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Protecting Public Lands

As you may have heard, newspapers in California, including the San Francisco Bay Guardian, reported on Tuesday about the status of nudity within the California Parks system beyond San Onofre.

According to these sources, other venues where nudity has been traditionally enjoyed may be under threat now that California’s Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has issued its ruling regarding the Cahill Policy.  This situation is, of course, what the American Association for Nude Recreation feared could happen when the Naturist Action Committee filed suit against the California Parks System.

With reports that other park managers may begin what amounts to a “crack down” on nudity within their jurisdictions given the state of flux created by the Fourth Circuit’s decision, AANR Public Lands Liaison has spent considerable time in communication with the higher echelons of California Parks to obtain additional assurances that no changes in status are planned in parks other than San Onofre.

We have been encouraged by these communications and will dedicate all our expertise and resources to maintain an atmosphere with the Department conducive to protecting nudity on park lands.  However, it is equally important to speak to the politically charged atmosphere of the ongoing litigation between NAC and the California Parks.  While we will earnestly work for cool heads to prevail, we should be frank with you.  The heat is on, and the temperature climbs with every lawyer and judge involved. 

At a time like this it is critical to stick to facts, avoid personal attacks, and communicate with your AANR Government Affairs Team about events that concern you.  By reducing speculation, increasing the supply of credible information, and seeking common ground, we believe we will be in the best position to ensure the future of the recreation we treasure on public lands.

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  1. John A says:

    My crystal ball is broken so I have now idea how things will ultimately turn out but I definitely appreciate the improved information flow and background information from both AANR GAT and NAC recently.

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