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Our First Nakation

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Jen and I had visited all three nudist resorts close to our house, but we had never traveled out-of-state solely for the purpose of enjoying nude recreation until January 2011. We were getting tired of the North Texas winter and started looking for a warm weather place to visit. We settled on Desert Sun Resort in Palm Springs, CA.

We boarded the plane on the Friday before Martin Luther King Day and noticed everyone stuffing luggage into the overhead bins. All of our bags fit under the seats in front of us, and the majority of what we brought consisted of Jen’s knitting projects.

We arrived in Palm Springs and immediately grabbed a cab to Desert Sun Resort. I didn’t rent a car because I didn’t want the temptation to leave the resort; I wanted a maximum of “naked time” on our trip. We did make short excursions to a convenience store and then to a grocery store, but we spent the overwhelming majority of the time at resort.

The weather was fantastic, and we met people from all over the country. A couple from Wyoming said that the temperature at their house had been twenty below zero before they left. It was eighty degrees in Palm Springs. I felt bad for them when they had to leave early Sunday morning.

We met another couple from Seattle and exchanged contact information with them. We spent a lot of the daytime hours sunbathing by the pool (and occasionally in the pool on an inflatable raft), and Jen and I enjoyed a game of naked tennis. The naked bridge over a very busy Indian Canyon Drive was a neat novelty, although I did venture out on Monday morning to watch the sunrise from the bridge.

Desert Sun Resort had several condos for sale, and Jen and I decided that we would love to buy one and live there one of these days, when the time is right for us. Unfortunately, that will be a few years.

We’ve had textile vacations that were great, and when they ended, we have always been ready to go home. This wasn’t like that. We really did not want to leave, even when our time at Desert Sun Resort was up. It was difficult putting clothes back on. The whole experience was just a wonderful break from winter, our jobs, and the “real world,” and we were not ready to go back. It had been the most relaxing and liberating trip we had ever taken. We will definitely be going back to Desert Sun Resort.

-Dan H.
Fort Worth, Texas

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5 Responses to Our First Nakation

  1. Rick & Linda says:

    Nice story! We had visited the resort when it was Desert Shadows many years ago and would love to return and see how it has changed since the early 90’s. We too would love to retire to a clothing optional environment in an area where you don’t need snow shovels or clothes for that matter.

  2. Jim Shedd says:

    A great story about what nudism truly is. I’m new to nudism with a non-nudist wife but love reading stories about how great the nudist/naturist way of life contributes so much to a person’s or couple’s well-being.

    I hope, someday, my wife will accept nudism as a positive experience so we may enjoy nakations, nude cruises, etc.

    • Roy says:

      I know how you feel Jim, my wife was skeptical in the begining too, I offer her to try a clothing optional swim (which she accepted) in no time, and after she felt it was safe and OK to be nude she took off like duck to the water and started enjoying the nude life, now she has a hard time putting clothes on after a nude holiday. I’m sure your wife will try it when the time is right for her, give her time.

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  4. norman says:

    last year September 2010 .I needed to just get away for a few days so I ask a friend to go with me to Camp David a clothing optional gay resort in Florida and we hired a 5th wheeler there.
    I could not believe how relaxing that was having my clothes locked in the trunk of the car and being free.At home I have to wear at least shorts to take the trash out,and there I felt wonderful just doing that naked.
    It was sad the Sunday having to dress and pack up to go home.
    Looking around for another clothing optional place to go this summer.

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