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Preliminary World Record Skinny-Dip Count Is In!

The preliminary count is in for the AANR World Record Skinny-Dip held July 10, a Guinness World Records event. As of this writing the count is 12,194 with 27 locations not yet reporting. The numbers show that we are on track to beat last year’s final count of 13,648.

We’re seeing big numbers from a variety of locations: Wreck Beach in British Columbia, 389; Turtle Lake Resort in Michigan, 425; Lake Como in Florida, 452; Laguna del Sol in California, 528; and Cypress Cove in Florida, 556.

So far the location reporting the most simultaneous skinny-dippers is South Florida Free Beaches, who hosted the event at Haulover Beach, with a count of 748.

Stay tuned for the final numbers and the winner of the Skinny-Dip T-shirt contest.

For updates, click here.

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One Response to Preliminary World Record Skinny-Dip Count Is In!

  1. Jim says:

    I was one of the many at Lupin Lodge who was part of the world skinnydip record breaking event. I don’t you if Lupin Lodge has been counted, as of the writing of this comment. Lupin Lodge’s count was 111.

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