went into the family room where my mother was reading. She looked up & saw me naked & didn’t mind that I was. I always went around naked & it never bothered her. I just cannot convince my wife how comfortable it is to sleep nude & the great feeling of not wearing clothes. But her friend is a nudist & I’m naked when she visits.

  12. Virjilio Hardy says:

    Medical shows on TV are allowed to show the inside of the Human body but not the outside. Insane
    TV will not allow showing someone stepping in or out of the shower without covering the so,so NO, NO parts. However they allow showing a dismembered body lying in an alley as a result of a serial Killer. Insane
    TV and movies allow extreme Vulgar language to be spurtted out of actors mouths but a NO, NO on the Nudity. Insane.
    It’s OK to show an African or Amazon native running through the Jungle Nude in an everyday way of life. SHowing an everyday way of nudity life in the US and other places is Taboo. Insane!
    I could go on and on! Being a nudist is one of the best decisions I made in my life. SANE!

  13. Dave Blake says:

    I agree it is both rediculess & insane but these same people in the insances above and more think they are saving humanity from a fate worse than death.

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  15. Sharon M Anderson says:

    Giving people dirty looks in the locker room when changing out of street clothes for not covering up. INSANE!

    Giving similar dirty looks when I pull off my bathing suit in the showers after swimming. REALLY INSANE!

  16. Leo says:

    It’s just getting old, that people say how things can’t work. To tell me, people can’t be nude, together, at a beach, resort, camp, or house party, is crazy. I’ve been a nudist for over 20 years, and now president of a travel club. I know it works.
    Northern Exposure Sun Club

  17. DP says:

    Walking naked into a men’s sauna & getting weird looks from other men wearing a towel is INSANE. How can you enjoy the full effects of the warm steam when you’re covered up?

  18. Jim Shedd says:

    I grew up in the SAouth in the 50s, where breastfeeding was a common occurence. No one I ever saw reacted like it was somehow taboo. I don’t recall when I first observed a woman covering herself and baby with a cloth draped over her shoulder to hide the fact her breast was bare while the infant suckled.

    I love the nude female form.

    Hope I’m not getting off subject but I became a fulltime backyard nudist this summer while working in my backyard. Now, I wear clothes only as required. Wednesday I had surgery and so my 35-year old daughter stayed overnight to look after me while her mom was at work. The next day I learned Julie had been told about my nudism, perhaps in hope of embarrassing me. Well, just before she left I took the risk and sat in my bedroom with my robe opened so my daughter could see me. There was no overreaction, if any at all. During a follow-up telephone call she confirmed she had seen me naked but didn’t stare. In light of her calm attitude, I’ve encouraged her to become a nudist too, by walking about her own condo nude, and have encouraged her to go online to this site, figleafforum, and Naturist-Christians where I posted my story under “Hi, I’m Jim of Las Vegas”. She is dealing with other issues right now and, therefore, hasn’t had time to look at my posts or look up the sites at all. But, she romised to consider things and let me know sometime in the future.

    My wife Lan, unfortunately, doesn’t share my joy of the freedom of going nude when possible. Hopefully, in time she will change her mind.

  19. Dick Sampson says:

    I love nudism and encourage everyone to come and join me. I am a mature 74 years old and certainly not ashamed to bare all. With so many things in life to worry about, why on earth should we worry if we catch a glimpse of a bare breast or penis. God made us in his image and I am proud of the results.

    • DP says:

      I agree with you 100 per cent, Mr. Sampson. There are too many people with too many hang-ups about the nude body. I recently read that a man was naked in his own home & someone outside looked in & saw him & called the police. He got arrested for it. What next? I don’t know what the outcome was.

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