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Take the Huffington Post Top-Free Poll

Huffington Post, the influential political and media blog, has a new poll “Should women be allowed to go topless at public beaches?” So far, voters that approve this action are at almost 59%. Recently the media has focused on stories … Continue reading

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Topless Optional Beach Possible for New Jersey

A proposal being considered by the city council in Asbury Park, New Jersey, may result in a topless beach. The beach would be classified as “topless optional” and located at the far northern end of Asbury Park’s beachfront. The Jersey … Continue reading

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Topless Gardener Gets Complaints

A 52-year-old woman in Boulder, Colorado, received complaints after gardening topless in her yard wearing only a yellow thong and pink gloves. Although being topless is not against the law in Boulder, the complaints have caused the City Council to consider … Continue reading

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Young French Women Say No To Nudity

Postcard: Paris in the August 17 issue of Time magazine reports there is a new trend among young French women: prudishness. For decades, the French have viewed Americans as puritanical while nudity and toplessness prevailed on French beaches. These days, … Continue reading

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