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First-Time Nudist Experience

Waited Too Long

My entire adult life thus far has been subjected to rules designed to prevent embarrassment to the "company." I've had to play by everyone else's rules. Well for the first time I decided to take my first step of "freedom" and took a trip to Haulover Beach. WOW! What a sense relief! To be there, with all those beautiful people who had no care what others thought of them...and there I was with them. How wonderful it was to feel the sun on my entire body. Swimming in the ocean without the confinement of a swimsuit. So enjoyable. I can't wait for my next visit. Unfortunately, here in Miami there aren't any clothing optional communities, so I'm planning a vacation to one in Central Florida. I can't wait. I'm so thrilled with my new found life.

First time at nudist camp!

I was told about nude camp. Was interested! Did not go the first year but the next I did go. What a freeing experience! I joined AANR the very next week and this year became an Associate member! I enjoy it so much that I do proudly say I am a nudist!


The chance of visiting a nudist club fell into my lap unexpectedly. In those days I was dating my wife Claudia, but we had not taken a step forward. We were just building up the friendship in those days.Then out of a blue I was having tea at her place, when her mother entered. Soon we got acquainted, then her mother mother asked me if I would like to join her and Claudia over the weekend at a nude resort. I found myself saying YES.All she advised me was to feel friendly with everyone.

The next Saturday morning we were on our way. When we reached there, all I can say it was a nude forest, but very well maintained.

Soon they both got there, clothes off as if it was normal routine. I too had to take off. I was shy a bit, but to my amazement no one bothered to look at me. Claudia's mother, seeing me hesitating a bit, offered to show me the resort. I was surprised to see naked girls/ women playing volleyball, other sports and swimming with naked men. Not only this but men taking photographs of their family members in nude. This made me feel comfortable.

All I can say is it was a best weekend I ever had. I felt healthy, and noticed that I had developed more confidence. Now My wife and I are regular members of that resort. We have made many friends there. I advise to all people around the world take a break and give your life a chance to change.

Best car ride ever

I consider my first time experience to be when my(then future) wife and I were taking a road trip to Canada. It was in 1989 and we were driving up Interstate 81 through New York. It was a beautiful day. My wife was driving the car and we had the windows down. We were both just enjoying the ride and the beautiful landscape that was passing by and I started to get the feeling that I was wearing too much clothing so I kicked off my shoes and got out of my shirt.

We drove along for a little while longer and I started slipping my pants off. My wife looked at me and asked, "what are you doing?" I told her I was getting comfortable. Not long after that I slipped out of my undies, and was cruising up Interstate 81 naked as a Jay bird.

It was great! My wife thought I was crazy. I think she still does but she has stuck with me for almost 20 years.

Now I realize that was not a group nudist experience but it was the first time I declared myself a person who likes to be naked. I do have to also add that that car ride was the best memory I have of that trip.

Woman All Alone

I had a boss who always talked about his nude experiences so I decided to go to a nudist resort in northern Indiana with him and his girlfriend. At the last moment they had to change their plans and couldn't go, so being the brave girl that I am, I decided to go alone.

I called ahead to be sure I could get in; being a single woman was no problem for the owners. I knew what to do once I got there so I got out of my clothes and went to the pool.

Immediately people introduced themselves and they started to introduce me to people they knew were from my home town. Little did I know that a dear friend of mine and his wife were members there(and still are). That was a bit awkward for me for about one minute then I realized we were all nude and suddenly I felt right at home.

My new friends also introduced me to another couple from a nearby town and we all became the best friends for the last 27 years. I have been to other clubs and the same thing happened, I immediately meet the friendliest people and have formed lifelong friendships that I am very grateful for! Some of my nudist friends have even tested to see if they could be a live donor and give me a new kidney.( I have been in kidney failure for the past few months). Now that is true friendship!

I am so grateful for my nudist family and can't wait for summer!