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Nudist Values

Written by Ted Hadley, owner of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort & Spa. Reprinted with permission from the Cypress Knee.

There have been some unsettling developments in the nudist community of late.  Two of Florida’s largest nudist clubs, Caliente and Paradise Lakes, have voluntarily withdrawn from AANR (the American Association for Nude Recreation).  In both cases, AANR had recently suspended the club’s charter due to advertising practices which were perceived to “sexualize the nudist experience.”

Every club has its own culture and values, usually representative of the owners or management.  I think most nudist clubs tend to be family oriented, though some do have more of an emphasis on “adult fun.”  There may be a place for both.  There’s certainly a market for both, as Caliente and Paradise Lakes have proven. However, AANR has always pushed family oriented nudist values and I believe they are right to fight for them.

The truth is, AANR works tirelessly (mostly behind the scenes) against legislation which could erode our right to enjoy social nudity.  They must be able to make the argument that organized nudism is absolutely natural, wholesome and harmless to the community.  Sexualizing nude recreation illegitimizes that argument.

The other day, I was looking at the VitaNuda website (, and I found some wording that intrigued me.  It almost perfectly reflects my personal feelings about nudism and thus, by extension, the values of Cypress Cove as a nudist club.  They say:

“Nudists are people who enjoy being nude in appropriate settings. The motivation of a nudist should be pure and non-sexual. It is about simplicity, fun and true relaxation.

“Some people make the mistake of lumping nudists together with a less than wholesome crowd. Exhibitionists are NOT nudists, they are motivated to show their skin for sexual reasons. Voyeurs are NOT nudists, they just want to see skin for sexual reasons. Swingers are NOT nudists, they are motivated by sexual conquest. Strippers are NOT nudists, they are making money selling their skin. Nudists enjoy nudism for the simplicity and sense of freedom it brings them.”

So how does that apply to Cypress Cove?  In every possible way.  Our culture, values and rules are based solidly on these very simple principles; nudism should be pure and non-sexual.  If you choose to visit Cypress Cove, you are accepting these core principles and agreeing to abide by them.

We have great fun at our dances, but suggestive attire and/or dancing are not welcome.  We appreciate a tender moment between two adults in love, but public displays of affection should be discreet and innocent.  Adventures in the bedroom should always be kept private.  Discussions of swinging and recruiting are definitely not welcome here.

Our goal is to maintain a safe, non-threatening, and non-sexual environment where our guests can truly feel comfortable.  A little “adult fun” may be harmless in a private setting, but it’s just not appropriate at Cypress Cove.  That’s not who we are.

If you agree, we hope to see you by the pool!

To read more about Cypress Cove, click here.

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2 Responses to Nudist Values

  1. Shirley G says:

    What a well written piece. In addition to marketing nude recreation the piece is a great marketing tool for Cypress Cove. I will have to move Cypress Cove up on the “to visit” list.

  2. David (Slim) Heide says:


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