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First-Time Nudist Experience

Why Did We Wait So Long?

Our first experience with social nudity occurred during the Skinny-Dip this year. My soon to be wife and I read about it in the AANR Bulletin. We talked about it for several days and finally decided to go. She was really a little afraid of getting naked in public. She had all the fears that are discussed on all the parks' websites.

When we arrived at Whispering Pines, we were greeted by several naked people at the gate. They seemed so at ease standing there and welcoming us to the park. They smiled and gave directions to the parking area. So off we went into the world of social nudism. We drove past a lot of people that were naked as well. All of them smiled and waved like they knew you.

After we parked and got out of the car, I started to take my clothes off. She looked at my like I was crazy. "Are you getting naked right now?"

"I sure am; everyone else is so we should be too." She started to take off her clothes as a woman pulled into the spot next to us. Robin stopped and just stood there as the woman got out of her car and stripped, and grabbed her towel and cooled and gave a very nice hello to us. I think this removed all hesitation from Robin. She removed the rest and we walked to the pool area.

That was the start of a new lifestyle for us. We have been back there and to The Bar-S-Ranch.
We have met some of the friendliest people at both places. Now we are getting ready to join one as members.

All I can say is why did I wait so long to do this? It is the best form of outdoor recreation. Sun and air on the bare skin is wonderful to let life's frustrations go away. Hate to have to pack up and go home. But like I said we will be back as often as possible.

The 15 minute Challenge

We had just purchased our first RV and were looking for someplace close to try out the new RV. A Web search of nearby RV resorts located very few places to go that were reasonably close. I found Lilly Valley in Fort Erie, Canada and thought it looked interesting.
When my wife came home and asked if I found someplace I told her there were a few that were more than 100 miles away, but there was a "nuddie" resort just across the Peace Bridge.

I was astounded when her only reply was "OK."
I called and made reservations and we were on the way. About 45 minutes later we were there. Lilly Valley has a small gate and several nude males met me there and helped direct me on which way to turn to get in. By the time I got through the gate there were six nude men with enough metal to build their own battleship. Lilly Valley regulars were at that time into piercings.

As I started to get out of the truck to set up my wife said, "What if I can't do this?" My reply was it takes 15 minutes to set up, and another 15 minutes to take it down. If you don't like it we will leave. That seemed reasonable to her so we unhooked the RV. Inside 15 minutes we had met a Postal Worker and his wife, a family with two kids, the owner, and several other people. No one paid any attention to any parts except for the parts of the RV.

We have been nudists since then. We also felt the need for AANR so much we became Premier members and then Life members. Now all of our trips are built around going from one nudist resort to another.

First Nudist Vacation

I booked our wedding to coincide with my birthday and did not tell my future wife that I had booked our room in Jamaica to be on the Nudist side of the resort. To say she was shocked was an understatement.I was unpacking when I heard her scream and I went to investigate and found her on the balcony laughing about some guy who she said was walking around with no clothes on. I said what do you expect, we are on the nude side of the hotel?

After about 3 hrs of looking and laughing she came to terms and from then on we became nudists and have remained so ever since, and by the way we did get married with clothes on.

Cradle to Grave

My first experience may be a bit different as compared to some other folks. My parents were nudist. I suspect, given the time frame, I was about two years old when I had my first memory of going to a "nudist camp." It was somewhere in the Bay Area in California. My next memory comes from sometime after we moved to Ohio (about 1954). We then moved to Louisiana where there we no resorts or camps within a reasonable driving distance from our home. We did vacation at a couple of places in Florida and Texas from about 1956 to 1964. My parents rarely bothered to get dressed around the house and my mother spent a least a couple of hours a day, during good weather, sun bathing in our very large backyard. I have been married a bit more often that I would have liked, but all of my wives have become nudist or at least participated in my nudist activities. I am an academic and one of my research areas has involved research on the effects of a nudist life style on children (positive outcomes), and legal issues relative to use of public areas by nudist (testified in various legal actions).
I think that one of the most positive outcomes of my life long experience as a naturist is that I am very comfortable with all sorts and kinds of people. I have learned for the most part to simply take folks as they come and they do come in all shapes and sizes.
So . . . my first experience was atypical, but now 60 years later I am still at it.

Pure bliss...

Like most people exploring nudism, I was driven by an unshakeable curiosity: What would it feel like to be naked outdoors and in the company of others? Would my nudity be uncomfortable or would it feel...well, natural? And the biggest question of all: could I really bring myself to shed my clothes and my inhibitions?

All nudists have faced that "moment of truth" when they can either get naked or remain cloaked in regret. If you are at a nudist resort, and everyone around you is naked, wearing clothes actually makes you feel out of place, so perhaps it is a bit easier to "take the plunge." For me, my moment of truth came at a clothing optional resort, where I had scheduled a 9-day vacation. Because it was clothing optional, I didn't actually have to be nude to fit in. I was hedging my bets, I guess.

When I arrived, I passed by the pool where a half dozen people lounged, some nude, others in swimsuits. After quickly unpacking, I headed back to the pool. I wore swim trunks.

As I finished spreading my towel on the lounger, the nude people on the opposite side of the pool left, leaving me and two other men, all wearing trunks. I was off the hook. I didn't have to get naked. It would be perfectly acceptable for me to catch some rays without getting an all-over tan. And yet, I was struck by the notion that my moment of truth was at hand; even though I had nine sunny days before me, I knew that it was now or never. In that instant, I flashed forward to the final day and imagined that I had spent the entire vacation clothed. I imagined a moment on that final day when I might be alone at the pool and finally find the nerve to slip out of my trunks and experience the freedom that so many others had enjoyed all week long. I figured that if I was lucky, after more than eight days of opting to remain clothed, I might not even like being nude...with the warm pool water and brilliant rays of the sun hugging my entire body. Oh, who was I kidding? I knew it would be wonderful.

So I got naked. And no one stared. No one laughed. No one pointed and whispered. The two other men poolside merely nodded hello, and the water rippled and the palm trees rustled and the sun warmed me. All over.

Sure, my heart raced for a while. I thought, "I can't believe I'm doing this!" But it wasn't long before my interior monologue changed to: "I can't believe it took me 42 years to do this!" I actually found myself feeling sorry for the two men in trunks, and the handful of others who would spend the coming days still clothed.

During that vacation I also went to a sunning pier where nudity was permitted. Again, some wore swimsuits, others bared all. Not every naked body was perfect. In fact, none were. But I was learning that nudism isn't about how you look, it's about how you feel. I also went on a nude sailing and snorkeling adventure. Pure bliss.

My moment of truth was liberating. The moments since - shared with others who have also discovered the joys of nudism - have been nothing short of wonderful. Isn't it time you set yourself free?