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What Does Skinny-Dipping Mean To You?

Summer is just weeks away, the weather is warmer and nudists everywhere are enjoying time outdoors at their favorite beach, club or public lands location. Skinny-dipping is synonymous with summer, the feel of cool water and fresh air on bare skin and the sense of freedom that accompanies it.  

As we count down the days until the AANR World Record Skinny-Dip on July 10, we want to know–what does skinny-dipping mean to you? What are the best memories that feeling of au naturel liberation brings to mind?

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7 Responses to What Does Skinny-Dipping Mean To You?

  1. Nathan Powers says:

    To me, “Skinny-Dipping” simply means swimming the way the good Lord intended us to swim, without something coming between our bodies and the water and without dragging half of the water from the pool or pond with us when we get out.

    As a homeowner with a spa, skinny-dipping means less maintinance of the equipment and water purity since less detergent and fabric softener residues are introduced.

    I don’t know how (or WHY) I EVER swam with a suit on.

    Nathan Powers

  2. Tom Doyen says:

    Skinney-Dipping means smimming or Hot-Tubbing without anything between you and the water rolling off your bare skin without a suit it feels great.

    In my younger days me and some friends use to go to the river and go skinny dipping it was awesome.
    Tom Doyen

  3. Christopher Judson says:

    If someone pointed a gun to my face and forced me to choose only one situation where I could ever be nude again (other than shower etc.) it would have to be in the water. It is one of the most wonderfull and relaxing feelings in the world. It truly is night and day (no pun intended :)between clothed and un-clothed.

  4. Sharon M. Anderson says:

    Skinny dipping is being a kid again and experiencing air and water naturally. The contrast between cool and warm, wet and dry, encased in cloth or free to have your skin experiancing it all directly is awesome.

    It creates a feeling of relaxation and playfulness. I feel more contemplative when alone, more envigorated when playing in the water with my family.

  5. Robert Perrin says:

    I just came back from my first visit to Avalon in West Virginia. There was the first time I ever went skinny-dipping. Maybe others only get a sense of something more, but the experience was so liberating that it felt nearly spiritual. I can’t wait to be able to do it again!

  6. Dave J says:

    As I understand my Mom’s story, I first fell off the family dock into the lake at age 2 or 3 (She wasn’t sure).
    I went back to the house screaming my head off. When Mom got me settled down the big problem that ~I~ had seemed to be that I got my clothes all wet. After that I was allowed to play on the dock au-natural. Mom stated that after that I “fell” into the water several times a week all summer.

    I suppose that was my first “skinny dipping”

    BTW, I had been enrolled in baby-swim classes by that time as we did live on a lake out in the country and if I was going to be allowed to play outside it would be certain that I’d end up down on the dock sooner or later.

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