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Where Do You Get Nudist Information?

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15 Responses to Where Do You Get Nudist Information?

  1. Dan Speers says:

    For me I get most news/info from naturist blogs, then from The Naturist Society, and in last place AANR.

  2. tom says:

    Not much to choose from here. How about the Figleaf Forum?

    “Other”, while perhaps necessary to a degree, doesn’t provide any specific input to a poll.

  3. Other sources account for at least 50% of the info that I receive. As much as I love AANR; it dose not seem real smart to act like you are the only creditable voice. We (nudest) would all be better served if all nudest groups where unified in our cause. This pole would be more meaningful if other sources where listed like TNR and its mag. I am a member of 3 nudest organizations. I find them all helpful and informative.
    AANR is not the only nudist on the beach.
    Thank you! Mike

  4. J Walker says:

    We have to give credit to AANR member Bare Necessities for keeping us informed online and by email. Our second choice was the AANR Bulletin.

  5. William Koscielniak says:

    We need to help this guy that was arrested in his home for being nude. The complaining person needs to be charged with peeking.

  6. Rick Romig says:

    I get most of my nudist information from nudist/naturist blogs and news feeds. Then come nudist message boards and social networking sites, followed by NAC advisories and N magazine. Finnally, AANR vehicles.

  7. Don Phillips says:

    Since you have the eyes and ears of a significant portion of the declared nudist population, it makes sense that you have a responsibility for desemination of pertinent data to your audience. There are other publications that additionally serve niche markets and they do a fine job; AANR serves its market, equally well. Does anyone have a final word on the subject of nudity? Perhaps, the individual nudist does the best for him/herself. We can use more input from wherever its source and we, individually, can determine the appropriate use.
    Let us all be thankful that some of this material that we are fortunate to have is also being read by those opposed to our lifestyle and beliefs. Perhaps, during that reading, an attitude change can take place with a positive effect toward our lifestyle. Even if it constitutes simple acceptance of our right to believe as we do.
    We need the positive distribution of the message that we are legitimate and deserve the consideration that we extend to all the diverse attitudes in our respective communities.
    Peace naturally, Don

  8. It is very hard to get info out. there seem to be two groups of nudist. the fenced in clubs. (safe) and the other group that feels nude should be allowed anywhere. To bad we don’t have enough population as nudist to make this work. patience is the answer, talking, and being respectful is the answer.

  9. Mark says:

    I find that most people who post about AANR on a TNS site are simply repeating misinformation and old prejudices. Based on this, I do not believe that most people even want AANR & TNS to work together. Why would TNS want to partner with an organization that they object to so strongly?

    Besides, the way each organization does things is so different that combining them doesn’t seem practical.
    I can imagine the infighting getting much worse and nudism suffering for it.

  10. Mark says:

    Watch out on those chat groups and so-called “nudist” social networking sites. Many of them tolerate or advocate sexual activity as part of nudism. Look at these sites, and the people on them, closely before joining. This is not a judgement against these people’s lifestyle choices. It is an objection to them using the word “nudist” to market their businesses.
    I would like to see AANR (and yes, TNS) do more to raise awareness of this problem.

  11. P Tuttle says:

    I get a lot of my info from .
    Our GAT folks are very active about informing us.

  12. Feel free to use my name. I have been an AANR member since 1988.

    The poll is very slanted and poorly written, in an obvious attempt to favor AANR. The results so far however, tell the truth that the majority of nudists, a resounding 64%, think very little of AANR as their source of nudist information. A large part of the reasons for that are: 1. The AANR is too narrow with the vast majority of it’s “information” being repetive, year after year, and about clubs only, with virtually nothing about the many more thousands of people who enjoy nude recreation at nude beaches, lakes, rivers and hot springs. 2. The AANR claims to represent all nudists when, in fact, it’s severely declining membership represents only a tiny fraction of nudists in North America. 3. The AANR constantly is telling everyone how great it is while constantly proving it isn’t.

    Naturally Nude,
    Bill Pennington

  13. Stuffed Tiger says:

    Most “nudist news” I see posted outside AANR/TNS is either lightweight or opinions on a sensational event about which the opinionated has little information or experience with. I participate in and very much enjoy such posts, they are fun and entertaining, but I try not to fool myself that that is information. That is talking heads being diversionary and as often disinformative as informative.

    For the solid information my family needs to practice nudism outside our home, we trust the websites of the local and national clubs (including beach friends), the weather reports on-line, and the AANR and TNS government, travel and leader reports – real news on real issues, legislation and events with a substantial effort to be accurate and the responsible experience to be helpful.

    It’s amazing to me that the groaners and moaners who don’t get much out of AANR’s information sources can’t see that is because they are doing too much groaning and moaning and too little to move naturism forward, IMHO of course.


  14. NudstRalph says:

    I search the web and then if it’s very good I will post at my website for others to check it out.


  15. Shirley Gauthier says:

    My AANR membership is a true value. No other non-profit that I belong to has the committed and dedicated volunteer base that AANR does. The entire membership combined makes up AANR.

    I am proud to be a member of several AANR affiliated clubs/resorts and proud of the work that AANR members have accomplished in promoting, preserving, and protecting nude recreation on public lands.

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