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Wardrobe Malfunction Fine Gets Review Today

jacksonIt’s hard to believe, but  the case levied by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) against CBS for Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show has been dragging on for six years now. A federal appeals court will re-examine today whether the government can reinstate its fine against the CBS network.

Arguably one of the most discussed moments in TV history, the FCC  levied a $550,000 fine against the network after a piece of Jackson’s costume was pulled away for a mere half  second, showing her exposed breast, as she performed a song with Justin Timberlake.

In 2008, the 3rd U.S. Court of Appeals in Philadelphia ruled that broadcast regulators acted “arbitrarily and capriciously” in issuing the fine. Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court directed the lower court to consider reinstating the fine, following a ruling in a case that said the FCC could threaten a fine even for fleeting profanity.

The appeals court will now rule whether the fine for CBS is permissible.

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One Response to Wardrobe Malfunction Fine Gets Review Today

  1. Gary says:

    Need I remind everyone, the “wardrobe malfunction” was NOT seen live on CBS. It was only THE NEXT MORNING that hell broke loose.
    Regardless of how you feel, shouldn’t we ALL agree the FCC is an anachronistic dinosaur OUT OF TOUCH with the 21st century? Go outside the U.S., to ANY country, and turn on a TV.
    What you’ll see (in many cases) is full-frontal nudity–male AND female–in some cases, in PRIME TIME!! Yet if you want to see something like that in the States, we have to PAY for it.
    Now, doesn’t that seem JUST a tad hypocritical?

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