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Nudity and Politics

The Fox News blog, The Speaker’s Lobby, ran a story Saturday about AANR’s trip to Washington, D.C., during Great Outdoors Week. The post covered many of the reasons AANR has felt the need to attend the yearly event for the past 10 years. The Association advocates for the right to be nude in appropriate settings at legally sanctioned nudist venues. The piece also featured quotes from many in the AANR contingent on the reasons they are nudists and what nudism has meant to them personally and as part of the Association.

The post, titled “Universal Coverage,”  a play on words regarding the healthcare program that is being debated in Congress, contained many of the puns and innuendos that nudists have come to expect occasionally in news stories. Most were harmless but with a decided political flavor such as “And you thought people only lost their shirts because the economy was bad.” But some of the comments seemed unnecessarily divisive and had nothing to do with AANR’s lobbying efforts in D.C., a case of politics as usual.

When it was mentioned that Benjamin Franklin took daily “air baths” and President John Quincy Adams frequently skinny-dipped in the Potomac, once having his clothes held hostage by a reporter until he agreed to an interview, writer Chad Pergram used the information to bring the issue back to another kind of politics.

“Too bad House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) doesn’t go for a daily swim in the Potomac like Adams. Maybe some reporters could hold her clothes hostage to convince the Speaker to finally answer some more questions about her accusations that the CIA lied about interrogation methods,” Pergram wrote.

Luckily, the AANR representatives were able to stay on messages and were generally well received. As one anonymous Democratic aide noted, the American Aassociation for Nude Recreation giveaways are the most popular they receive all year.

Click here to read the article.

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2 Responses to Nudity and Politics

  1. Hey, nice post, very well written. You should write more about this.

  2. Gary says:

    Gee, haven’t we gotten past the kindergarten-level humor concerning nudity in public places ALREADY?
    Or is it just me…?

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