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Update on Bagby Hot Springs

September 14th, 2009

In discussions today with Gary Larsen, Forest Supervisor for Mt. Hood National Forest, he reiterated his desire to work with AANR to clarify USFS policy as it relates to nude use at Bagby Hot Springs, which is part of the Mt. Hood National Forest. Mr. Larsen stated it is not his intention to ban nude use at the hot springs; however, he feels there needs to be more clarity of USFS policy in the Bagby Hot Springs area.

Unfortunately, one of the key players for USFS will be absent for the coming week so matters will be in limbo for at least a little while longer. At AANR’s request and in a show of good faith, the Forest Service has updated its Web site striking the anti-nudity statement previously posted and instead has stated in part “Mt. Hood National Forest is currently conducting discussions with naturist advocates to clarify Forest Service policy at Bagby Hot Springs.  Clarification is expected within two weeks.” 

We at AANR deeply appreciate the professional approach taken by Mr. Larsen. Although the final outcome is uncertain, to date we have universally found Mr. Larsen to be open and frank in his discussions with us. We hope that this spirit of cooperation will see all parties through to a resolution that successfully addresses the concerns of all the parties and restores nude use to Bagby.

The USFS update in its entirety can be seen by clicking here.

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3 Responses to Update on Bagby Hot Springs

  1. donald kunkel says:

    with the future of the USFS not making good intention of the issue or permite process it may be possible to take a grand father permite(at present) for the future and ongoing (good fath land vindor ship) for this to continue with out the member of the board being there this is a practail method to keeping the camp open and running (as long as there are No issue ) there should be permite be granted short brief and to the point ( don kunkel) (

  2. Jack Hill says:

    I encourage the USFS to openly permit naturists’ use of Bagby Hot Springs. Naturists and naturalists naturally go together.

  3. Jack Hill says:

    28 Sep 2009 – Does anyone have an update on the status of this?

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