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National Exposure

Read the latest story submitted from AANR’s World of Nude Recreation area, complete with video clip.

In addition to going to nudist resorts a few times a year, I also model nude for art classes.  Ten years ago, I qualified as a contestant on the hit ABC game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” During my contestant phone interview, I told the AP (associate producer) that I modeled nude for art classes. She told me that I was the first contestant that had managed to shock her. She then asked if I would be comfortable talking about that on the air if I made the hot seat.

I briefly thought about all my co-workers and my family, most of whom knew nothing about my proclivity toward nudity. What would their reactions be? But I figured that I only had a thirty percent chance of actually making the hot seat, so I reluctantly said yes.

ABC flew my wife and me to New York. We went to a Broadway show the night before the taping. The morning was spent going over legal paperwork and rehearsing in the studio all the things that would happen. The taping started in the afternoon. I missed the first fast finger question, but I nailed the second one.  I beat the next fastest contestant by 0.08 seconds and headed to the hot seat.

Before the cameras started to roll, one of the producers came over to host Regis Philbin and pointed out something on my bio card. The commercial break ended, and Regis went right into my part-time modeling job.  He asked if I modeled nude, and I told him I did. He managed to make the conversation entertaining, and it made for interesting television. I wound up winning $32,000.

Once I got back to Texas, I feared what I might hear from my family members and co-workers. Most of them responded positively.  One female co-worker said her jaw nearly hit the floor as she watched the show.  About the only negative response I got came one of the higher-ups in the company who asked a rather rude question about male arousal (which I promptly rebutted).

I have to admit that I was extremely nervous as I approached the hot seat, knowing that I was going to talk about my nude modeling job on national television.  Once we got through that, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief, and I think that helped me calm down so that I could answer the game questions that Regis began asking. It probably helped me win as much money as I did.

A short clip can be seen here

By Dan H.

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4 Responses to National Exposure

  1. Linda says:

    Great job on the interview with Regis, and thanks for “fessin’ up” about your nude modeling. Congrats on the winnings, too.

  2. carlnudi says:

    Great job, Dan, on the interview. You portrayed modeling as the professional job it is. I’ve been a figure model for more than 20 years and from the start my friends and family knew. But they also knew I was apt to do many things they would think was different. As should not be afraid to admit that we enjoy being nude and if we can help art students learn their craft all the better.

  3. M says:

    Whenever one nude-positive person “comes out of the closet”,we ALL are given just a little bit more legitimacy and credibility. Much obliged,Dan.

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