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Why Your AANR Membership Matters

Nudism At Its Best

By Pat Brown

I joined AANR in 1984.  While it doesn’t seem that many years ago, the world of information as we now know it was considerably different.  The Internet did not exist as we know it now. Darrel and I did not own a computer, and there was little information available on the location of AANR clubs or public lands.  The AANR North American Guide to Nude Recreation was invaluable,  and was the main source of information on clubs.  The Bulletin was our only source of “nudist news” and issues.  AANR provided a community, the certainty that we were not alone in the world but part of a large network of people who enjoyed nude recreation.  The value to our AANR membership was very obvious.

The world has changed. Darrel and I now own three computers. Almost every AANR club has a Web site, and AANR has a Web site that provides all the information one could want or need. There are blogs and chat rooms and a world of people who enjoy, debate, and discuss nude recreation.  Some of the North American Guide information is available online.  And just as certainly, the way I think about my AANR membership has changed as well.

My membership has become more important to me as I have learned that AANR is the association that assures my right to continue to enjoy nude recreation at AANR clubs and public lands.  AANR is truly recognized by the media and legislators alike as the credible voice of reason for nude recreation.  It is also the association with strength of conviction and pride in its principles and standards.  A recent article on the travel blog expressed it perfectly: “If you’re nakationing with your family, be certain that your destination is AANR endorsed; you’ll be able to count on naturism at its best.”

That’s my AANR: Nudism at its best!  And my dues dollars are important to make sure AANR continues to have that strong credible voice.  Yes, my membership and your membership matters.

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