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Topless Gardener Gets Complaints

A 52-year-old woman in Boulder, Colorado, received complaints after gardening topless in her yard wearing only a yellow thong and pink gloves. Although being topless is not against the law in Boulder, the complaints have caused the City Council to consider expanding the city’s anti-nudity ordinance when it convenes in April, but a draft proposal to make it an offense for women to go topless in public was removed.

Watch local reaction to the story below.


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7 Responses to Topless Gardener Gets Complaints

  1. JimmieM says:

    Hey she was on her property. Gardening in the Buff is GREAT I do it all the time!!! People have necks under their heads for a purpose, They can look away if they have Gymnophobia.

  2. Steven Beckett says:

    I think a lot people are basically stupid. They pay money to go to movies knowing that the majority of movies today have some nudity in them. Yet when they see it on the street it shocks them. This is a victomless crime if it’s a crime at all. Apparently it’s legal in Boulder. Now the governing bodies , based on one or very few complaints, go to meeting to change the law. How stupid! The law is made. It’s legal. The people that complained should be told that she is not breaking any law and they can always take another route. Europeans are way ahead of us. One can walk down the street nude and not get arrested. It will be that way someday here in the US. It doesn’t hurt anyone and you can always look the other way! When I lived in California I once saw prople on top of the cliffs at Torrey Pines using binoculars to observe the nude people on black’s Beach. One man said to me, “Look at those heathens!” Ridiculous? Absolutely! Those people were going out of their way to observe something that offends them. Like I said, a lot people are stupid.

  3. Michael Leon says:

    I admire people who do things like she did and besides who is she hurting? Secondly, she was topless on her own property. Nudists like her have high self-esteem. More power to her.

  4. Steve says:

    To each there own. That is what I say. Guys are topless all the time. Some where in our constitution it says we have the right to self expression.
    How many drove by and did not complain? Because a few complain they try to change the law. As I see it that’s stupid.
    Those that agree should make them selves heard. Stop stupid people from making stupid laws!

  5. Dallas says:

    I don’t see any problem. She was in her own yard not bothering anyone so what’s the big deal. Americans are far too uptight with nudity. Other countries that allow nudity have far fewer sex crimes than we do. It’s past time that we grew up took the hint. But then look around, with the US as the heaviest nation on the planet maybe public nudity isn’t such a good idea. Don’t want to scare the kids.

  6. Anthony Shea says:

    As long as she does not engage in lewd or lascivious behavior the act of being naked is no crime. It’s common in europe to see women going topless. I was at a hotel on the Mediterranean and every woman there was topless. The USA will eventually change over. Nobody drove a BMW when I was growing up.

  7. Jeff Gerbino says:

    Well where is that AANR legal defense fund we here so often about? Shouldn’t “we” be there to assist on something like this? The old double standard about men being allowed to go topless is really just that a double standard as many men sad to say have boobs all their own. So if we are using volume of breast as the guide line it doesn’t hold up at all!

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