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“Wanderlust” Movie Opens Friday

“Wanderlust” opens on Friday, February 24, in theaters across the country. The film, and its depiction of nudity, has been greatly anticipated by nudists for months. In “Wanderlust,” a couple, played by Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd, hit hard by the recession, decide to take a road trip to find out what is missing in their lives. On their travels, they happen upon a nudist club and discover a new way of life.

Some of the scenes in “Wanderlust” were filmed near Paradise Valley and Serendipity Park in Georgia, both AANR-affiliated clubs, and members of the clubs were used as extras in the movie. Both nudist resorts were well-represented with prominent screen images and filmmakers visited the two clubs to get background information on nudism. Much has been made of Jennifer Aniston’s nude scene in the film, although it was left on the cutting room floor and the scene that remains shows only implied nudity. However, in many articles over the last two weeks, the actress said that after feeling briefly uncomfortable, she found nudity “liberating.”

Read what Randy Savage, an AANR member and an extra in the movie who attended an advance screening of the film in Atlanta had to say about the film below:

“I just returned home from the Atlanta premiere showing of Wanderlust.  The movie is great fun. The nudists were on screen for only approximately 10 to 20 seconds, at least it seemed to be a short time anyway.  It did not present any negative connotations regarding nudists at all.  “Wayne,” one of the major actors, played by Joe Lo Truglio, is totally nude throughout most of the movie. In the movie Wayne is a writer and wine maker who always acts in a proper nudist manner. The movie’s ultimate outcome is in favor of proper relationships. I highly recommend the movie and believe it will do very well in the theaters, especially because it shows explicit nudity, including full frontal males (myself included).  My son and daughter-in-law attended with us and gave the movie very high marks.”

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12 Responses to “Wanderlust” Movie Opens Friday

  1. Kari B says:

    Thank you for the review. I was on the fence about seeing this movie, and now you have helped me decide to go. 🙂

  2. Bill says:

    At least in the commercial I have seen for the movie they seem to be mocking the one guy’s nudity.

  3. John says:

    I’ll confess I haven’t seen the movie yet but something doesn’t compute between the phrase “It did not present any negative connotations regarding nudists at all” and the description I saw on one review “Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd play a cash-strapped Manhattan couple who opt for the hippie life at a nudist club in Georgia, where free love reigns and bathrooms and bedrooms lack doors”. The trailers do lend credence to the latter description.

  4. Mark Snyder says:

    Thanks for the report. The buzz started that this was a nudist film but now I see that the idea of nudism is just one of aspect of the movie. As I understand it, it’s a free love communal society with one main character who is a nudist. As long as his lifestyle isn’t mocked too harshly then I’m comfortable with it.

  5. Tom Brown says:

    As a committed naturist I will go to see the movie but understand that Hollywood needs to add titillation to the plot to get an audience. I hope that those non-nudist who see the movie can see through the titillation to the liberating experience naturism offers from Madison Avenue advertisers, Hollywood portrayals, and magazine photos of unrealistic “models” of what a wholesome human being’s body is suppose to look like.

  6. Jeff Gerbino says:

    Well I’ve been around the business long enough to know that “winding up on the cutting room floor” is Film Speak for Jennifer didn’t want it in! Cameron Diaz or Christina Applegate would have the integrity to go where the part demanded it to go! Lets not forget Diane Keaton doing a full frontal in Somethings Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson. That to me is the difference between “Comic Actress” and Academy Award Winner!

  7. Mark says:

    Does AANR get a screen credit in the film? Since some scenes were filmed at AANR resorts, with member participation, it seems only right.
    After this report, I’m more optimistic about seeing the film.

  8. Don Martin says:

    I have seen absolutely nothing in print which glorifies the naturist aspect. All of the reviews so far emphasize the ‘free love/hippie style’ lifestyle…which is NOT what AANR promotes. In the trailer (found on there is just the one scene with a nudist…and the rest emphasize the hippie free love way of life. I sure hope that the AANR-affiliated clubs in Georgia haven’t been ‘used’ for this movie. Perhaps the “pro-naturist” clips have also been ‘left on the cutting room floor??

  9. Veronica says:

    HORRIBLE MOVIE! The script was bad, the acting was bad and the stereotype that is being depicted only reflects negatively on the naturist lifestyle. Sorry 🙁

  10. Lisa says:

    Husband and I are nudists and saw an article that was on the internet via GQ. We went to see the movie this afternoon. I have to say, the movie itself was silly and very funny, but I don’t believe that it shows what a true nudist resort is about. It was more of a commune type atmosphere with only one nudist. There was a group of them at the end but was only on screen for 20 seconds at the most, and they were just visitors. It was a a bunch of hippie types living on a “ranch” but it did not really depict any nudist resort that I have ever been to, is like. If you go thinking it will be about a nudist resort, you will be disappointed, but if you want to laugh, you will like it.

  11. Robbie Phillips says:

    Went with wife and another nudist couple. Laughed our asses off. There was no linkage between the nudity and the free love atmosphere. The nudity was either benign or a political statement. Never immoral. The free love aspect of the commune was linked to hippie culture. Similar to the movie, we (Sequoians Clothes Free Club, Castro Valley, CA) will be having another nude wine tasting on 9/29/12 with the winery owners in the buff. No SUV’s careening through the middle of it though! Great movie. Was not about nudist parks but that’s OK. It depicted one character going about his life as anyone else would except he wore no clothes. It depicted people at an afternoon winemakers convention casually sitting around picnic tables talking and sipping wine, where they all were nude. Good mix of body types, no models, no sexual atmoshphere. Demonstartion scene where Aniston take off her top was portrayed as last desparate attempt to get reporter to make the protest a subject for the TV news. And it worked.

  12. Jay Sulkowsky says:

    Casting Aniston at all in a movie such as this was not a good idea. Reminds me of Sex and the City with the “goodie girl” in the main role. The other three did the naked stuff but she never has. Was like a fish out of water. No problem with her values, if want to or not it is fine, I am commenting on the casting of such roles.

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