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Meet The New AANR Board

Congratulations to the new AANR Board who will lead AANR for the next two years. These officers and trustees will be sworn in at the 2014 AANR Convention next month at Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, Pennsylvania. Thanks to all the candidates who stepped up to volunteer to lead our association into the future.

A big Thank-You goes out to all the members who took the time to vote and make your voice heard.

Meet the new AANR Board:


Beverly Price

Vice President

Sharon McLeod


Paul Kuntzmann

Club Trustee Group 1 & 2

No candidates

Club Trustees Group 3

Lewis Dreblow

Kathy Watzel

Club Trustee Group 4

Brenda Spangler

Club Trustee Group 5

Jim Lane

Club Trustee Group 6 & 7

Joan Harris

Mike Parker

Theresa “T” Price

Member Trustee AANR-East

Fred VanNest

Member Trustee AANR-Florida

Marji McNeely

Member Trustee AANR-Midwest

Dan Garringer

Member Trustee AANR-Northwest

Kathy Smith

Member Trustee AANR-Southwest

Linda Otero

Member Trustee AANR-West

Tim Mullins

Member Trustee AANR-Western Canada

Bob Campbell

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13 Responses to Meet The New AANR Board

  1. Anthony Bylewski says:

    Congrats to the winners. You have great challenges ahead. Keep AANR strong and grow membership as Best you can.

  2. Jasen says:

    Congratulations. Thank you for your service. I hope and pray you can steer AANR on a course to help nudism & naturism thrive in the USA.

  3. Walt & Torrey Zadanoff says:

    Congratulations to Bev Price. We’re confident in her skills and leadership ability will result in progress for our association. Good luck.

  4. Joe & Anita Panganiban says:

    This is exciting and I know that Bev and her board will do their best to ensure the perpetuity of this lifestyle that we hold dear. Best of luck and you have our support.
    Broadway Joe & Anita

  5. Michael Leon says:

    Congradulations to Beverly Price. Your serious concern to make
    nude recreation more appealing to the youth was the reason I
    thought that you should be the nect A.A.N.R. president. Again
    congradulations to you.

  6. Ricc Bieber says:

    Congrats to the new board. I trust you will all serve the majority AND the minority of you constituents, and make us all proud! As always, we are all available to counsel when needed!

  7. Robert Ipema says:

    Congrats Bev, I always knew you could do it.

  8. Bev Price says:

    I am happy and excited to be leading such a great board — and that so many of you acknowledge that our collective “wins” are just the beginning. My best to all of you. Bev

  9. Dan says:

    I don’t know any of you but congrates and thank you for serving this year. My gf and I are young and have recently persued our childhood dreams of embracing nudism with others. Thank you for keeping nudism clean and natural. I trust nudism and naturism are in good hands.

  10. Bill Pacer says:


    Congrats on your election. I know its been a long and hard road. May your dynamic leadership spawn real growth

  11. Brian Clark says:

    Congrats BEV, you deserve the position of AANR PRESIDENT. Over the years you have done so much in promoting our NUDIST lifestyle to the general public. As a long time NUDIST I am VERY PROUD OF YOU

  12. Brian Clark says:

    I was so happy that BEV PRICE IS OUR NEW AAANR PRESIDENT Her and her daughter T have been NUDISTS for many years, she has A WEALTH OF YEARS about the NUDIST LIFESTYLE and will be positive in pointing the way forward for all of us NUDUSTS and AANR MEMBERS WITH BEV PRICE AT THE HELM NUDISM LOOKS BRIGHTER. BRIAN CLARK AT PROUD NUDIST IN THE BAHAMAS. .

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