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Skinny-Dipping Again

IMG_2990Save the date! The 2015 Skinny-Dip is set for July 11, during Nude Recreation Week. What is the 2015 Skinny-Dip? It is a community of nudists simultaneously skinny-dipping at a designated time of day at AANR-affiliated nudist clubs and nudist resorts, on public lands and at Skinny-Dip parties hosted by nonlanded AANR clubs. It is also a great time, as any nudists or naturists who have participated in the past, will be glad to tell you.

The first World Record Skinny-Dip in 2009 saw 13,674 people simultaneously skinny-dipping across North America. In 2010 we beat our own record. We think we can do even better in 2015!

Stay tuned for updates and a list of locations as they happen here at; in our e-newsletter, the Undressed Press, and on our social media platforms—but be sure to save the date!


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33 Responses to Skinny-Dipping Again

  1. Larry Motzer says:

    The Freedom that is Skinny-Dipping comes from being able to enjoy your body in a natural setting in nature.

  2. Lynn says:

    Allen, a list of locations will be on the AANR website soon!

  3. Ray Benjamin says:

    I live in Parker, AZ. want to know where within a 200 mile radias

    • Steve & Lisa says:

      Shangra La resort, in New River (Cave Creek area), off I-17 less then 100 from you just head to phx easy drive from Parker

  4. Jan Barwick says:

    So glad to hear about another Skinny-dip. Can’t wait until July. Really cool idea. Jan

  5. admin says:

    Thanks, Jan. AANR is excited about doing another Skinny-Dip!

  6. Gail Gillespie says:

    Are there skinny dip parties near Pittsburgh, PA?

  7. Are there any skinny dip parties near Pittsburgh, PA?

  8. I’m looking for skinny dip parties near Pittsburgh, PA. I went to nude beaches and also skinny dipped in lakes in the mountains when I was younger…older bodies?

  9. Gary Harris says:

    Star Ranch Mcdade TX

  10. Alan P says:

    I hope Haulover Beach is part of this. I’m in!!!!!

  11. Randy G says:

    I am looking forward attending this years event!

  12. Randy G says:

    Can you tell me were from Wyoming???

  13. Las Vegas Naturists an AANR club will be hosting for the Las Vegas area.

  14. Josh says:

    Anywhere near Tulsa OK?

  15. Alan Christensen says:

    Nearest nudist resort to Tulsa is Oaklake Trails about halfway between Tulsa and OKC. Great place good people.

  16. Light Man says:

    Live in the Chicago Suburbs please let me know of any in the area.

  17. mike says:

    looks like it’s gonna be another skinny dip summer, hot damn

  18. Dave B says:

    I am planning on a great weekend at Sunshower in Ind. I live in Dayton Ohio and look forward to enjoying the event with all my friends.

  19. Greg says:

    There doesn’t appear to be any skinny dip sites in California north of San Diego . I live in the Antelope Valley & would consider hosting a skinny dip if there was enough interest.

  20. mark says:

    AD I’ve read,,this year it is NOT an attempt at any Guinness Book of world records,and just a fun item to add to national nude week. My local resort does not have it on the calendar nor have they responded to emails or calls about the event,,They did it both of the last recore attempt years and I have those fine shirts to wear So I guess I’m looking for a new club to go to that day to attend for the fun of filling the pool to maximum nudity.

  21. Brian says:

    I am going to Haulover beach for july 10th thru 12. for the skinny dip record. Anybody else going? Interested in meeting new people.

  22. Brian says:

    Should be fun, hope to see you there in your birthday suit.

  23. Bill H says:

    What time does the contest start?

  24. Ken Bullard says:

    Although not at a participating club, my wife and I skinny dipped today at the agreed time. Bought the t-shirts and everything. Is there any way we can be counted towards today’s record?

  25. Mack says:

    I’ve been doing the July skinny dip for years, but I’m confused. If we beat our 2009 record in 2010, why does the Guinness Book website not reflect that? Have we ever surpassed our 2010 record? And what IS that record? Thanks for the info!

    • admin says:

      Mack, thanks for your question. The 2009 event was a Guinness event and we broke the record. For the 2010 Skinny-Dip and for this year’s we decided not to try to break our own record since it had not been challenged successfully by anyone else.

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