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OMG I’m Dating a Non-Nudist

(Continued from Growing Up as a Nudist – Part 1)

I will call him Dean.

Photo Credit: Katie Mo Photo

Dean and I had been together about two months before I even thought about telling him. Maybe I was nervous because I am not a fan of rejection, but I knew I had to tell him I was a nudist.

When I broached the subject to him, he looked a little shocked and I asked him what he thought. He said “I didn’t think that was a thing. But it really doesn’t matter because of how much I care about you.”

During our conversation, I mentioned that I go to nudist resorts with my family. He said, “Oh you told them?” My answer was “Who do you think got me involved?” He said, “I’m definitely surprised about this entire conversation. But I still care about you too much.” Yeah, I’m keeping him.

Dean didn’t know what to say to his parents. I said I could talk to them. He said, “No, let’s wait on that. I want them to get to know you first.”

After knowing Dean’s reaction, I needed to tell my parents I was dating a non-nudist. As I walked in the living room where my parents were, I thought about what I wanted to say to them. My stomach was churning, and I blurted out “I’m dating a non-nudist!” Surprisingly, they didn’t hear what I said, so I had to repeat it. They both turned and looked at me, and asked, “What do you want for dinner?” After my sigh of relief, I told them how I felt about Dean and the fact that he didn’t care that I was a nudist. They were happy for me because I had found someone to make me happy and someone I liked so much.

Dean and I have been going strong for about a year and a half now, still learning the ins and outs of what a long-term relationship is, and the requirements that go along with that. Also, I have invited Dean to go with me to a nudist resort.

His response was a bit uncertain. “I don’t know how I would handle it myself, just because I don’t want to stare at anyone by accident,” he said. “No worries,” I said, “I will get you a pair of dark sunglasses and in a very short time, you’ll no longer need them.”

It’s common to feel this way, especially for someone trying nudism for the first time. His last sentence made me hopeful for the future. He stated, “I definitely want to give it a try at some point.”

I grew up in a nudist family, and I have been going to resorts affiliated with AANR all my life.

I encourage anyone to experience that feeling of freedom that comes from spending time with friends and family in a wholesome, friendly nudist environment. And who knows, if you’re single, you may meet someone who shares your enthusiasm for nudism, or better yet, find someone (like I did) who cares enough about you to entertain the notion of nudism.

Alexandra Schuttauf,
Public Relations/Communications Specialist, AANR

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3 Responses to OMG I’m Dating a Non-Nudist

  1. Jerry T Landrum says:

    I am married to a non nudist, I am a nudist when convenient as I can not be nude 24/7 as I have to leave my home from time to time. It is very hard to be the only nudist among a family who is not into it as I am.

  2. Gina Dukes says:

    I am a non-nudist but I cannot express how proud I am of you, Alix. Your articles are so well written and express your family lifestyle beautifully.

  3. Jacob Drake says:

    I enjoyed reading this and seeing the interaction of how this young woman explained to her boyfriend that she was a nudist. I still recall “coming out” to my parents, though it was quite a bit different than this, since I had become quite noticeable as the “Naked Guy” on TV. I had just begun producing local cable TV programs introducing my area to social nudism and was not only making the shows, but appearing on them as well. Yes, I was fully nude the whole time, although much of the shows featured only my face or from my chest up as I talked. And everyone who appeared on my shows were completely nude as well. My shows had only been on a couple of weeks when the local newspaper ran an article on me and placed the article on the front page of the Living section. Imagine the surprise of my parents when they opened the newspaper that Wednesday morning only to see the face of their son smiling back at them with a caption talking about him being a nudist. Somehow I hadn’t thought about telling my parents first. Still, I had gone up to visit them that following weekend as usual for me, and they were very polite and curious about the whole thing. Turned out my mom had grown up just down the road a bit from the first and largest nudist club in our state, but had never gone there. I’m glad to say both my parents were just fine with their youngest son being not only a nudist, but a nudist celebrity activist at that. I would suggest a different approach for most other people coming out of the closet…;)

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