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Would You Take A Naked Vacation? has put a poll on their website along with a lengthy article about nude travel. The poll asks “Would you want to go on  naked vacation?”

AANR is encouring everyone to take the poll and let everyone know how we feel about the top new travel trend: Nakations.

Click here to take the poll and view results.

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5 Responses to Would You Take A Naked Vacation?

  1. JESUS RUIZ says:

    ITS AWSOME !!!!!! I want to go

  2. Of course! The only thing bad about a nude vacation, be it a weekend or a week, is leaving the venue or coming home!

    Learn more about our way of life at ALL NUDIST, always your source for good, honest information about the nudist/naturist lifestyle!

  3. Michael says:

    Yes of course I would take one in a heartbeat. I sort of took one last summer at Kaniksu ranch over by Spokane Washington. I spent a 3 day weekend there and participated in the annual barebuns fun run and it was a very wonderful weekend. I would love to go on a clothes optional cruise. In Fact I am trying to figure out how I can financially afford to go on one in Oct 2011. It was a weekend of total freedom from clothes.I will go again next summer. I am even considering moving closer to a nudist resort.

  4. William Standing says:

    My wife and I have enjoyed several nude vacations. We have not joined any active nudist groups. Our best vacation was off-shore where we, literally, spent days on end without thinking about putting on clothing. It’s such a free expression of total relaxation without fear of being “naughty.” As an elderly friend of ours once said… “I just do not like the feel of a wet swimsuit on my body.”

  5. salvador says:

    yes l would love it! In a hardbeat ,love the sand beach sun and the people and nude the better will see me soon .

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