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What Type of Content Would You Like To See on

The American Association for Nude Recreation is committed to making the AANR website your go-to source of information about nudism and nude recreation. We will be introducing user-generated content in areas most relevant to our members and friends, including testimonials and life stories about the nudist lifestyle.

Will you help us? Please take our poll and let us know which ideas sound most interesting to you–or give us some ideas of your own. As always, comments and discussions are welcome.

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5 Responses to What Type of Content Would You Like To See on

  1. Mark says:

    AANR needs to relate nudism to the wider world. It also needs to remind nudists of what nudism really stands for. I want to see stories about the history of nudism, why nudism and swinging are incompatible, and what sociologists and psychologists think of nudism.
    The last study I’ve seen on nudism was done in the early 80’s.

    These stories about travel and parties are fine, but they’ve been done to death. Let’s see something new!

  2. Chet Kresiak says:

    I’d like to see personal stories of real nudists with their real names. Make it more about the people and less about the nuts and bolts.

  3. Shirley Gauthier says:

    I would like to see articles about people/families who made the decision to as nudists come out of the closet. The more nudists that share that part of their life the easier it is to promote nude recreation. AANR does much to promote nude recreation in mainstream news. We members can contribute by promoting how much we as individuals enjoy nude recreation by erasing the mystery.

    The argument of risk is an honest one. But out of all our memberships we must have members who can be more vocal about how much they enjoy nude recreation.

    Give it some thought-
    Shirley Gauthier
    AANR-NW member

  4. Jim Shedd says:

    I think Shirley’s comments are right on target. I’m new to the naturist lifestyle, having made the commitment to live as a naturist just this past summer while working in my backyard. I learned I really did enjoy the freedom it allows. Then, I joined Naturist Christians ( November 2 where I found a lot of very stimulating conversation on a wide variety of subjects.

    Additionally, my wife about three weeks ago, in an effort to embarass me I’m sure, told our daughter about me going nude around the house and in the backyard. Surprisingly, our daughter, who’ll be 36 next month, took it all in stride and has even shared some nude time with me when we’re alone. I’m hoping to get her to adopt naturism as a way of life while still in her early adulthood. I’m 61 years old and just recently decided I don’t want to live any other way – wish I’d gotten into it much, much sooner, when my wife and I were much younger and our children small enough to grow up without shame toward their nude bodies. And, I’m hoping to bring my wife along as well, in time. Anyone wanting to read more about my postings at, look for my introduction as “Hi, I’m Jim of Las Vegas” and my postings under {removed by author request}.

    Anyway, thought I’d share with you what else is ut there and what, I believe, can be a real plus for AANR.

  5. Greg Lund says:

    As this is fairly new to me last year when I was on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale I decided to go to Haulover Beach – it was so natural. The rest of my trip I went everyday and when I returned to my condo I was clothes free the entire time. When I started looking at other web sites and blogs they had photos of normal naked people which really helped me come out of the closet with being a nudist. I have the impression that AANR is supporting the idea that you should not look at naked bodies.

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