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TV Shows Promote Skinny-Dipping

This week, two television shows promoted the joys of skinny-dipping. Nudists, of course, have long known the pleasure of swimming in the buff while feeling the coolness of the water and warmth of the sun against bare skin. Hopefully, after watching these shows, there will be some new converts to skinny-dipping who will wonder what took them so long to try it for themselves.

Channel Canada will air a six-part series “Skinny Dip,” beginning November 18 on Travel & Escape. Following the success of last year’s hour-long special, host Eve Kelly travels the world in search of the best locations to skinny-dip, challenging unsuspecting strangers along the way to try swimming au naturel. Episodes include travels to the Canadian Yukon, Costa Rica, Australia, the Bahamas, British Columbia, and New Zealand.

Click here for a show schedule and to read more.

Wednesday’s “Oprah Winfrey Show” was themed “Step Out of Your Box,” and challenged four women to try things they had never tried before. A mother of four, a woman who just lost her husband and job, a neonatologist, and a single mother of two boys were urged to break from their daily routines. Ali Wentworth guided the women through a roller derby, skydiving–and skinny-dipping.

After the women disrobed and ran into the ocean, one contestant remarked, “Who cares what we look like? We’re just going to literally get out of our skin and be a bunch of gals naked in the ocean.”

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2 Responses to TV Shows Promote Skinny-Dipping

  1. Barry & Joanne says:

    We enjoy skinny dipping anyplace. It’s just wonderful
    Happy Thanksgiving all Naturally

  2. Billy says:

    Hi,I think it,s wonderful to go Naked on Nude Beach,s.Will Merry Christmas all you happy Nudist.Keep Running Naked.Love Nudist Billy.

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