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Go Topless Day

Did you know that Sunday, Aug 28 is GO TOPLESS DAY ?

On Sunday August 28, people in cities around the world are invited to stand up for women’s right to go topless in public. Click this link to see when and where people will be in your state!

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Bev Price and Dan Whicker’s Radio Interview

Beverly Price and Dan Whicker talk about the AANR Convention in Springfield, Oregon and how they came into nudism on Jefferson Public Radio. Click this link to tune in!

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Nine Nudist Resort Rules of Etiquette

Ever wondered what nudist rules you should keep in mind while on a “nakation?” Click this link to read all nine rules!

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ANNR-Midwest Convention

AANR President, Bev Price, is enjoying the AANR-Midwest Convention at Fern Hills in Bloomington, Indiana this week! To stay posted on all the Midwest Convention events, visit or

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Beverly Price Radio Interview with Talk Radio KABC.

Beverly Price, the AANR President, discusses nude games and the values of AANR on Talk Radio KABC. She also explains how nudism is not a sexual experience, but rather a way to experience freedom. This is a great radio interview that you will definitely want to listen to!

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Meet The New 2016 AANR Board

Congratulations to the new AANR Board who will lead AANR for the next two years. These officers and trustees will be sworn in at the 2016 AANR Convention in August at The Willamettan’s in Springfield, Oregon. Thank you to all the candidates who stepped up to volunteer to lead our association into the future.

A big Thank-You goes out to all the members who took the time to vote and make your voice heard.

Meet the new AANR Board:


Beverly Price

Vice President

Sharon McLeod


Paul Kuntzmann

Club Trustee Group 1 & 2

No candidates

Club Trustees Group 3

Lewis Dreblow

Ronna E. Krozy

Kathy Watzel

Club Trustee Group 4

Patty Faber

Club Trustee Group 5

Joan Harris

Club Trustee Group 6 & 7

Theresa “T” Price

Susan Weaver

Member Trustee AANR-East

Fred VanNest

Member Trustee AANR-Florida

No Candidate

Member Trustee AANR-Midwest

No Candidate

Member Trustee AANR-Northwest

Kathy Smith

Member Trustee AANR-Southwest

David “Slim” Heide

Member Trustee AANR-West

Tim Mullins

Member Trustee AANR-Western Canada

Bob Campbell

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All About AANR

Click here to read this article as AANRs Executive Director discusses what AANR does and their values. A must read!

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AANR VP Sharon McLeod’s Live Interview

Great progress for AANR!

AANR Vice President, Sharon McLeod, is giving her “Nudism in a Nutshell” presentation at the Loft Theater in Tucson, Arizona on June 26. Click this link to listen her live radio interview on KLPX radio for “The World Famous” Frank Show.


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Executive Director Radio Interview


Ever wondered what nude recreation is all about, or are you thinking about becoming a member? Then you will want to listen to this informative and fun interview.

The AANR voice was heard. Our executive director, Dan Whicker, had an exclusive interview with NewsTalk 98.7, WOKI-FM in Knoxville, Tennessee. In this interview, he discusses the values of AANR, what it is like to be a nudist, and how being a nudist is not a sexual experience.

Click here to listen to the podcast!

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Nudism In A Nutshell Goes On The Road, Part Two

By Beverly Price

The Loft Cinema
The Loft Cinema has been a mission-driven, membership-supported nonprofit arts organization since November 2002, serving the greater Tucson area and all of Southern Arizona. Without The Loft, audiences in Southern Arizona would not have access to the many films and visiting filmmakers who have enriched Tucson’s cultural identity. The Loft screens independent, documentary and classic films hundreds of times a year.

But this year, for the first time, The Loft will present a program that celebrates the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and Nude Recreation Week. As you read in the April issue of The Bulletin, AANR Vice President Sharon McLeod will be the featured speaker. Following her presentation, a classic film, “Tarzan and his Mate,” will be shown.

The Loft Theater, which was built in 1972, has a capacity of 500. Supported by over 3000 members, The Loft expects a capacity audience for every performance, and the one on June 26 showcasing AANR and nudism will not be an exception. There are no reservations and no charge, although guests will have to pick up tickets in order to be seated.

Arrangements were made by Len Summers, an Elite Life Member of AANR who lives in the area.

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