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One Record But Not Another

Over 5,400 nudists simultaneously skinny-dipped on July 11 at more than 80 AANR-affiliated clubs and nude beaches across North America. While AANR did not break its previous record, which has yet to be broken, it did break the record for … Continue reading

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Skinny-Dipping Again

Save the date! The 2015 Skinny-Dip is set for July 11, during Nude Recreation Week. What is the 2015 Skinny-Dip? It is a community of nudists simultaneously skinny-dipping at a designated time of day at AANR-affiliated nudist clubs and nudist … Continue reading

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It’s Not Us…It’s Them

By Steve Jacobson It’s been said that you can’t really understand someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. That saying seems very appropriate when it comes to those of us who embrace the nudist lifestyle. Trying to explain … Continue reading

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Get Ready To Skinny-Dip

The third World Record Skinny-Dip is set for July 13, just a few months away. This year’s  event is the first to be jointly hosted by AANR and The Naturist Society. The first World Record Skinny-Dip in 2009 saw 13,674 … Continue reading

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10 Reasons to Nakation on 10/10/10

It only comes around once in a hundred years and the big day is just around the corner, so the American Association for Nude Recreation is encouraging free spirits from coast to coast to let it all hang out at … Continue reading

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VitaNuda Makes a Skinny-Dip Video


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What Does Skinny-Dipping Mean To You?

Summer is just weeks away, the weather is warmer and nudists everywhere are enjoying time outdoors at their favorite beach, club or public lands location. Skinny-dipping is synonymous with summer, the feel of cool water and fresh air on bare skin … Continue reading

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More Comments on "Virtual Skinny-Dip"

The Baltimore Sun as well as a variety of  Twitter feeds have picked up the press release AANR sent out yesterday about body scanners at airports and nude recreation. Stay tuned.

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TV Shows Promote Skinny-Dipping

This week, two television shows promoted the joys of skinny-dipping. Nudists, of course, have long known the pleasure of swimming in the buff while feeling the coolness of the water and warmth of the sun against bare skin. Hopefully, after … Continue reading

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Skinny-Dip Figures Released

The AANR count for The AANR World Record Skinny-Dip was announced at last weeks’s AANR Convention. The final results? 13, 648 people simultaneously skinny-dipped across North America on July 11 as the grand finale to Nude Recreation Week. Thanks to … Continue reading

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