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2016 Voter’s Guide – Officers: Vice President

Sharon Weaver

Vice President

Sharon McLeod




AANR member since 1986; currently a member of Mountaindale Sun Resort and Willamettans.

Your vote for me means you’ll have an experienced Vice President backing up the President and collaborating as part of the leadership team. I represented AANR at many regional conventions, learning from and about you, knowledge that aids AANR’s effort to grow forward.


  • AANR Vice President (2014-present)
  • AANR Secretary/Treasurer (2005-2008; 2012-2014)
  • AANR Trustee (2003-2005; 2008-2012)
  • Chair, Policy/Standards committee (2005-2006)
  • Program Manager, Marketing Consultant program (2006-2007)
  • Woman of the Year (2007)
  • President’s Award (2005)


  • Woman of the Year (1991, 2006)
  • Public Relations Chair (2003-2008)
  • Recording Secretary (2002-2003)


  • Educator (7 years)
  • Technical Writer (25+ years)
  • Running a corporation (10 years)
  • Property investment/management (30+ years)


  • Coursework in Working with non-profits, Computer Science, Literature; Portland Community College
  • MS/BS, Education; University of Oregon
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2016 Voter’s Guide – Officers: Secretary/Treasurer

Paul KuntzmannPaul Kuntzmann

Club: Hidden Springs TC, Portland OR





AANR: Secretary Treasurer – current

AANR-NW: President, Vice-president, Treasurer, General Secretary

Mountaindale Sun Resort (previously Restful Haven):

Delegate to regional AANR-NW board

Other Board Experience:

US Tennis Assn.-NW region: Region rules committee chair and member

Experience & Education:

31 years with the US Postal Service, my last 14 years working in Stamp Distribution dealing with the shipping and accounting process for $66,000,000 of Stamp Stock covering 3 states.

AANR Membership: I have been a member for 30 years, since 1986

Candidate Statement:

 My wife Nancy and I joined Restful Haven in 1985.  In 1987 we started attending Regional and National AANR (then ASA) Conventions and then meetings.  In 1992 I became the editor for the Northwest Nudescene newsletter and held this position until 1998.  From 1994 through 2005 I have held all of the AANR-NW offices at one time or another.

In 2014 I ran for and was elected your current AANR Secretary / Treasurer.  The last two years have been a challenging period for AANR and we are now moving forward in a positive direction.  I ask for your support to continue to be of service to AANR through 2018.

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2016 Voter’s Guide – Club Trustee: Group 3

Lewis Dreblow

Lewis M. Dreblow

Home Club/associate: Lake Como Resort and White Thorn Lodge




AANR/regional/club offices held:

3 years as elected trustee at White Thorn Lodge

2 years as elected club trustee for AANR

Other not-for-profit board experience:

Multiple committee and chairperson roles with former employer;

Consultant for a county Head Start Program;

Consultant for a county Health Department

Business/background experience applicable to position sought:

25 years as Head Information Officer at small private church related liberal arts university in Ohio

Length of AANR membership: 24 years

Educational background: Bachelor and Masters from University of Florida

Candidate Statement

Having served a term as a Club Trustee it is evident to me that we need to continue to seek new ways to make AANR relevant, meaningful and desirable. We need to explore and identify ways to reach out to young adults while expanding our accountability/credibility message. I support increased efforts to expand our service target to a more diverse constituency. I think AANR should focus on promoting nudism and our rights, letting membership take care of itself.

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2016 Voter’s Guide – Club Trustee: Group 3

Ronna Krozy


Ronna Krozy





AANR/regional/club offices held

  • AANR-East PR team
  • Chair: Solair WINR Chapter
  • Member: Solair Communications Committee
  • Member: Solair Membership Committee


  • Bulletin article “Effective Public Relations the Solair Way”
  • Bulletin, N Magazine 7-part series “How Long Should You Wait To Tell The World You’re a Nudist”
  • President’s Meritorious Medal
  • Professors and Researchers SIG

Not-for-profit board experience:

  • Chair: Public Education Committee, Massachusetts Cancer Society
  • Chair: ANAMass District 5 Nursing Practice Committee
  • Co-president: Beth Israel Hospital Nurse’s Alumnae Association

Background experience:

  • Associate Professor, Nursing; former department chair
  • Grant writing, survey development
  • Fully endowed global nursing program
  • Extensive public speaking
  • Numerous publications

AANR membership: 16 years


  • BS, MS Nursing
  • EdD Health Education

Candidate Statement

I am a ‘proud and loud’ advocate for nudism.  Serving many years on Solair’s Communications Committee, I created our media policy, prepared members for and appeared in a TV feature, staffed AANR/Solair booths, restarted WINR and wrote the series in The Bulletin and N Magazine on strategies for telling the world you are a nudist.  As a Club Trustee, I will bring my experience to a national level; forge closer relationships with and advocate for members; and explore new ways to market nudism to a diverse and multicultural society.

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2016 Voter’s Guide – Club Trustee: Group 3

Kathy Watzel

Kathy Watzel

Home Club:  Mountain Air Ranch




AANR/regional/club offices held:

AANR Trustee Group 3 2012-Present

Mountain Air Ranch (MAR) Board Member 20 years

Past Member of the Entertainment Committee for MAR

Assisted with many activities at MAR over a 24-year period

Business/Background experience applicable to position sought: Worked to support husband Bob when he was General Manager of MAR

Length of AANR membership:   Over 22 years

Educational Background: College degree in Education Masters in ESL and Art Education

Candidate Statement:

I have served as the AANR Trustee for Group 3 for the past 4 years.  I feel it is important for the Rocky Mountains region to have representation on the AANR Board.  I bring a perspective that is different from those living on either the east or west coast and want to continue sharing my thoughts with others on the board.  I am very much in favor of maintaining a family persona to AANR and will strive to support that point of view.  Please cast your vote for me for Club Trustee from Group 3.

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2016 Voter’s Guide – Club Trustee: Group 4

Patty FaberPatty Faber


Home club: Shangri La Ranch



I have held the positions of Director of AANR West 1999-2002, AANR Trustee 2002-08, AANR-West VP 2009-11, AANR-West President 2011-15, President of Shangri La Ranch since 1999,  Board of Directors AANR Education Foundation.

I joined the New River Kiwanis in 2013 and was appointed Treasurer shortly thereafter, President-elect and now President.

Since moving to Shangri La Ranch in late 1997, to help my parents with the resort’s operations, I have been running the office. Our facilities have expanded yearly and we are currently in the process of renovating our rental units. We will be renovation the office which will help us be more efficient.

Member since 1997 life member since 2015.

Candidate Statement:

I strongly believe in family nude recreation and have raised three kids to adulthood in this way of life. We actively support AANR with donations of time and resources to advocate for families to enjoy nude recreation. As a club owner working with guests everyday gives me the opportunity to promote AANR to newcomers, find out what people are looking for at clubs or joining the organization. My perspective will be useful helping this organization give members the value they are looking for in their membership dollars.

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2016 Voter’s Guide – Club Trustee: Group 4

Bob RocheClub Trustee

Robert R. Roche

White Tail Resort



AANR/regional/club offices held:

AANR Vice President; Trustee; and Hall of Fame Committee Chair

AANR-East Director; President; Vice President; Man of the Year; Member of the Year; and Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Business/background experience applicable to position sought:

Founder, owner, operator and President of White Tail Resort

Owner and manager Trade Winds Restaurant

Former Director and Vice President, Virginia Campground Association

Member, Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association

Naval Veteran

Length of AANR membership:

33 years, Life Member

Educational background:

AARV National School of RV Park & Campground Management

Licensed Waterworks Operator for the Commonwealth of Virginia

Candidate statement:

In 1983, I founded the first successful landed nudist club in Virginia.  White Tail Resort has continued to thrive and currently has in excess of 600 members.  Since the inception of the club and through my many leadership positions, I have dedicated myself to meeting AANR’s mission statement goals and committed myself to providing superior service for family-oriented nudists.

My successful leadership in financial management, membership growth, government affairs and effective public relations will be valuable if elected to the position of Club Trustee.  I would appreciate your support.

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2016 Voter’s Guide – Club Trustee: Group 4

Brenda SpanglerBrenda Spangler


Club:     Oaklake Trails Naturist Park, Inc



AANR Regional offices held:  I was elected Director in the Southwest Region in 1995 and served as Scholarship Chair and Youth Chair until being elected Vice-President in 1998.  I became President of our region in 1999 and was elected to a full term in 2000.  I began serving as AANR Trustee in 2002, through the new one person one vote system, which allowed me to serve until 2008.  I am now running for my third term as a Club Trustee.

I do not have other board experience.

I have been involved with Oaklake Trails since 1992, including working with the Health Department, Department of Environmental Quality for water certification, hiring of staff, and helping organize activities like our 5k run each year.

I graduated from Stetson University in DeLand, Florida with a BS degree in mathematics and taught school for several years while we moved around with my husband in the Air Force.

With the hiring of a new Executive Director, I would like the chance to work with him while we take AANR to a new level of excellence.  Declining membership is a challenge and I really would like the opportunity to make AANR great and see membership truly grow.

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2016 Voter’s Guide – Club Trustee: Group 5

Joan Harris

Joan O. Harris


AANR club trustee 2014- present



Neighborhood Associations of Paradise Lakes (NAPL), President, April 2013 – present; Secretary, 2012 – 2013; Coordinator, Pasco County FL WINR (Women in Nude Recreation) 2014 – present

Experience: President and Director, Paradise Lakes Condominium Association; professional school counselor; district-office level education administrator ; Chair of school district United Way campaign; Charter Member United Way Women’s Leadership Council; international professional counselors’ honor society officer

AANR membership: 17 years, Premier since 2012

Education: B.A.- History; MSEd. – Counseling; Certificate of Advanced Study – Educational Administration

I advocate the mission of AANR and work toward the goal of ensuring that nudists may always experience this liberated life.  As an AANR Trustee I Chair the Research & Education Committee and the WINR committee.  My articles regarding both have appeared in the Bulletin.  As a resident of a nude community, I live the vision of AANR.  Through my local work with NAPL and WINR, I am able to personally connect with nudists and share the importance of AANR’s place in the nudist world.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve as an AANR trustee and ask for your vote to re-elect me so that I may continue to contribute.

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2016 Voter’s Guide – Club Trustee: Group 6 and 7

Karen Lahey

Karen Lahey

Home club/associate: SLUGS, Tiger Mountain, Hidden Spring, Sun Meadow






Convention Chair
Membership Pricing Chair
Woman of the Year 2015
Presidential Meritorious Award 2014
AANR Education Foundation (Board, Website)
Developed AANR app for Android

Woman of the Year 2010
President Meritorious Award 2010
NudeNews Editor

SLUGS (Board, Treasurer, Website)
Tiger Mountain (Webmaster, Former VP/Secretary/Board)
Business Experience: 45 years designing solutions, troubleshooting, developing software and leading software development teams.

Other Experience: Toastmasters (President/Treasurer)
St. Aidan’s (Vestry/Sr. Warden/Jr. Warden)
Emerson Cub Scouts Pack (Founder/Chair of Committees)
Length of AANR membership: 18 years

Education: BS, cum laude, Computer/Communication Sciences University of Michigan

Candidate Statement:

I have held many leadership positions at the national, regional and club levels of AANR and would be honored to serve you now as Trustee.  My history with AANR brings not only a deep commitment to promote, protect and advocate for nudism, but also the sensitivity and institutional knowledge to understand the challenges and concerns we face. I bring the ability to listen thoughtfully to everyone’s ideas, the clarity to seek creative solutions, and the experience to think strategically about the future. From nurturing small clubs to championing national causes, I offer collaborative, respectful and innovative leadership. Thank you!

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