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Today Is Turn Beauty Inside Out Day

Today is TBIO Day—Turn Beauty Inside Out Day. As nudists, we know the importance of promoting healthy body image and changing the definition of what people consider beautiful. AANR has always promoted healthy body image based on who a person truly is rather than on appearance. Body acceptance is one of the main tenets of true nudism. The program stresses the importance of focusing on who we are and what we do, not on how we look.

Turn Beauty Inside Out  is a grassroots celebration of healthy media images that promotes critical analysis of sexism in media. It was created in 2000 by a group of girls ages 8-16, the Girls Editorial Board of New Moon Girls. TBIO is a counterbalance to the damaging and unhealthy messages we are bombarded with on a daily basis in media, film, and advertising that promote unhealthy beauty standards. The program raises funds to allow girls worldwide to define their own inner beauty and honor it through healthy media. It also increases awareness about the negative effects of harmful media messages.

So, celebrate Turn Beauty Inside Out today. Together, we must strive to change the definition of beauty for men and women and especially for our children.

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