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Your Chance To Make A Difference

By Rene Niquette, AANR Nominations Chair

This coming year there will be plenty of opportunity for you to step up and show your support for AANR in a whole new way. Take the initiative and make a difference in your life and the future of nude recreation. AANR is a democracy, run by members like you, who donate their personal time and expertise in areas that benefit us all. How exciting it would be to have you run for office!

This year we are seeking qualified candidates for AANR President, AANR Vice President, AANR Secretary/Treasurer, seven Club Trustees, and seven Member Trustees. What does this mean for you? This means instead of sitting on the sidelines and saying “I wish things could be this way” or “Wow, I would have done it this way,” you could actually take part in something that is bigger than you. Now is the time to take action. March 15, 2012, is the deadline to turn in your nominations with the proper endorsements that are required.

What does this entail? A solid commitment to AANR is a great start. Your continued voting membership in AANR at the minimum of two years is the first qualification. If you are thinking of running for the illustrious spot of AANR President and/or Vice President, then you must also have the minimum experience of two years as an elected Association official, or elected regional official or member of the board of trustees or a member of a regional board.

The Secretary/Treasurer is required to be a committed AANR member with the minimum of two years consecutive membership.

To be put onto the ballot, if you are going to run for AANR President, Vice President or Secretary/Treasurer you will need no less than three club endorsements and also no less than 10 endorsements from AANR members in good standing.

As AANR represents both members and clubs equally, the AANR Board of Trustees is evenly divided with seven Trustees representing clubs and seven Trustees representing the members of the seven regions.

If you are an owner, manager, officer, board designee or paid employee of your club or a spouse of one who holds such a position in your club or cooperative, you can run for one of the Club Trustee positions.  The nomination process required for this position requires no less than three endorsements from officers of other clubs to be put on the ballot for election.

To be a Member Trustee, you must be a member of good standing in the region that you are planning to represent. You cannot be an owner, manager, officer, or paid employee of any chartered club nor a spouse of one who holds such a position.  The Member Trustee nomination process requires no less than 10 endorsements from other AANR members in good standing.

All positions are for two year terms with a limit of three consecutive terms held.

In the years that I have been a member of the AANR-Florida Board, I have gained an immense respect for the members of the AANR team that work tirelessly for you, our AANR members. You are the reason that AANR is still here after years of hard work and dedication from members just like you, who stepped up and said “Yes, I can make a difference.”

For more information on our election process and positions that are open, log in to the Members section of for the required forms and qualifications for each office.  Or, you may call or email Linda Berry at 800-879-6833, ext. 235 or email

Stay tuned for more information. The sooner you get yourself on the ballot for election, the sooner you can start promoting yourself by creating a candidate profile that will be shared with all our voting members.

Good luck, and thank you for considering this challenging role to help support and promote the credible voice of reason for nude recreation, the American Association for Nude Recreation.

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3 Responses to Your Chance To Make A Difference

  1. Ann M. Bishop says:

    I am very much interested in running for a position with the AANR-Florida Board. I have felt a need to get more involved with AANR.

  2. Brian Clark says:

    Being a nudist and A.A.N.R. member for many years I have come to know the beautiful feeling of FREEDOM living the nudist lifestyle. Sharing that great feeling with others who enjoy the nudist lifestyle. Living in the BAHAMAS I have met so many great people from all walks of life, from EUROPE, U.S.A. and CANADA who I have met on vacation here. They have become lifelong friends. I urge others to give nudism a try. You may find you enjoy it.

  3. Brian Clark says:

    I am so glad I took the plunge yrs. ago to give NUDISM a try. Since then I have never looked back and have many NUDISTS friends. Over the yrs. since I have many friends in the NUDIST world. I could not imagine my life without the BEAUTY of NUDISM. NUDISM has become a major part of my life now. NUDISM gives one a feeling of total freedom without clothes, esp. SOCIAL NUDISM. [ NOW I MYSELF…… WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO GIVE IT A TRY ] NUDISM may not be for everyone……. BUT IT IS FOR ME.

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