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Take the Huffington Post Top-Free Poll

Huffington Post, the influential political and media blog, has a new poll “Should women be allowed to go topless at public beaches?” So far, voters that approve this action are at almost 59%.

Recently the media has focused on stories about celebrities talking about body acceptance and their positive views on nudity.Supermodel and Project Runway star Heidi Klum has long been a proponent of nudity in appropriate settings. The German-born star has often commented in articles about how nudity is treated differently in European countries and how she and her husbad, pop singer Seal, have treated the subject of nudity in their home.

In a recent article posted on CafeMom, Klum describes what she tells her children about appropriate settings saying, “See, you teach children that there is a proper time, place and etiquette to nudity. There are social reasons you CAN be naked HERE but CAN’T be naked THERE.”

Demi Moore recently tweeted a top-free self-portrait to urge body acceptance.

Take the Huffington Post poll here.

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