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First-Time Nudist Experience

Since Childhood

I think I may have been a nudist pretty much all of my life, though I did not come from a nudist family. Early in life, as young as six, I remember taking off my clothes anytime I got the chance, but always alone. My father was Air Force, so we moved around quite a bit. Tennessee, Arkansas, California, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and I always found places I could go outdoors, be alone, and be naked, but never really understood how I felt about being naked until a summer in Arkansas.

About a mile from our home there was a small pond where my brother, sister, and I would frequently go fishing. We took an old picnic table top to the pond once, nailed a couple of small logs to it, and created a sort of outrigger boat. It was fun. When I was about 13, I was at the pond by myself one day and decided to row around for a little while. I didn't want my brother to know I had been at the pond (my parents were at work), and since the "boat" floated very low in the water, getting you pretty wet, I decided to take my clothes off to get on the boat. That was the most liberating feeling I had ever had. The sun was very hot on my skin, but the water coming through the boards of the picnic table seemed to keep me very cool. I spent about 2 hours there, rowing around that little pond.

From then on, into my 20's, no matter where we moved, I found places outdoors where I could disrobe and enjoy being in my own skin. Sometimes I would just lay in a field, sometimes take a walk through the woods, but feeling the wind and sun on my entire body.

I met my wife in 1990 and we were married in 1991. It has been 25 years of happiness that I would not give up for a minute. Throughout our life together, we have enjoyed nudity together. We frequently camped on company property in the woods, went to hotels in other towns and spent weekends nude in the room, but always just the two of us. We now own a lake house at a reservoir near our home, and when we are there, just the two of us, we are almost always in the buff, mostly sitting on the deck playing cards. I even hung a light over the kitchen sink last week in the buff, even though the window over the sink faces the dirt road that is frequented by folks out for a walk. A couple months ago I told her that I thought I could go to a nudist resort. She surprised me a little with her reply of "We could go to a clothing optional resort and you can go naked, but I don't think I want to."

We have not yet had the opportunity to go to a resort, but we still spend a lot of our time in our natural state. I hope to get to one soon, though, as being naked is what I like best, and I would like to spend some time with other like-minded people.

Did It!

Well I finally did it yesterday! I had thought about it a lot but never really had the courage to be nude in a social environment. I have been what you call a closet nudist for a while but I rarely can get my wife to join me. But I have become comfortable hanging around the house nude more often and lately I have been nude for the an entire day on the weekend. We have a semi-private back yard and lately I have been fairly bold and hang out in the yard. So after my latest weekend adventure, I thought I need to try nudism in a social setting. So yesterday was the day. I had a business breakfast to attend and I will admit I was quite nervous and could not really eat without upsetting my stomach but afterwards I headed to the nearest nude resort in our area and was still nervous on the drive. I got to the gate and had to wait to be let in as a guest and it took quite some time for the man to let me in but I was still a bit nervous sitting there. Well I paid the fee, filled out the paperwork and he told me where to park for the day. The only disappointing thing is that he told me that I could not wander the woods as he said he had campers and did not want to have me disturb their privacy, so I had to stick to paved roads in the resort to walk around. I had read that a walk was the best way to become acquainted to the style but oh well. So I drove to the pool and got out of the car and immediately stripped down to my nudeness! It felt so very natural and the nerves were settled down and I felt great. I went immediately to the pool area and found that no one else was there! What a disappointment. I will admit the season is about done here but no one! Well I set up my towel and decided to try out the pool, it was cool but felt so very good on the skin. Eventually a few people did show up and I remained quite calm and there were no nerves, I was jumping in and out of the pool quite naturally. Some one did talk to me and asked me why I decided to do it. I guess I would say, why not. No one had ever seen me naked (that I know of) other than my wife and now I can say at least 7 other people have and it was not a big deal. I can hardly wait for next summer to give it a try again. I loved the experience!

The First Peel

My first club experience took place at Rock Lodge Club in northern New Jersey. It was a 90 minute drive from home near Sandy Hook, NJ. I was more than a bit curious how it would go and what my reaction would be. After all, I am a bit past it physically but game for just about anything once. I had signed up for mail and had just received a 'welcome weekend' message. I made plans to varoom north and scratch the curiosity itch that Saturday.

I arrived at the gate and did the intro. A few minutes later the gate was shoved open by my host on the email. He told me where to park and to head back to the office. Within about ten minutes I was back along with 3-4 other new guests. I began to relax. This was going to be relaxing. It would be fun in a quiet sort of way. The hostess gave us the quick tour of the facilities and the minimal rules.

I went to my wheels and peeled down to takkies and a ball cap. I strolled and made quiet greetings. The site has a lake with a .34 mile path around the edge. I went to do that and met other folks dressed much the same. Everyone was friendly. Being polite when there is absolutely nothing to hide took away all pretense.

After one trip around the lake I found one of the paths that went up the hill. It was a bit of a jolt to realize I was doing a hike in the woods essentially in my birthday suit. I soon forgot what I was wearing and concentrated on looking for the blazes.

I felt FREEDOM engulf me. I probably walked a mile up and down and sideways. The site contains 145 acres with much of it in woods.

Upon return to the main beach I settled in with a book and simply relaxed. Various members stopped by and chatted. All shapes, ages, and sizes.

As I became more comfortable I took more careful note of who was there. The usual mix I suppose. There were a few families with younger children. The very young were naked. The older kids tended to be wearing swimsuits. Most adults were nude. All were behaving themselves.

Lunch came and went. I munched through my brown-bag.

Later that afternoon I started walking around the lake in earnest. During one of the laps I noticed a young mom stopped up ahead. She had two young children in tow and for some reason they had halted. When I came up to them I saw the concern. There was a snake near the path. It was benign. I helped her get the kids moving. The incongruity of the event didn't register until later. There had been no embarrassment at all. FREEDOM.

So how was it? It was GREAT. I've been back once and will go once or twice more before the weather chills down, the winds howl, and the snow flies.

I also attend Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook in Gateway N.R.A. It is a much shorter trip. I enjoyed both. They are very different. One secluded. One wide open in the public view. Both exude FREEDOM.


My first experience with social nudity was in high school in Detroit during the 1960s. The boys' swim class had every boy in the nude. I enjoyed swimming with no bathing suit then and still do now. Swimming in the nude during high school planted a seed.
During my time in the Army, I experienced nudism in an oversea location. I could not pursue it, because of being deployed in a combat zone.
Most of the time during my ages of 20 through 50, I wasn't aware of any organizations in the area in Michigan where I lived. I did not know anyone at the time that participated in social nudism. I still practiced nudism at home when I could. It wasn't until around 2011, when I googled nudism, that I discovered that I could participate in nudist organizations. My first visit was in 2011 to "Whispering Oaks Nudist Resort" Oxford, MI. Whispering Oaks is a beautiful facility with friendly people. I was very pleased that there were other people there that were nude, and were very welcoming. I was happy to find a place where I could begin participating with other people and take all my clothes off. I am sorry that I could not pursue going to Whispering Oaks more often, but I had a job loss and had to relocate outside the State of Michigan.
I now live in the area of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. To my dismay, and at the present time, there are still no land based nudist organizations in the entire State of Kentucky. I looked on the internet at adjacent states to Kentucky for nudist organizations and found "Rock Haven Lodge Family Nudist Park" in Murfreesboro, TN. I did call ahead for my first visit back in the spring of 2013. I remember arriving at the resort, and finally being able to completely take all my clothes off and be completely nude. I was very pleased and proud to be accepted by the people at Rock Haven and have been a member since 2013. I appreciate that Rock Haven is not a clothing optional resort. Everyone is expected to be nude, with allowances made only for cold weather or sun burn. Rock Haven activities include basketball, cabin rentals, camping, children's playground, dancing, darts, game room, hot tub, model car racing, nature trail, pétanque, shuffleboard, pool and volleyball.
My time at "Rock Haven Lodge Family Nudist Park" means so much to me personally. I appreciate the set-up, organization, management, members and visitors at Rock Haven. I am willing to commute 150 miles one way from Munfordville, Kentucky to Murfreesboro, Tennessee where Rock Haven is located. I go to Rock Haven most Saturdays in the spring, summer and fall. I would recommend Rock Haven whether a first time visitor or a seasoned nudist. I look forward to the times when I can practice social nudity. My only regret is that I didn't start social nudism at a younger age.

Waited Too Long

I've actually been a nudist all my life but nobody knew until one year ago. I like most started going nude when I was very young. I had a creek and woods nearby my house and at the age of around 8 I would find a good spot away from houses and strip down and just wander through the woods. When I turned 12 I was allowed to babysit my younger brothers and sister every Saturday night when my parents would go out to a nightclub. I would make them go to bed early to give me more time to be nude around the house. As I got older I would find every opportunity I could to be in the nude. I eventually got married to a great girl. I had always slept in the nude since I was very young, and she was ok with this and even started to do it herself, but unlike me she would dress as soon as she got up. I would wander around nude for a while and then eventually would get dressed because I thought she was feeling uncomfortable with me that way. Well last year (30 years later) I decided to come out of this closet and take a chance. It was a rainy Saturday and I was doing my morning wandering when I mentioned to her I would love to stay nude all day. Without even a flinch she said "sure, why not." I was shocked. This was great. With that I told her my feelings on nudity and how much it meant to me, and her remark was that I should have said something sooner. She's not comfortable being nude all the time but understands that some people are and that's ok. I immediately joined AANR to find a nearby resort and to support this cause. It turns out that a year ago I had surgery on my back to repair damaged nerves but didn't help and ended up taking an early retirement on disability. You guessed it; I'm nude everyday 24/7 when I can. I haven't had a chance to get to a resort yet, but I did have my first experience with a social meeting of nudist. I try to bring up the nudist topic when I think it's appropriate just to feel people out. Well it payed off. I mentioned it in conversation with my neighbor who said, "oh yea my brother and his wife are into that." I asked her to mention me to them when she got a chance and two days later he called me and asked if I would like to try a BBQ they were having. Ok, here I go. It was great. I was told to ring the doorbell a certain way, like a code, so he would know if this was a guest or someone else. When he answered the door he was nude except for holding a towel in front of himself. We introduced and he told me if I was ready for my first experience that I could undress right there in the living room and store my stuff in the closet. I did and walked straight outside. There were to my surprise 23 people there, but to tell you the truth, I felt very comfortable right away. Now I'm hooked. They invite me over a lot, usually just for dinner or a snack in the back yard. I still can't get my wife to come along but she's ok with it. I can't wait to get to a resort but in the meantime I'm thankful for the chances I'm getting and the support