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What’s On Your Nudist/Naturist Bucket List?

Many people create bucket lists. They are a great way to remind ourselves of all we want to experience and accomplish with our lives.

But have you ever thought about creating a nudist/naturist bucket list specifically for the naturist adventurer in you?

What would you put on your nudist/naturist bucket list?

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2 Responses to What’s On Your Nudist/Naturist Bucket List?

  1. John says:

    1: Nude sunbathing and recreation at a nude beach;
    2: visiting a nudist camp for a whole week;
    3: visiting the nudist city in France;
    4: nude horseback riding;
    5: marrying a nudist young lady and living a nudist life;
    6: raising a nudist family;
    7: nude hiking and canoeing;
    8: nude geocaching
    9: nude cruise;
    10: nude roller skating;
    11: buy a piece of land so the family and I would never have to wear clothes again except on very, very, rare occasions.

  2. M rocktashel says:

    I would like to rent a nice home for a week @ my local nudist camp facility get to know a single older woman who needs a man around to help with the chores of every day living

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