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Women in Naturism Weekend

AANR is currently promoting Women in Naturism Weekend, June 3-4, 2017. This is a global event celebrated around the world to encourage women to try nude recreation. Once you have discovered that natural and life-enhancing experience of nude recreation, you will ask yourself “What took so long?” Go ahead, pencil in some time; invest in yourself by planning a stress-free afternoon, weekend, or longer at a nude resort, nude beach, or naturist retreat near you. It is truly a relaxing and liberating way to take a break from everyday stresses!


Melissa Sigman

Marketing Director, AANR

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One Response to Women in Naturism Weekend

  1. Dave says:

    An idea for a first experience

    Sandlake Summit Far Enough from the Maddening Crowds

    This is the Women in Naturism Weekend and if going to a clothing optional resort or beach is not appealing for your first experience consider Sandlake Summit. Judging from the parking lot at the Cape Lookout trailhead hiking is very popular and this may be the activity you want to try first, feeling the sun and wind while your muscles work without the hinderance of clothing. You will be rewarded with views of the Sandlake Estuary and Pacific Ocean and in so much as possible a private setting on a dead end road behind a locked gate.

    Start from the yellow locked gate that heads into the forest on private timberland, that thankfully allows hiking. The gate is aptly at the “summit” of the Sandlake Road at 45 degrees 19’ 21.4” N, 123 degrees 53’ 33.7” W. In other words about ½ the way from its turnoff on Highway 101 and its junction with Cape Lookout Road. This road is on the north side of the Sandlake Road. Continue through the gate and after 300’ the paved road is no longer visible and you go clothless/ skyclad. Hiking boots or shoes are recommended as it is a gravel road. Stay on the more graveled surface and in about a mile the road splits, one going more or less straight and the other turning uphill. The view of the Sandlake Estuary is about the same at the junction as it will be walking uphill to the summit, but by this time you may not want to stop and will walk right on up.

    This hike is in Tillamook County, home of the naturist coast.

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