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Your First Nudist Experience

Today on Facebook we posed the question “What has been your best nudist experience?” As of this writing, there have been over 30 comments on the AANR Facebook page. Reading about how people experience life similarly to us is fascinating for most people. The Facebook responses are interesting and varied, and the majority of comments center on the place where that best nudist experience took place.

As nudists, we know that feeling we get from nude recreation goes deeper than location. Like a first kiss, every nudist remembers that first nudist experience, who shared the experience with them, and how they felt afterward. For just about every everyone, that first experience was a defining moment when they knew there was no turning back. Maybe there was a feeling of nervousness at first. Perhaps you knew even before you took your clothes off that this was something you were meant to try. That liberating feeling of the wind and the sun on your bare skin was enough to make you never want to look back.

For me, it was the friendliness of the people at the resort I visited. I was exercising my option to stay clothed and I noticed people were not as friendly as I thought they would be. On the other hand, my then-husband took off his clothes immediately and people were much friendlier and talkative with him.  So I just went for it. In no time, I was having one of the best times I had ever had. The long term effect is that I felt more accepting of my body after that experience and had a different appreciation of nature as well.

What are the reasons you remained a nudist after that first experience and would never even consider giving up the nudist lifestyle?

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  1. Dave Smith says:

    A couple was talking today about their first social nude experience at Kaniksu Ranch in the 90’s. She said, “I felt high for a couple of weeks from the experiences and couldn’t wait to return.”

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