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Today Is Love Your Body Day

“Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror?” That’s the question posed by the NOW Organization’s Love Your Body Campaign. Today, October 20, has been designated Love Your Body Day, a day to celebrate who we really are and what we really look like rather than what advertising and the media dictates.

Women and girls are constantly faced with a barrage of images that make them feel the way they look is inadequate or doesn’t measure up in some way. According the NOW Organization, 80% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies. Millions of dollars are spent each year on cosmetic surgery, and the age when these procedures begin is getting younger and younger.

As nudists, we know that there is no gold standard of beauty. We know that we are more than our physical appearance and every person’s body is perfect just the way it is. Love Your Body Day is a way to honor this as well as giving recognition to advertising that showcases women in a positive way. The NOW Organization’s Love Your Body website features positive and negative ads and award-winning posters that have been created to reinforce this concept.

The American Association for Nude Recreation has always stressed the importance of body acceptance, a hallmark of the nudist lifestyle. AANR President Susan Weaver talks about being comfortable with our bodies in her new Poolside Chat video, Nudists and Body Acceptance.  Only when we truly accept ourselves will we realize that our bodies, in their true natural form, are enough cause for celebration.

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5 Responses to Today Is Love Your Body Day

  1. David Wallace says:

    While I certainly accept the premise of “body acceptance”, I do not accept the notion of “unhealthy body acceptance”, whether people are clothed or nude. It seems to me (based on the many pictures of Nudists in the AANR Bulletin together with my personal experience visiting several nudist resorts) that many nudists apparently think it’s ok to be overweight (many even what I would describe as “grossly overweight”). Being overweight is a chronic problem in the USA that starts, for many people, when they are children as a result of over-eating (primarily junk food) and not exercising sufficiently. Fat is not beautiful, it is unhealthy, and therefore, not acceptable to me.

  2. Ruben says:

    David, obviously you missed the point of this celebration. Do you really think the majority of the population look like the folks on TV and the movies?? They don’t! True, unhealthy eating is an important issue, I agree, but not all overweight people have a problem with overeating. It about accepting your body, thin, thick, with missing limbs, birth scars, old age wrinkles,etc. We are accepting not because of what we see on the outside but, what we see on the inside.

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  4. Randy Savage says:

    This is a really strong hotspot of mine. Please understand that my comments are personal feelings and not directed at any person. But, that said, if anyone is attending nudist resorts for the purpose of “seeing” people who look good naked, they are not going for the right reason. Nudist are simply a part of general society, so at nudist resorts you will see the same cross-section of people as you’ll see in general public. Some people are over-weight, some people are under-weight, some people have defects, but the choices they make are strictly between them, their immediate family and their health care providers.

    It is not my place, nor in my humble opinion, anyone else’s place to tell them they should not enjoy nude recreation because they don’t fit my (or societies) vision of nude bodies. We nudists are proud of our ability to be tolerant of others, whether it be religious, ethnic, sexual orientation, body type or age. For example, when someone says over-weight people should be required to lose weight and become fit, is no different to me, then to say homosexual individuals should be required to be straight because AIDS is more prevalent in gays and they therefore are endangering themselves by their choices. It is BS of the first order!

    It is my humble opinion that when someone makes comments about what OTHERS should or should not do, or how they should look, they have crossed the line and shown their own prejudices. Whether I am 6’ tall and 175 lbs or 5’ tall and 240 lbs should not … and generally DOES NOT matter to my fellow nudists.

    If I am an old gay, tattooed, over-weight, one legged, wheel chair bound nudist, I should be proud of who I am and the body I have, since that is the one I’m rather attached to:)

    Even more importantly, if I’m that 6’ 175 lb hard-body, I should be accepting of the previously described individual. I am proud to say I do know that individual and can attest there has never been a more worth-while person created.

    Remember to skinny-dip, it’ll add color to your cheeks!

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