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Nudist’s Guide to the End of the World

This month, a press release was sent out as a tongue-in-cheek response to predictions the world will end on December 21 according to the Mayan calendar.  The supposed event has gotten a lot of play from companies (Shock Top brewing company’s End of the World Ale) to a wealth of media stories. So we thought, why not add a nudist perspective to the conversation.


And how you can step out of your clothes to make the most of the rest of your life

The debate rages on as to whether the Mayan calendar is prophesizing “the end of time,” or rather a time of transition from one World Age into another, i.e. “the end of a time” this December 21st.

To this end, members of the American Association for Nude Recreation (, being comfortable in their own skin, whatever the calendar date, share some positive insights regardless of what 11:11a.m. Greenwich Mean Time, December 21st brings:


  • Try sleeping in the nude on Dec. 20th, you may wake up to find clothes are a non-essential in the ever-after
  • Hang around the house in the nude, on the 22nd you may find continuing the practice on Earth is quite heavenly
  • Promise yourself if the world survives through the 21st that you’ll take a Nakation (vacation to a nudist resort) in 2013
  • If you live in the sunbelt or plan a warm weather winter getaway, make sure you take a skinny dip – it’s how the Mayans enjoyed frolicking in the sea
  • Strip down and enjoy the sunshine radiating through your windows. It is widely accepted that sunlight counteracts the Winter Blues, in fact, studies indicate your body needs at least 20 minutes a day of sunshine over at least 75% of your body to help prevent a vitamin D deficiency – of which one notable side effect is depression
  • Multiple recent studies have linked weight gain and obesity to lack of sleep. One of the most popular ways that people are getting a better night’s sleep is by sleeping in the nude. Those who have shed their pajamas and inhibitions are reporting that they sleep better due to increased comfort.
  • Make New Year’s resolutions to go “textile-free” when housecleaning, gardening and doing other dirty jobs.  Makes clean up a snap, just jump in the shower or hose off!

The press release was picked up by popular travel blog,, and renamed a Nudist’s Guide to the End of the World.

Feel free to add your own ideas to the list!

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3 Responses to Nudist’s Guide to the End of the World


    I WILL run nude through 10″ of new snow and then write a new calendar!!!! 😉

  2. Travelites will be celebrating Dec. 22, 2012 with a Doomsday Survivor gathering in South Carolina. So far, we have people from Alexandria, VA, the SC Midlands and Low Country plus Georgia.

  3. Glad to see the world didn’t end!

    However, your advice above is excellent at any time of the year, whether the world will end or not.

    A Nakation is always in order, and I’m a big proponent of sleeping in the nude.

    Take care,

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