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The Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate Work Naked Day on February 1

By Tom Mulhall, AANR Public Relations Chair

10) You don’t have to worry about getting pet fur off of clothing before going to work.

9) Casual Friday is every day of the week.

8 ) Your boss will never say to you again, “I want your ass in here by 9am sharp!”

7)  IT guys won’t try to position themselves to look down your blouse.

6) Makes forgetting to turn your webcam off when you Skype more interesting.

5) No one will steal your office chair.

4) Birthday suits replace double-breasted power suits.

3) Saves company money on air conditioning.

2) Will help book sales for Nudist on the Late Shift.

1) Working naked is just another day at the office for telecommuters, telemarketers, sole practitioners, workers at a nudist resort, retirees, or a stay-at-home moms doing chores around their nest.

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20 Responses to The Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate Work Naked Day on February 1

  1. Steve says:

    Why would it make forgetting to turn your webcam off when you Skype more interesting?

    Oh, I know the textile answer to that question, but from a nudist perspective?

  2. upstatemike says:

    I’m a 95%+ telecommuter, and as far as I’m concerned, every day is work naked day!

    • For me every day should be work and stay naked ) goooooood.

    • Terry Mielke says:

      I’m 100% behind you on that one. I’m a semi-retired man look after my grand kids in the morning send them to school “Then” off comes the clothes. Sunbath in backyard with people on both sides I just say “OH” wellI hope everyone has a nude Wednesday….I know I will and I live in Ontario

  3. Dave says:

    I work naked most days and that’s the only way to go!

  4. Charles Jerden says:

    I work nude ever chance I get.
    It’s the only way to go.

  5. Josurf says:

    Sure makes home projects like painting rooms more fun. Even cleaning ! for yardwork and gardening, it’s the only way to go for me.

  6. Ed Williams says:

    Hooray for working nude! I am retired and stay naked 24/7 except for when I have to go out. I’m getting to resent wearing clothes and as soon as I come home, OFF COMES THE CLOTHES!
    Doing household chores and other things naked is so much easier!

  7. fred says:

    igo around the house nude all the time

    • Deep says:

      Hi, I too spend all the time at home naked. I stay in Goa (India) and unfortunately we have no social nudism opportunity in India. I like to experience nude beach and nude camping in my life. Dont know when I can really have it


  8. Jim says:

    I too worked nude 99% year round in my home in Florida for eight years. Saved me a bundle in AC costs. Service providers (like Terminix) didn’t seem to mind either. Clothing is way over rated.

  9. Terry Mielke says:

    100% behind anything to do with nudism I just figure clothes are a hang-up why dirty clothes if there is no reason to lol And as one person said doing house work around the house nude I’ll tell as a man there’s no other way to do house work Just like the Hippies said like it all hang-out I was born without clothes and I’ll out the same way Nudism Forever !!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tom says:

    I am a telecommuter also and everyday IS a work naked day.
    Really don’t like going into work because it breaks my stretch of 24/7 consecutive nude days.

  11. Dash says:

    I am nudish but being in India I have no opportunities for social nudism. we dont have nude beaches, camping etc. here. Can anybody let me know if any nudist opportunities available in Goa (India)

  12. Forrest Joseph says:

    I enjoy work around the house in the nude. In fact, most of my time at home now is undressed.

    Now if I could only find places to hike in the nude (in the GREAT Pacific Northwest), it would all be GOLD!

  13. Wes Farrand says:

    I like to wonder around my house in the morning nude. I spend atleast an hour everyday nude.
    I do my morning exercises nude, it just makes exercising easier, and more comfortable. Where I live at this time of year it is far to cold outside to exercise out doors. I would enjoy
    outdoor nudity in a warmer climate.

  14. Wes Farrand says:

    I like to do my morning exercise in the nude, it is much more comfortable that way.

  15. John says:

    I enjoy being nude at home when I get the opportunity. I find it to be very therapeutic. I also go to a local nude resort near here and I really enjoy being with other nudists and friends socially. Also the warm sun feels good on the skin. My life is so full of stress at times. Going to a nudist resort is my feel good about myself therapy. :o)

  16. Pete Schult says:

    Love the list. I’d amend #1 to include stay-at-home dads. I have to work in the textile world now, but when I was a SAHD to my (then) preschool daughter, every day was clothing optional.

  17. Jim says:

    I had to spend 2/1 in the textile world, so I kept a bottle of Naked fruit drink on my desk all day, to remind me what it might be like…Next year!

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