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Nakations A Top Travel Trend in 2010

“Staycations are so 2009. It’s nakations in 2010.” So starts off an article in USA Today’s travel section about nude travel. The American Association for Nude Recreation, who coined the term “nakation,” is way ahead of the trend.

According to a recent TripAdvisor survey, more people are choosing clothing optional vacations. The online travel community surveyed 22,091 U.S. travelers, asking if they would bare all at the beach and 48% said yes, up from last year’s 31%.

TripAdvisor dedicated one of its recent e-newsletters to the Nakation trend, highlighting the top member-recommended beaches for travelers to “strip down to their smile.” Little Banana Beach in Skiathos, Greece, took the top spot, followed by resorts in Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, Croatia and France.

“While nude beaches might be less common in the U.S. than in other destinations around the world, the interest certainly appears to be there, with nearly half of U.S. travelers we surveyed appearing quite comfortable in their own skin and willing to bare it all waterside,” according to TripAdvisor spokesman Brooke Ferencsik.

The article also provides travel tips from AANR Executive Director Erich Schuttauf.

Click here to read more and take the poll ”Would you bare all at the beach?

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One Response to Nakations A Top Travel Trend in 2010

  1. Tom Mulhall says:

    Great job AANR. I am so proud of AANR. You are presenting nude recreation as mainstream and FUN. More and more the press is eating it up. Keep it up.

    Tom Mulhall
    Terra Cotta Inn

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