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Welcome to the 2016 AANR Voter’s Guide




You are a very important part of AANR.  Your vote will determine the direction that AANR will move in the next two years.  The candidates that you see on your ballot for Officers and Trustees are all volunteers.  The hours that they are willing to donate to AANR are certainly worthy of your vote.  Even when a candidate has no opposition for the position, your vote tells that person that you appreciate what they are doing. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out your ballot.

Each AANR member has the opportunity to vote in all Groups for seven club trustees.  These candidates are selected by clubs of varying sizes, depending upon the number of official AANR basic members they have. Those elected will represent all clubs of that size during their term of office.  They will not represent the region.

On the other hand, the member trustees are elected exclusively by the members of the region in which they retain AANR membership.  You will only see the candidate(s) from your region on your ballot.

The ballot also contains four propositions to amend the AANR Bylaws, a process that is exclusively the privilege of the members.  The Bylaws may not be changed by the Officers, the Trustees or the office staff.  If you would like to read the entire document, it is available in the “Members Log In” area of the AANR Website.

IMPORTANT!  When you vote, whether by mail or by Internet, be sure you are using the correct membership card.  Your card has your name on the first line.  Do NOT use a card with someone else’s name on the first line.

Follow the directions on the Mail-in ballot or on the Internet.  When you are asked for the P#, locate the seven digits that follow the letter P on your membership card.  Insert these seven digits where you are requested to do so.  Using an incorrect number will invalidate your vote, so be sure it is your card and the number is the one AFTER the letter P.

Note:  All votes are tabulated by an independent company unaffiliated with AANR.  They have extensive experience in tabulating both paper and electronic ballots. You can be assured that all votes are confidential.

(Please note: All candidates in each group are listed alphabetically.)

Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Proposed Bylaw Amendments



Beverly B. Price

Vice President

Sharon McLeod


Paul Kuntzmann


Club Trustees

Group 1

No candidate

Group 2

No candidate

Group 3

(Select three candidates)

Lewis M. Dreblow

Ronna Krozy

Kathy Watzel

Group 4

(Select one candidate)

Patty Faber

Robert R. Roche

Brenda Spangler

Group 5

(Select one candidate)

Joan Harris

Group 6 and 7

(Select two candidates)

Karen Lahey

Jim Lane

Theresa “T” Price

Susan Weaver


Member Trustees


Fred Van Nest


No candidate


No candidate


Kathy Smith


David “Slim” Heide


Tim Mullins

AANR-Western Canada

Bob Campbell


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