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11 Ways Nudists Keep Warm on 1-11-11

Today is 1/11/11, a phenomenon that some call a day of awakening and consciousness, particularly this morning when at 11:11 it will be 1/11/11 11:11:11. Today also finds much of the nation under a blanket of snow, forcing schools and businesses to close.

So in the spirit of 1/11/11, as a wake-up call to enjoy nude recreation while spending an extra day at home due to weather conditions, please read our list of the 11 ways nudists keep warm in the winter.

Do try this at home—or at your favorite AANR nudist resort or club.

  1. Follow the European pattern of warming up in a sauna, then go and jump in a snow drift. This absolutely has to be done naked to get the right effect.
  2. Sip hot buttered rum or spiced cider before you go outside to make snow angels.
  3. Visit an AANR club, campground or resort. The temperature is always kept at a level that ensures your comfort while naked.
  4. Use your Jacuzzi or hot tub naked.
  5. Do as nudist snowbirds do and take a Nakation to California, Florida or Texas
  6. Snuggle up with your AANR Skinny-Dip Bear
  7. Enjoy a nudist staycation at home by turning up the heat, building a fire in the fireplace and sipping Mai Tais.
  8. Relive your nudist cruise experiences in front of a roaring fireplace by watching your Nakation videos
  9. Find a private area to snowshoe or cross-country ski naked.
  10. Use your treadmill naked while watching movies set it tropical areas and imagine you are running along a beach in Tahiti
  11. Take a naked Polar Bare Plunge, a winter tradition for many nudists in cold climates
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