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New AANR Board Announced

Congratulations to the new AANR Board. Please see voting results below.


Motion 1 passed which amends Article IV of the Bylaws. Members supported the clearer definition of AANR’s position toward diversity in membership.

Motion 2 passed which also amends the Bylaws and assigns all of Louisiana to the jurisdiction of the Southwest Region.

Please welcome the new AANR Board.


President Susan Weaver

Vice President Mark Hammond

Secretary/Treasurer Tina Barnott

Club Trustees

Group 6 & 7

Pam Pelc and Brian Spence

Group 5

Theresa “T” Price

Group 4

Robert R. Roche

Group 3

Dave Landman

Group 1 & 2

Dean Hadley and Suzanne Schell

Member Trustees

AANR-East: Audrey Weber

AANR-Florida: Bob Erlenmeyer

AANR-Midwest: Harvey Hanna

AANR-Northwest: Sharon McLeod

AANR-Southwest: Hal Dilger

AANR-West: Walt Stephens

AANR-Western Canada: David Jackson

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2 Responses to New AANR Board Announced

  1. Anthony says:

    As a 25+year member, I am very pleased to receive the results of the voting. Will the total votes be itemized and available to the membership?

  2. Thank everyone for voting for motion 2. This will help stop a lot of confusion. In my opinion this will help increase the posibility of membership in Louisiana. I see Louisiana as a new fronteer for nude recretion because of the growth potential in Louisiana.

    Raymond Haley

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