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Social Media vs. Nudity

  Would photographer Spencer Tunick be better off if he worked for Sports Illustrated? That’s the question Anna Merlan poses in an article of the same name on The Village Voice blog. By now, most people are familiar with Facebook’s … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Too Strict with Anti-Nudity Policies?

The New York Times Technology blog, Bits, reports that the prestigious New York Academy of Art ran into a little trouble on Facebook. The art academy has been teaching figurative art since the early ’80s, yet an ink drawing of … Continue reading

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Can’t All Nudist Groups Just Get Along?

A recent press release about a new nudist group, the Young Naturists and Nudists America (NNYA) featured the headline “Young Nudists Show the AANR How It’s Done.” According to comments made by Felicity, co-founder of the group, in the December … Continue reading

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Has Facebook's Anti-Nudity Policy Gone Too Far?

After angering mothers everywhere by banning photos of breastfeeding and prohibiting a cancer survivor’s photos of her mastectomy scars to raise breast cancer awareness citing “inappropriate content,” Facebook has now deleted pictures of naked dolls. Victoria Buckley, who owns a … Continue reading

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