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Nude Cover for Charity Causes Controversy


Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins graces the cover of this month’s Australian Marie Claire issue completely naked and sans airbrushing. Hawkins was Miss Universe in 2004 and is working with the Butterfly Foundation to promote positive body image.

Yet, the cover is causing somewhat of a controversy because while some deem her “brave” for posing nude, others feel it’s hardly “brave” for a lingerie model with a near perfect body to appear nude.

Defenders say the cover promotes the fight against obesity and highlights the main goal of the Butterfly Foundation, which is maintaining a healthy body image while fighting eating disorders. Detractors feel that a lingerie model’s body is not an average representation of a normal woman’s body.

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What do you think?

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One Response to Nude Cover for Charity Causes Controversy

  1. Gary says:

    Where we as nudists/naturists will truly see acceptance of nudity in “mainstream” media…is when some of us in our 50s (and older) begin to appear in magazines such as Marie Claire. (Or, for that matter, AARP Magazine. That’s NOT a typo, gang; I really DO mean AARP Magazine.)
    I mean, I’M 51 (about to turn 52 in May)…and NOT ashamed of MY nudeness…so, where exactly is the harm in posing in “mainstream” magazines in the altogether at my age? I ask you, WHERE?

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