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What Do You Think…About Nude Celebrities

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8 Responses to What Do You Think…About Nude Celebrities

  1. Ernie says:

    Our “creator” made us nude ….for a reason….. !!! So everybody should just “relax & enjoy it”!!!!

  2. Monte Bowling says:

    Celebrities tend to have a power to help change public opinion. I think as long as their views are in the vane of nudism being natural, and inline with AANR’s philosophy, it is an excellent way to get the word out, and plant that first seed in the general public’s mind, about the proper way to view nudity. People listen to celebrities. Most of us, don’t have the opportunity to speak from such a public platform.

    Over all, I think it is a very good thing for nudism.

  3. Garry Macnab says:

    why not they are humans to just like the rest of us it is about time nudity came out in the open celebrities are helping this happen the more the better

    THANK YOU CELEBRITIES for coming out and showing the rest of the rest of the world there is noting wrong with nudity male & female GARRY

  4. Ron says:

    Although I detest the cult of celebrity that now engulfs our nation, I do think that celebrities command a large audience and as long as they portray their preference for being naked when it is appropriate to do so, I am all for it.

    Teens especially are influenced by the behavior of pop culture icons. So if their “heroes” proclaim that they are comfortable being naked, perhaps young people will give up some of the prudishness that seems to be epidemic among them these days and learn to enjoy being natural.

  5. Mark says:

    I only wish that all celebrities were plugged into the nudist philosophy. Unfortunately, while some have a healthy view of nudity, many just use nudity to get publicity. So it may be a 50-50 situation.

    Many times I think we project our beliefs onto celebrities that we like. So if I’m a person who links nudity with sex and I see a celebrity talk about how fun it is to be nude, then I read into it what I want. It’s difficult to tell what celebrities really think.

    AANR should reach out to celebrities, but I think average people can be much better ambassadors for the nudist experience.

  6. M says:

    Celeb nudity is usually sexual in nature. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that,of course,but being nekkid with your significant other doesn’t do a THING for US,lol. Now and then,though,a celeb will be snapped at a nude beach in a VEDDY pricey place,and that IS good. I certainly do NOT endorse taking pics at a nude beach because it’s a total breach of trust,but it’s a good thing in that it shows the world that if the people they look up to(for whatever reason)are comfortable nude,then maybe THEY can be too! In THAT way,Jennifer Aniston strolling along the shoreline in just a sarong or Lily Allen jumping around in Cannes topfree and having a blast is WONDERFUL,because MOST nude beaches are FREE(or,almost,they might want $10 for parking.)!

    Ironically,it’s NOT the celebs who strip down to their thong for Maxim that justify us,it’s the ones who get filmed or photographed acually enjoying nudity AWAY from the cameras(or,so they thought,lol)that further the cause.I just wish a couple of them would publicly acknowledge their acceptance of nudity.They do what we do,but they DON’T tell the world how SUPERIOR it is,they’re TOO afraid of offending someone. I wnat the celeb that REPRESENTS us,NOT the one who enjoys everything WE enjoy,and cops out!

  7. I think that generally, celebrity nudity has positive affect on naturist attitudes, particularly when it is simple nudity, such as nude sunbathing and skinnydipping. Jacquelynn Kennedy and Princess Diana were good examples.

    However, it can also have very negative affects when celebrities use nudity in a bad way, such as displays of immoral sexuality.

    Nathan Powers

  8. Steve R says:

    I like the idea. Celebrities have always enjoyed more nudity than the average person and people love to hear about their lives. I remember when i was very young seeing a picture of Paul McCartney and family in a womans magazine Harpers Bizare they were on a nude vacation the whole family i was jealous and only 12yrs old.

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