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First-Time Nudist Experience

First day is coming!

Nearby Sun Ridge has just announced their opening day for the season, and I couldn't be more excited. This will be my first experience going to a nudist resort ever. I've been to a few nude beaches in the past and loved the experience, but with nude beaches being few and far between around here, I figured that nude recreation was all behind me. Surprise to find a nudist resort just a half mile away from home, and what's even better is that my wife is all for a nude adventure. I'll be stopping by on opening day to check the place out and to pick up some type of way to package a couple of day passes for the Mrs. And me to celebrate our upcoming anniversary. Maybe I'll wrap up the passes, a brochure, and some sunscreen. Maybe a towel and a colorful pareo, what else would we need? My biggest challenge will be to keep it secret. I'll be generously applying the sunscreen on that opening day reconnaissance trip as to not develop any kind of give away non-tan lines. I might be the only guy at a nudist resort trying to keep a pale tail tan line.

Can't wait to be nude again!


I grew up in the 60's and 70's in West Houston in a very nice neighborhood. I was pretty young and did not understand all of the politics of the time. But I did know that times were changing quickly and I watched the events unfolding with student protests over Vietnam and the wonder of the music festival at Woodstock.

Soon the phenomenon of streaking was becoming common and I wanted to be a part of that. But I was still a little apprehensive so I did it late at night. I took off all my clothes and snuck out my window. It was pretty excillarating to be naked and free of my clothing! I ran close to the houses and trees so a wandering patrol car would not spot me. Then I returned home and the safety of our house.

I was pretty pleased with myself and two nights later I became bolder. I ran about a mile without any clothes on to the neighborhood swimming club near Memorial Drive. I climbed over the fence and slid into the water. I swam a few laps and it felt very wonderful. After that night I never looked at the Wilchester. Swim Club the same way again!

Korean Sauna

I've always heard of this great sauna near me. Well one day group of friends said hey let's try it. We weren't aware most of our sauna stay we were going to be nude. The section where men were we wore the outfit supplied. That was my first time being nude in public and it was amazing I layed in the dry sauna naked. The different pools and the body scrub was great. Now my friends and I are more comfortable being naked together. One of my friends host game night on Fridays clothing optional. Now if I can build the courage to tell my family how I enjoy nudity.

A bit Breezy

I remember it like it was yesterday because it was. My dog Bo woke me earlier than normal demanding to go for a walk outside. I have always wanted to try a walk in the buff and decided Why Not? It was just breaking light and I live on the river so without hesitation I grabbed Bo, his leash and nothing else. I already sleep in the nude therefore it only took seconds to decide this is it, paying no attention to temperature outside. In Alabama, mornings can be iffy as to the weather conditions this time of year. It was an eye awaking experience to say the least. The temperature was 41 degrees and about a 15 mph wind. The first feeling was like biting into a York Peppermint Patty. It was like instant chill but the freedom of being nude warmed my soul. Needless to say I did wear chill bumps and a smile. I do look forward to trying other nude recreational events soon. I am hoping I can talk my girlfriend into trying the nude experience for herself and our future.

Took me long enough . . .

Experienced a new thing well into my 5th decade . . . I've always enjoyed being nude - sleeping naked, walking around the house when no one is around, etc. But I'd never really been naked in a public place (temporarily shedding clothes for an impromptu skinny dip doesn't really count, I think). For a number of years we've spent New Years at a location that has a beach that is locally known as clothing optional. Two years ago I went there early in the morning on New Year's Day and found myself alone. I kept my suit on when I went into the water, but decided to take it off as there was no one around. I kept a good hold on it and put it back on before I exited the water (still no one around). This year, I did the same thing on New Year's eve. There was one other person there. The next morning I went early to the beach with the idea that I might take the step to leave my suit on the beach before walking to the water. I figured I would put it back on as soon as I got out. When I got there, I was not alone. There was one man who had camped on the beach, and a couple with their child - everyone was nude. Well, OK then, here was my chance. I gave everyone their space, put out my towel, and took everything off. It felt great & natural! I spent the next hour and a half swimming & relaxing. Probably a dozen or so people showed up during that time, all wearing bathing suits. I didn't even give it a thought to put mine on. It just felt wonderful. The next morning, my wife and I returned to the beach early again. While she stayed in her suit, I spent the next few hours wearing only my wedding ring. There was another couple who stripped down to swim but put their suits on when they were on the beach (sounds like me a year earlier!). Other than that, I was the only nude person on the beach! I know that I'll pick & choose my spots - the nude beaches in Hawaii are "unofficial" as State law generally prohibits it, and because I want to be mindful of those who I am with and those who are around. But the sensation & feeling of freedom that I enjoyed is something that I want to experience time and time again.