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My First-Time Nudist Experience

From the World of Nude Recreation

I grew up in Brevard County, Florida, back when there were plenty of deserted beaches to go skinny-dipping and I made regular use of them. But I had never been to a nudist resort. The first time I visited one was seven years ago when my then-husband and I went to an AANR affiliated nudist club, Glen Eden Sun Club in California, after deciding to try nude recreation.

Like most women, I was concerned I didn’t look good enough to take my clothes off, especially in front of strangers. I thought my thighs were too big, my stomach pooched a little and I was no longer the 20-year-old who used to rock a string bikini at the public beach.

My husband took his clothes off right away with no problem. His body was not perfect either (whose is unless you’re Gisele Bundchen or David Beckham?) but that didn’t seem to bother him. He got right into the spirit of things. I walked beside him in my t-shirt and shorts.

Then I started to notice that people were being very friendly to him but acted a little more reserved toward me. So I decided to just go for it. Pretty soon I was talking to everyone, and I met some of the nicest people I’ve ever met that weekend. And I had a great time! I haven’t looked back since.

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5 Responses to My First-Time Nudist Experience

  1. Randall Humphrey says:

    My first experience was similar..with all the misgivings, but I’m the guy. My wife was expressing the same misgivings, but we forged ahead. It was soooo easy to make friends that before the end of our first visit to White Tail Park in Ivor, VA she was making reservations for the next weekend.

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  3. Steve says:

    A naked bungy jump looks like a good opportunity for nudists. This is the 5th year they are doing it.

  4. Jim Shedd says:

    I only got into nudism full-time this last summer while working in my backyard, though I’d sunbathed nude in the past, until my wife broke down over concerns the neighbors might call the police (we have a walled-in backyard her Las Vegas). But, since I made the plunge last summer I’ve decided to never go back. Unfortunately, so far at least, my wife has not decided to join me in this great lifestyle.

    I did succeed in getting our 36-year old daughter to get naked with me twice while her mom was not present and she’s been semi-nude and fully nude coming out of the shower and getting ready for work since, all while her mom’s at work. However, she’s not committed to going nude at home (she doesn’t live with us) nor nude outside yet. I pan to continue going nude in her presence every opportunity I get, since she says she’s okay with it. (Again, her mom doesn’t know, which I hate. However, I tried once walking in front of both once with my robe open. According to my daughter, her mom said if I ever did it again, she’d “kill” me.

    With what I’ve read here and elsewhere about ladies quickly finding comfort with their own bodies in the presence of others at resorts and beaches, I think it’s really time to try to get my wife to join me in checking out either/or at the first opportunity.

    I look forward to reading more both from you, Randall, and the lady who posted this first post here.

    I hope more will join in the discussions. You can read more about my experience, if you wish, elsewhere on this site (sorry, I can’t recall the section except to say it’s a place for people to tell about their naudist/naturist experiences) under “Hi, I’m Jim of Las Vegas.

    EDitor, I’d appreciate your help in identifying the site. My log in name is {removed by author request}.

    Jim Shedd

  5. Wes Farrand says:

    For several years I have been working with the NUDE life style at home. Recently I discovered outdoor nudity. I only do it at night, as in my neighborhood (a mobile
    home park) it could bring me much grief. But that doesn’t stop me from the joy of
    walking outdoors nude while using extreem caution. I find that the need to feel
    the cool night air on my entire body, is so strong that I have a hard time with the
    slow clock. Waiting for a time when I can get that feeling. Fortunatly my girlfriend
    doesn’t mind it when after the 10:00pm news I strip off and spend the rest of the evening
    nude. She enjoys the view. I am working on her to get her to do the same but so far no
    luck. I will not give up until I get her to try it more then once so that she gets the
    fantastic feeling and relaxed feeling being nude brings out in a person. Being nude rocks.

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