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The World of Nude Recreation As Told By You

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First-Time Nudist Experience

Secretly a Nudist

I'm 21 years old. I have always loved being a naked. However, I'm a Catholic and I'm not sure if nudism is the right lifestyle. I believe in modesty and chastity, but I don't know if nudism is compatible with that in any way. I have a big family, and I still live with them, so getting naked has always been risky because I don't want them to find out.

I sometimes sneak out at night and take off my clothes and walk around and even climb trees naked. I enjoy it a lot. Right now I'm sitting naked in full daylight as I write this, and hopefully nobody will find me. I've never experienced social nudism, but maybe someday I'll find a nudist beach or club when I move out and am on my own.

Happy Nudists

My wife and I are naked around home all the time but to go out to a camp was another thing altogether. When we first got to camp we were shown the grounds and told where we could park and there was no pressure on us to disrobe, but after we parked we got out to undress and I looked and Diana was out of her cloths in a New York minute.

We had such a good time that the weekend just seemed to fly by. We are now nudists anytime we can be for the rest of our lives.

First-Time Nudist Experience

I had always enjoyed being nude from my teen-age years. At night, I would skinny-dip in our backyard pool. I also enjoyed being nude outside in the yard at night.

My mother was aware of this, and was comfortable. I still enjoy being nude as much as possible around the house, and on my back deck. My next door neighbors are aware of this, and don't seem to mind.

I first got the courage to go to a nude resort about 5 years ago. I drove there with a lot of trepidation, having never been nude in a social setting. When I got there, my host gave me a tour of the resort, and introduced me to several people. She did not pressure me to be nude immediately.

After the tour, I asked what I should do next, and she suggested that I start by removing my clothes and take a walk on a nature trail, where I could get comfortable being nude without immediately being nude in a large group of people. I did as suggested, and later joined the crowd at the swimming pool.

The freedom of being nude in natural surroundings with other people with the same attitude is wonderful. Today, I try to go to a nudist resort as often as possible, but I don't get there enough.

I find that after a week of stress, a day nude with other nudists is so relaxing. I go home more relaxed than I would be if I had gone to a textile resort.

Facing a Fear

I have always wanted to go nude, yet I was raised to be conservative and modest.

I don't make a lot of money and I never thought I would ever be able to travel to where nudist resorts were located. Then I learned there was a resort in my own city.
Struggling with if I would be welcomed, I contacted the resort and asked questions that I had always had. I learned that these were very common questions that most first timers had.

So, I set up a visit for the next day. I prepared myself by getting a towel and some refreshments and off I went. I got there, took off all of my clothes, put them in my car and walked nervously up to the office window.

As I was paying the grounds fee I struck up a conversation with the the woman at the front desk, who was totalły nude.It was so much more comfortable than I could have ever imagined.

want to go nude under water

I am Indian so I grew up in a conservative society but my neighbors are very much open especially one aunty who walks nude in her home. I watched her naked for many time but when show my nude body before her she doesn't respond negatively.

Since then I begin to enjoy nudism. Every day and night I walk nude on top of the roof of my house and the breeze gently kisses my nude body which is very pleasant. I also want to enjoy it under open sun and in water but in our country I cannot.